I am running 5800 miles around the UK

Hi, my name is Paul Minter and I would like to share with you my vision and story so far...

Head Up – There are four of us which make up and sit amongst the board of the charity. We are all ex frontline forces, with a dozen combat tours and over 50 years of service between us. We have all experienced our friends and brothers in arms, unnecessarily lose their lives due to poor and incorrect methods of mental health training. It is our aim to start up and show the military, with the intention of them following suit, how to tackle and prevent the ever growing mental health pandemic plaguing Her Majesties’ Forces. We believe strongly that by trying to treat mental health in the environment where the triggers are effecting them most is not effective. We also aim to reach those who are experiencing issues in the early stages prior to it getting out of control. Our vision is to develop a retreat where individuals can stay between 7, 14 and 21 days and receive basic yet effective positive mindset teachings. These teachings will be in depth and widespread, including nutrition, fitness, nature, animals, socialising, meditation, affirmations, journaling, hormone manipulation, visulisation, breathing techniques plus much more.

We are in the early stages and still going through the application phase of the charity. It is taking slightly longer due to Covid-19. We are confident to have it officiated by early 2021. We will likely be fundraising and gathering the necessary backing up until 2023, when we will start to develop the retreat. A business plan is currently be drafted and should be a available in the next few weeks.

We can not do this on our own and will be doing everything we can to get the nation behind us and make this much needed retreat a reality.

Our Mission – “Empower to develop and sustain a positive mindset”

Our Vision – “A mentally resilient and prosperous Armed Forces community”
UK Run Head Up – As a startup charity with very big ambitions I was well aware that to get the charity off the ground, fundraise the large amount of money needed and get the correct backing and support, something big was needed. So, to incorporate the whole of the United Kingdom and as much of the population as possible the idea of running the full circumference of GB and NI, with only the general public as the support team, seemed only to fitting. In the few months since coming up with this idea I have appeared on BBC Breakfast, several radio stations, more than a dozen online articles, well known magazines, podcasts, you tube video and I have even been interviewed to appear in two books. We have managed to get a strong and passionate board of directors. Some famous and well known individuals and groups have vowed to back the event/charity as much as possible. I have around 20 volunteers ranging from a PA, PR team, charity workers, key Military personnel, Chief Officer of the Fire Brigade, an MP and many more that will be dedicating their time to making this event a big success.
The idea will be to start in Newcastle, hugging the coastline and heading clockwise around England, Wales and Scotland, including the full circumference of Northern Ireland, within 200 days. Travelling around 30 miles a day. I will be engaging with as many groups and individuals as possible from running groups, Schools, cadets, local parliamentarians, local and national media and many fundraisers to name only a few.
CH COVID-1 9 -  The event was due to start on Saturday 28th November 2020, however, due to current lockdown restrictions this is no longer an option. The run is 100% going to happen, it is just a case of when. We will review the possible start date on a monthly basis with Feb/March 2021 being our most likely cause of action.
We are taking this opportunity to improve, grow, strengthen and create as much publicity around the event as possible.


Facebook: UK Run Head Up
Instagram: uk_run_headup
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LinkedIn: Head Up 

Charity No: Pending
Address: Please get in contact if needed

If you wish to make a large donation, offer further support, fundraise or have any further questions. Please get in touch. 

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