Hudson’s Home Destroyed in Oak Fire

The Oak Fire came with an angered fury on July 22nd. We are one of the now 100+ families who have lost a home in the #OakFire. My name is Kimberly Vaughan. My husband Dale and I are residents of Mariposa and have been for more than 20 years. Our son has lost his home.  We purchased the home for our son Hudson, who lives with Cerebral Palsy, to have adult independence as a disabled person. 

We lost our home, outbuildings, and travel trailer, which were all burned in the #OakFire.

We need help to raise money to rebuild a home for Hudson. Everything that was there is now gone, except the water well pump house which we are grateful for, an oak tree that has no damage, and two found kitties of the four that are lost.

For the past two years, we have had an amazing renter in the home, which has helped us pay for the property and the home while Hudson comes of age. He is a teacher and an amazing contributor in our community.

I am so heartbroken both for our renter, who is now without a home and has lost EVERYTHING but a few articles of clothing, his laptop, and some paperwork, as well as our son Hudson who has now lost his own home.

We have lovingly referred to Hudson's home as the Rainbow House.

It is so frustrating and heartbreaking to feel as though that dream is gone! We are older parents and are doing everything we can do to build security for him and this was it. Having a renter on the property has meant that the home would be paid off by the time Hudson was 22 and would be his and keep him from being dependent on anyone as a disabled person.

We need help putting a mobile, modular, or manufactured home on the property. With the insurance denying the claim due to fire, we are literally back at the beginning. We furnished the home, had done so much to improve the contents, replaced the fixtures and appliances, and created a beautiful space. Heartbroken and without answers we are asking for help.

I don't even know how to close a request like this, except that our family is grateful and feeling blessed that everyone is accounted for, that we are all alive and well. Our hearts are broken for our entire community as the fire so far has accounted for 109 homes destroyed in the fire. We are #MariposaStrong and as a community I am sure will come together and rebuild together. It's hard to be the one asking and not the one that is in a position of giving at a time like this. It is an uncomfortable position and one that we are not accustomed to, but eternally grateful for your help.

Here are a few ways to support Hudson:

  • If you are in a position to donate, we are so very grateful. If you are not in a position to support as a donor, can you please share this page with others?

  • If you are in the wedding industry or know someone in the wedding industry that might be interested in expanding their business, House Kitty Photo Booth is up for sale to support this effort. All equipment, website, props, and marketing are included. All proceeds of the sale will support the rebuilding of Hudson's Home. All equipment is in Mariposa, CA. Delivery of equipment within 100 miles is available for $400, or it can be picked up.

  • If you are in the construction business, cement business (foundation), manufactured home industry, know a lot about this rebuilding process, or have other resources that would help us rebuild Hudson's Forever Home, we would be so grateful for any help.

Thank you so much from the Vaughan Family, Dale, Kimberly, Christian, Justice, Merrick, Jackie, Serafin, and of course Hudson <3

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Kimberly Vaughan 
Mariposa, CA