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Humane Water is a nonprofit charitable and scientific organization established in Wichita, Kansas, USA in 2008 for providing clean and healthy water and secure healthy sanitation and hygiene in impoverished nations around the globe.

Humane Water International Conference - 2019: 

The purpose of the conference is to bring together scientists, physicians, technologists, theologians, social workers, donors, community leaders, humanitarian organizations, NGOs, environmentalists, think tanks, businessmen, water managers, state and federal officials, and other across the United States and beyond, for the first time in the history for a colloquium in Wichita, Kansas. We plan to create the real unity under diversity promoting our intellectual contributions for humanitarian services at large. Under today’s growing dimensions of knowledge and challenging circumstances, it has become imperative to bring all professionals together for touching unitedly every corner of the society. Our outreach program will be a uniquely global one for sustainable solution to water, sanitation and environmental problems.

Global water, sanitation and environmental problems:

Natural and man made environmental disasters continually threaten the world's fresh water resources, ecosystem and environment. Surface water is tainted by industrial and agricultural pollution and human and animal waste. Vulnerable populations across the world consume pathogens and contaminated water on a daily basis. The current world population nears 7 billion and by end of 2025 the population will reach approximately 9.3 billion. More than one billion people do not have access to clean and healthy drinking water. Every 8 seconds, one child dies from cholera, diarrhea and other waterborne diseases.

Over-pumping of groundwater and harvesting of river water for agricultural irrigation and industrial use has caused groundwater arsenic poisoning in many underdeveloped nations. Over half a billion people around the globe have been affected by arsenic poisoning through consumption of arsenic contaminated water for drinking and food preparation. Additionally, people consume arsenic contaminated food products, vegetables, fruits, and meat. Thousands of people suffer from numerous arsenic-related diseases and thousands of people have died of numerous arsenic diseases including cancers in many developing nations including Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Mongolia,Taiwan and many other countries.

Consuming arsenic and other contaminated water, foods and inhalation of contaminated metal particles causes numerous diseases such as lung cancer, bladder cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer, kidney cancer, nasal cancer, liver cancer, stillbirths, post-neonatal mortality, ischemic heart disease (heart attack), diabetes mellitus, nephritis (chronic inflammation of the kidneys), nephrosis (degenerative kidney diseases), hypertension, heart disease, emphysema, bronchitis, chronic airway obstruction, lymphoma (tumors in lymph nodes) and black-foot disease. Arsenic is also suspected to contribute various other cardiovascular, pulmonary, immunological, neurological, peripheral vascular and endocrine diseases. Currently, there is no inexpensive treatment available to cure arsenic related diseases. The best solution is to consume arsenic free water and foods.
An easy access to clean and healthy drinking water is a basic human right regardless of gender, color, culture, race, religion and country of origin. We must help the disadvantaged population around the globe in solving the crisis of water for drinking, cooking and bathing purposes.

Human dignity is dependent upon a healthy sanitation system and  maintenance of proper hygienic conditions. We must establish an environment for healthy sanitation for all for protecting the public health, ecosystem and environment from natural and man-made environmental disaster.

Solution to the problems:

Humane Water's experts believe that in order find a sustainable solution to water, sanitation, ecosystem and environmental problems, we need to involve in these projects a professional who have had  both institutional training and working experience in dealing with these type of problems. Disadvantage population must be trained for operating, maintenance and managing water treatment systems so that they can take care of their own water, sanitation, ecosystem and environmental problems. Each community must be empowered via interest free initial loan and recovery financial system so that they can invest and make a profit out of their investment. The recovered initial invested money will be invested in another community.  Local govt. and elected officials will also be involved in these projects.  In this process the donation money could be effectively used and reused again and again  in empowering family, solving the water, sanitation and other ecosystem and environmental problems around the globe.

Please join the conference, make a small donation and make the convention very successful.  Please visit the website of the conference for detailed program on scientific presentations, students competitions, exhibitions, educational tour.
For other  projects information, you may

 Humane Water needs your help in this noble movement to reduce and eradicate these problems and protect humane beings against early deaths caused by water-borne diseases with your generous support. Please encourage your families, friends, colleagues, children and others to take part in this noble cause. Humane Water is a (501)(C)(3) United State based a nonprofit charitable and scientific organization with a Tax ID #26-2558741.Thank you for considering HUMANE WATER for your tax-deductible contribution.

Humane Water's International Model Village:

Humane Water has initiated to establish an international  model village in Tongibari Upazila, Munshigonj subdistrict of Bangladesh. The purposes of the model village are:

1. To supply arsenic, bacteria, virus and other organic and inorganic contaminants free water to the villagers for drinking, cooking, showering and agricultural gardening to safeguard the public health, ecosystem and environment.

2. Water will be purified through Mukti Water treatment system. Mukti Water Treatment System is

designed to treat arsenic, virus, bacteria and other organic and inorganic contaminated water. The villagers , community members, local public and govt. officials will be trained for operation,

3. Empowering families and community in each village through education, training, financial aid, interest free loan from private and other local donors and Humane Water's Economic model Concept.  After successful completion of the project, the donation/loan money will be recovered and reuse in other villages and communities so that the people can take care of their water, health, sanitation and hygiene problems on their own.

4. Reducing dependency on deep wells for arsenic free water supply because over pumping of deep uncontaminated water are causing land subsidence related environmental problems such as reactivation of dormant faults which may cause earthquakes, damage to road networks, water and gas pipelines, destruction of infrastructures such as high rise buildings etc in many developed and underdeveloped nations around the globe.

5. Students, teachers, govt. agencies, NGOs, donors etc. from around the globe will have access to this projects for research, educational tour/visit, scientific contribution and financial assistance etc.

After successful establishment of the model village, this model could be replicated in other villages in Bangladesh and other similar countries. Humane Water team highly appreciate your donation. Please visit our website at: for project information. 


Once again, please :



Meer Husain,P.G., Founder and Executive Director of Humane Water Corporation

Dr. Miah Adel, Director of Humane Water Corporation

Mr. Shafiul Faisol, Director of Humane Water Corporation

Dr. Abu Asaduzzaman, Director of Humane Water Corporation


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