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PLEASE DONATE TODAY. It is ONLY with your support that Tomorrow’s Warriors can continue to nurture the next generation of jazz talent and ensure our learning programme remains free and accessible to all.

“Tomorrow’s Warriors is an essential UK organisation for youth and adults in music. Personally, when I was a student, they provided me with many opportunities, and our collaboration continues now that I am a professional musician. They gave me the space to learn without limitations, introduced me to many of my now-peers, and encouraged me to expand as an artist. They also helped me to understand some of the challenges I would face in the music industry. Their guidance and education were priceless. Please continue to support Tomorrow’s Warriors, they are the guardians of our young and future professional musicians." Nubya Garcia | Artist & Band Leader


For over thirty years Tomorrow’s Warriors has provided £FREE music training, mentoring and career development to ‘000s of talented young Black musicians, young women and those from low-income backgrounds, focussing relentlessly on increasing representation in the music industry, and jazz in particular.

Today, with music education in schools suffering from savage funding cuts, the opportunities presented by our pioneering Young and Emerging Artist Development programme have never been more essential. With the rising costs of instruments, lessons, and other associated expenses, music education and career development opportunities are becoming luxuries only a select few can afford. As a result, the musical aspirations of our young people are being brutally crushed and we risk losing generations of extraordinary, diverse jazz talent as a result.

"Ezra Collective met at Tomorrow’s Warriors - it’s like a youth club for jazz musicians. Our Mercury Prize win represents a special moment for organisations like them, who plough their efforts and resources into helping young people to play music. It’s important we help them continue this work." Femi Koleoso | Bandleader, EZRA Collective


Based at Southbank Centre in London, we currently have around 150 young musicians enrolled on our Young & Emerging Artist Development programme, but we face a shortfall of approximately £1,000 per student per year. To run a full programme for our cohort in 2024, we need to raise £100,000 by 30 April 2024. If we don’t reach target, then we will have no option but to reduce the number of development sessions for our 11-18 year olds and scale back the number and type of exceptional career development opportunities Tomorrow’s Warriors can offer to our emerging artists. In short, too many young musicians, including those on our ever-growing waiting list, won't be able to access the training, mentorship and support they need and deserve to fulfil their musical potential and build a successful, sustainable music career.

We believe that an exciting musical landscape is built on giving those with talent the time and space to thrive and the opportunity to develop and grow, not on the good fortune of economic circumstance.

We all recognise that music has the incredible power to transcend boundaries, unite communities, and inspire change. Yet, as we celebrate the beauty of music, we need your help to bridge the very real creative divide that keeps aspiring musicians from diverse backgrounds, and those facing economic hardship, from being able to access a career in music.

“Now more than ever we need to support Tomorrow’s Warriors. Providing a safe space for young people, whilst empowering them with the tools to change the creative landscape, is vital to the next generation. You need only look to the many success stories of their alumni that continue to inspire, contribute and redefine culture to understand why.” Moses Boyd | Artist & Producer

We need everyone who loves and values music to INVEST IN FUTURE TALENT TODAY to yield a lifetime of returns, both for the young musicians themselves and the communities in which they live.

GIVE TODAY to be part of the movement that secures a positive future for the next generation of UK Jazz talent, the same movement that, over several years, supported the rise of the 2023 Mercury Prize winners EZRA Collective, as well as Nubya Garcia, Shabaka Hutchings, Denys Baptiste, ESKA, Moses Boyd, Binker Golding, Theon Cross, Daniel Casimir, Zara McFarlane, Soweto Kinch, Dave Okumu, CHERISE, Camilla George, Blue Lab Beats and so many more.

Over the past 32 years Tomorrow's Warriors has succeeded in maintaining a 100% free-to-access learning programme and, in doing so, has helped close the divide for hundreds of budding jazz artists, paving the way to a brighter, more inclusive future for UK jazz music. However, we can’t do this without support from generous donors like you, which is why we seek your urgent help to meet the growing costs of the programme.

“If it wasn’t free, I couldn’t have done it. I had all of the heart but none of the money, but I was just as deserving. The fact that it was free changed my life and I think it could change many other people’s too.” CHERISE | Artist & Bandleader


Music education is not just about learning notes and scales; it's about nurturing talent, igniting passion, and fostering creativity but, for many young talents, especially those from diverse backgrounds and disadvantaged communities, the dream of pursuing a career in music remains out of reach. This inequality stifles the rich tapestry of voices and perspectives that could shape the future of jazz music in the UK.

Your support is critical to help Tomorrow’s Warriors bridge the creative divide for underserved communities and transform young lives through gifting creative learning and strategic career opportunities at crucial stages of their artistic journey.

MAKE A DONATION TODAY and, no matter how large or small, your gift to Tomorrow's Warriors will quite literally change the course of a young person's life for the better.

“No single organisation has exerted a more profound or beneficial influence on jazz in Britain than Tomorrow’s Warriors.” Richard Williams | The Blue Moment


“Coming to Warriors has changed my life for the better. They found me in a very difficult time in my life. I spent my teenage years pretending to be grown up to get through day-to-day life. Here I am finally given the chance to grow. Everyday spent with them I feel closer to achieving my goals.” David Kayode | TW Emerging Artist

Founded in 1991 by Janine Irons OBE and The Queen’s Medal for Music recipient and jazz double bassist, Dr Gary Crosby OBE, Tomorrow’s Warriors is a trailblazing organisation that believes talent knows no boundaries and should never be limited by financial circumstances.

But we are more than a music development charity; Tomorrow’s Warriors is a lifeline for aspiring musicians who may otherwise never have the chance to unlock their full potential. For over three decades, we have been at the forefront of nurturing talent, breaking down barriers, and transforming lives through music.

The core ethos of Tomorrow’s Warriors is ‘each one, teach one’, where each generation supports the next, sharing skills, passing on the legacy and building a vibrant supportive community. Warriors pay it forward by giving back.

“Tomorrow's Warriors occupies a unique and vital space in our cultural landscape. Their work in helping positively shape future generations is of critical importance especially in light of the tribulations we currently face. Please keep supporting - each one teach one!" Gilles Peterson | DJ & Broadcaster


“Tomorrow’s Warriors is right at the heart of everything British Jazz is doing right. It offers fantastic young musicians a chance to learn, play and dream. I’m so proud to be a supporter.” Nick Hornby | Novelist & Screenwriter

Diversity and Inclusion: We celebrate diversity in all its forms, actively seeking out and empowering young musicians from underrepresented backgrounds. Our programs are designed to foster an environment where every voice is heard and valued.

Access for All: Tomorrow's Warriors firmly believes that talent knows no boundaries. We offer free music education and training to young people from all walks of life. Our inclusive approach ensures that no one is left behind due to financial constraints.

Mentorship and Support: With our ethos of ‘Each One, Teach One’ at the heart of our Learning and Development programme, our experienced Music Leaders and mentors provide guidance and support to help young musicians navigate their musical journeys. We offer a safe and nurturing space for them to grow as artists.

Professional Development: Tomorrow's Warriors not only equips young musicians with musical skills but also provides them with the tools and knowledge to thrive in the music industry. We empower them to turn their passion into a viable career and, as a crucial part of the industry pipeline, provide a range of training, performance and developmental progression routes to help kickstart successful sustainable careers for our musicians.


All our learning and training activities are 100% £FREE at the point of access, and always have been, so that no young person is excluded for financial reasons. We want to keep it that way for future generations.

Arts Council England funds some of Tomorrow’s Warriors’ costs to exist as an organisation, but we still need to fundraise for any shortfall in core funding and for our artistic and educational activities. With the kind and generous support of amazing supporters like you, we can do this!

To keep our development programmes open and free to the 150-200 talented musicians aged 11-25 who attend our comprehensive year-round, weekly Young & Emerging Artist Development Programme we need to raise around £250,000 per year – in addition to our Arts Council grant – through earned income, grants and donations from generous supporters like you.

With full funding in place, students will be able to access our full offer and benefit from a rich and immersive development experience within a dynamic, diverse community.

Your support will help members of Tomorrow’s Warriors soar to extraordinary heights and, year on year, empower and enable increasing numbers of talented young musicians, many of whom simply do not have the means to afford regular, quality training.

“They are really invested in us as people [and] as musicians. I felt accepted. I felt that people cared about what I did, and my progress. I’ve loved every second of being a Warrior.” Tami Adebanjo | TW Frontline Member


Since 1991, we have reached more than 10,000 young people aged 11-25 through our unique development programme, providing each student with between 1-15 years of free jazz training and career development.

With your support, over the course of one year, we will be able to provide:

• 450+ weekly development workshops and band rehearsals led by trained, inspirational music leaders
• 150+ regular live performance opportunities in quality music venues and festivals with paid concerts and gigs for our emerging artists
• Collaborations with other artists, groups and artforms
• Scholarships and bursaries to participate in our international partners’ programmes
• Apprenticeships, work experience and volunteering opportunities to support skills development
• Opportunities to see and meet world-class international artists in concert
• Outstanding pastoral care from our dedicated Tomorrow’s Warriors team and carefully selected industry partners

and so much more!

“Much has been said about the UK jazz resurgence, but I think those that know, acknowledge that Tomorrow's Warriors had a huge part in shaping that scene, and I continue to be glad that I discovered them all those years ago as a child. Gary and Janine and Tomorrow's Warriors have become my musical family and for that I am truly blessed.” Camilla George | Artist & Bandleader


“Tomorrow’s Warriors are the future of great music in this country, where would jazz be without them? But more than that they are a beacon of hope for creative kids of all kinds everywhere. The work they do to ensure that music is accessible to all is invaluable, the work they do with our talented youngsters is essential.” Robert Elms | BBC Broadcaster

Your support is instrumental in our mission to close the creative divide and make music accessible to all. Here are some ways you can contribute:

DONATE TODAY: Every donation, no matter how large or small, goes a long way in providing instruments, lessons, and mentorship to young musicians. Your generosity can change lives so give generously to bring inspirational artists within touching distance of aspiring young musicians and provide them with transformative learning experiences in a safe, inclusive, creative space. Here are just a few of the ways your donation can make a difference:

£5 can pay for a 100-page book of music manuscript paper

£10 can pay for a ticket for a young person to attend the concert of a favourite visiting artist.

£20 can pay for 1 day's travel and subsistence for a young musician on our programme who is not in education, employment or training

£60 will pay for a Disclosure Barring Service check on a music leader to ensure we adhere to our, and our partners' child protection policies

£100 will pay for a music leader to attend a faculty meeting to review student progress and plan ahead

£500 will enable us to invite a visiting international artist to deliver an inspiring interactive masterclass

£800 is the full cost of one development session led by an inspirational Tomorrow's Warriors music leader for up to 25 young people at Southbank Centre

£1,000 will pay for a showcasing opportunity for an emerging artist band

£2,000 will contribute towards the annual cost of documenting the next generation of Tomorrow's Warriors as we track and share their artistic journeys

£3,275 will provide a fully funded place on our programme for 1 year for a gifted and talented young musician, enabling them to access all that Tomorrow's Warriors has to offer

£4,000 will support a full scholarship and bursary for a talented young Warrior to attend the summer school hosted by our partners, Jazz House Kids in New Jersey

£5,000 will support the cost of touring to 5-10 venues across the country by one of our flagship youth ensembles with all their backline equipment enabling us to take up performance opportunities that benefit young musicians' career progression

£10,000 will pay for the production and marketing of 6 themed concerts by Warriors bands featuring the future stars of jazz

SPREAD THE WORD: Share our campaign with your friends, family, and network. The more people who know about Tomorrow's Warriors, the closer we get to our goal.

VOLUNTEER: If you have musical, technical or industry expertise, mentorship skills or just want to help at some of our events, consider volunteering your time to help shape the future of our young talents.

CONTINUE YOUR JOURNEY WITH US: If you'd like to walk alongside us for a longer, more impactful journey, then consider becoming a regular donor, or perhaps consider other ways of giving, such as remembering a loved one or leaving a gift in your will. To find out more, visit our website.

Music is a universal language that should unite, not divide. It's time to bridge the creative divide and ensure that every young musician, regardless of their background or financial situation, can pursue their dreams. It's time to support the next jazz generation.

By supporting Tomorrow's Warriors, you are not only investing in the future of jazz music but also in a more diverse, and inclusive cultural society.

JOIN US on this transformative journey and be a part of a brighter future for jazz musicians across the United Kingdom. Together, we can make a difference and create a culture where music knows no boundaries.





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