I Need Help For My Puppy Alastor!

Alastor is a 4 month old puppy. He is a very energetic, smart, happy, silly, sweet, playful, and really, just a big dork. The reason I initially bought him is because when my son is at his dad's house I become very depressed, so when Carter is away, I needed some light in my life - insert Alastor. 

Many of you know, I have a very unhealthy obsession with Harry Potter. So, Alastor is named after Professor Alastor Moody aka. Mad Eye Moody from Harry Potter. ie. Goblet of Fire, Order of the Phoenix, Half Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows. 

Alastor has brought the light I needed in my darkest times from cuddling, to him learning a new trick, playing with Baizley and Carter and hearing their belly laughs from him doing hot laps across the yard, bath time where he hops out and goes crazy, "jumping" on the trampoline with the kids, car rides just him and I together and the list goes on and on. We sleep together every night so I always have that reassurance of safety. He has created more responsibility for the kids as well. They have a chance to earn money to pick up poop which they gag the whole time about which makes me cry laugh. They also learn assertiveness so he knows who is boss. Growing up on the farm, I've always learned, you have animals for money and if they don't make you money, you get rid of them. That's the dairy farm business, period. So I never imagined I would feel so much heartbreak over an animal but here I am typing this and sobbing. He is family. He is everything to us. He is my light. HE IS WORTH IT. 

So, this morning (Wednesday April 22nd, 2020)  was when the nightmare started but let me backup to Monday. 

Monday - Alastor ran hot laps around the yard, he ate all his breakfast and dinner, he peed and pooped, he wanted treats, he wanted cuddles and he ran, jumped and dug holes as normal. He also wanted to go pee at 3am in the morning Tuesday now, which I was obviously annoyed about but if I knew now what I did then, I wouldn't be so annoyed.

Tuesday- Alastor woke up, took him potty as normal and started working from home. He ate breakfast, I took my break around 10:15am and noticed he was still laying in my bed. I didn't think much of it because usually I leave the bedroom door closed so I assumed he was wanting to take advantage of laying on the comfy bed; he didn't want to go potty so I went back to work.  It's now 1pm on Tuesday - I take him potty and he goes, eats a little bit of his breakfast but not all of it. I don't think much about it assuming he's been sleeping all morning, probably going through a growth sprout, he's a big puppy, no biggie. Fast forward to 6pm and his breakfast STILL isn't finished ** red flag ** (this is my regret because I should have known something was off, I just should have!)  he has NEVER not finished breakfast before dinner.....never.  I pet him, cuddled him and ask if he doesn't feel well and if he has a tummy ache...obviously he doesn't answer but us pet owners always ask our animals anyways.  I thought, he will probably be better tomorrow, just ate too much dirt or sand which he is notorious for. I took him potty before bed, he goes pee and poop so we hop in bed and go to sleep. 

Wednesday: He woke me up twice in the night to go potty, this is normal. When I woke up for work 7am-ish, he felt hot and that worried me because he's never felt that hot. I got him up to go potty and he could barely stand by himself but walks down two stairs to go potty and barely go up them so at this point I am panicking.  I knew he didn't eat or drink the day before so I grab a spoon and start spoon feeding him water. At this point I know he is in bad shape so I texted my neighbor, who works at a veterinary clinic and explained everything. She told me to take him in right away because she is worried about a blockage. Remember, this dog chews on everything and will inhale anything!! One of the longest days of my life 

9:00am - I show up at the vet via emergency, they take him to start the exam while I fill out paperwork. Due to Covid, I had to stay in the car and they called me with updates for the next three hours. 

12pm: He has a very high fever and the vet is very worried about him. X Rays come back and show nothing. Blood work is done, white cell count is high which means infection and fever, they will start antibiotics, if these do not work, they will try more powerful ones. His kidney results are low and he is anemic which is throwing the vet off thinking he has "tick borne illness" but he was not born in Eastern WA.  He will do an ultrasound and follow back up with me. I got a loan for $3,000 (which I've capped through the vet) through pet credit and set up a payment arrangement at $285 a month for the next 12 months. 

6pm: The ultrasound results came back and there is a blockage, either a foreign object or his intestine is wrapped around another intestine. The only way to determine this is through surgery which will cost an additional $2,000 over the loan I've already capped out on. So $5k deep in vet bills in ONE day. This clinic does not allow payment arrangements so in order to get him back, I need to pay in full the additional $2,000. I'm asking for $2500 due to go fund me's deductions on what's donated. 

I need to get my puppy back home once this is all over so he can heal at his home, so he doesn't think I've abandoned him and so the kids understand he is coming back home. I do not have $100 saved so I do not have $2000 - $2500 saved. I live paycheck to paycheck and cannot do this myself. I ask for your humbling help during these difficult times for Carter and I.  I need your help because I really don't know what I'm going to do - $2k is a lot of money and I'm $5k deep. Anything helps really.  I appreciate your donation more than you could EVER comprehend. I will literally do house work, yard work, homework help, and anything in exchange. I just need upfront help. 


Emergency Exam
Parvo Test 

Blood work
Pain Meds
Day and Overnight stay (food, water, pay for employee to take care of)
Ultra sound
now we're at $2200

Surgery - surgeon time
3-4 day stay afterwards
Additional pain meds 
Employee Pay 
Additional Antibiotics
Additional Pain meds 
We're now at $5,000

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