Immediate Bus Repair needed!

Askultura was on its way to Chicago yesterday 6/5 on Route 88 when a loud noise and rumbling terror erupted. We coasted to side of the highway, put out the cones and discovered our drive train about 1/2 mile back the way we came from. Six of us were made it off the highway to the venue, two of us (AJ and Captain) stayed behind with the bus for 6 hours awaiting a commercial tow. The bus was towed to the venue where it sits now and will until we can afford to get this fixed.

(Our ex-drove train, twisted and gone forever). 

A mechanic-George of George's Truck Repair came out to the venue last night , inspected, and quoted us $1,800.00-$2,000.00 for the fabrication and installation of a replacement drive train.

Askultura has been together 8, going on 9 years. Some might be under the impression that we pull
Big Money in from shows. News bulletin: we're just like any other band on the road struggling, eating pizza if it's a good day, and trying to deliver the best show we can every night.

This tour is an ambitious six weeks. We are just over halfway through. Without this repair we not only won't be finishing this tour but we also don't have a way to get us and our gear back to Miami.

We have exhausted all personal funds. The only way for this to work is on your generous help.

That's about it for now. From Belmont Ave in Chicago, where we sit awaiting our fate,


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