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各位北美大學的留學生及學生組織大家好 我們是Purdue University 大學部台灣學生會的學生

相信大家都知道前幾天花蓮發生了什麼事。2/6 晚間11時50分發生的芮氏規模6.0級,深度10公里的強烈地震造成建築物倒塌,部分人被困受災建築中,當局正加緊救援。目前為止 共4處建物倒塌、7死、260人傷,仍有多人失蹤

但是遠在海外的我們,甚至是透過朋友分享的消息才知道這件事的。除了在ig上發發story #天佑花蓮 我們還能做些什麼呢?

我們想用最直接的方式幫助台灣: 捐款。

不管是以私人還是組織的名義 我們都會標註每一筆捐款 最後以 北美留學生 的名義捐出

還是大學生的我們 用的方法或許陽春 但是我們會盡心盡力把大家的心意送到他們被需要的地方

在找不到一個比較官方的窗口的情況下 目前我們決定固定匯錢請在台灣的朋友直接劃撥給 花蓮縣政府賑災專戶(花蓮縣社會救助金專戶) 並上傳所有相關明細 當然或許這種方式並不是最好的 也會有一些匯款的時間差 甚至可能有些不周到 如果有更好的建議 請務必私訊我們!

GoFundMe是一個目前我們所能找到比較公開透明的募款網站 為了各位的方便 我們也想辦法創了一個專門為這個活動建立的Venmo帳號 如果有其他建議我們也會列入考量
若使用Venmo方式捐款 請務必在捐款時註明您的姓名或組織名稱 我們會固定將金額匯入GoFundMe網站 轉到台灣後盡速以當日匯率匯至花蓮縣政府賑災專戶 (目前並無官方發出的美金捐款窗口)

各位北美的留學生們 讓我們用這種方式 讓大家知道 我們心繫台灣,謝謝。

It should be well known by now what had transpired in Hualien, Taiwan not too long ago. Horror befell the country as a Richter scaled 6.0 earthquake with a depth of 10km deep struck the city viciously. Casualties so far were recorded at 7 deaths, 260 injured, and multiple reports of missing persons with confirmed cases of victims still trapped under hazardous conditions.

However, students studying abroad like us who only received news of such tragedy through friends or social media can still do something to help. Since people in our position lacked any means to contribute directly, donations became the most straightforward answer to help our home as of the moment. The act may sound crude, but we still wish to help however we can.

Due to a lack of official organizations to donate our money to at the moment, we decided to deposit our cash to our friends in Taiwan, and they shall send in the donations to the government of Hua Lien in our place. All transactions will be uploaded and shown with receipts. We understand this may not seem to be the best option, what with issues such as time differences possibly arising. But rest be assured we will do our best in making this as efficient and smooth as possible for everyone. Please do feel free to message us privately if you have any problems or ideas for improvement.

To all students studying abroad in North America: Let us do our best to help in this cause. Our dearest home needs to know she is not alone, and our hearts are with them. All the way. [Translated by Alvin Koo]

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