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Natheniel Elmore. Some of his friends may know him as Nate from Ruston La. A couple years back Nate was challenging health problems and he didnt know what was taking over his body. He was losing weight and didnt know what was the cause, he started gaining red patches and bumps on his legs first and didnt know the reason. He decided to take control of his body and go to the doctor to see what he could possibly be challenging. After having tons of xrays and test performed Nate was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis. He has ccontorlled his health getting back on track, gaining his wieght back until June 3, 2017 he was admitted into the hospital in ICU with a ruptured spleen. Many people know that a ruptured spleen is caused by an injury but not in the case with sarcoidosis. Sarcoidosis is the growth of tiny collections of inflammatory cells in different parts of your body. Doctors believe sarcoidosis results from the bodys immune  system responding to an unkown substance, most likely something inhaled from the air and the cure is unkown. In Nate' case today he has Sarcoidosis of the Spleen, so now sarcoidosis has taken over his spleen causing it to rupture. The cause is unkown and it is no reason for the cause of his spleen ruputuring it just happens spontaneously because he has sarcoidosis. He needs your help. He is being forced to not work to support himself and bills that he has worked hard for, for 40 years are accumalating  along with medical expenses. He has now been in ICU for a week unable to work and now needs help from some family and friends or anyone that is willing to donate.  Any amount of donation helps and is a blessing and I thank you for taking the time out to read his story.


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Ruston, LA
Nathaniel Elmore

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