In Loving Memory of Jerome Gemine

Hello everyone,

It is with a sad and grieving heart that I have the unfortunate news to report that my brother Jerome has passed away this week on June 13th, 2017 in the early hours of the morning. My family and I have been having long and winded discussions about what had happened. Crying and mourning his loss with frustration, anger, confusion, and forever asking the question of “Why?”

Even now as I write this it’s not particularly easy. I can’t see how it can ever be but I’m trying if only so his friends and the people who loved him can know the truth and prepare for the upcoming days.

It pains me to even have to open a GoFundMe to help with funeral expenses of all things. I so wish that I didn’t have to and that using such a site would be for something else, anything else. My family and I have never been the sort to reach out and ask for help from anyone. We tried our best to stand on our own two feet and carried our burdens on our own. We kept our lips silent and kept our meaningless issues to ourselves so that no one could ever know what we were going through but Jerome deserves so much more.

We don’t have any information on the funeral arrangements for the time being, but I will update again soon when we do. We’re still so early in the process that it’s difficult to say what will happen from here.

I lost one of my two older brothers this week and as cliché as it sounds its true what they say. You really don’t know what you have until it’s gone. I remember the times we would spend arguing with each other. Being spiteful over petty things, holding grudges due to pride, and so many other things that I will never be able to make up for now because we always assumed time was on our side only for it to be gone within a moments instance.

The only thing that I’m thankful for is that our final night together was spent together as a family. All five of us together at the dinner table watching a Disney movie for the first time in a very long time. There was no way we could have known what would happen so briefly afterwards when everyone was getting ready to go to bed.

I love you my brother. I never said it enough if only because you always assume there’ll be a moment for such words to be shared but no. There’s no used waiting. If it’s how you feel, say it. To anyone who has someone that they love be it family or friends, tell them you love them. Make it awkward, stare at them while doing so, and make them laugh due to how awkward it is but tell them. Because you will never know if there will ever be a next time. It will seem like an average ordinary day just like any other but nothing in life is a guarantee.

That’s the one lesson that I would want for anyone to take from this: To not remain spiteful for the sake of being spiteful just because you can be. In the end it’s not worth it.

Forgive and forget and face your fears.

That was the last lesson Jerome ever taught me and I will never forget it. I promise.

Rest in Peace Jerome. I love you. And may God watch over you.

-         Natasha and the Gemine Family
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