BLM Protest Murals across Australia

Recently Tim was able to create this mural in our new Prime Minister's electorate at the corner of Parramatta Rd and Crystal St Petersham, close to the Sydney CBD. It features a 10 year old Aboriginal boy in prison inside a TV. Like Tim's previous mural at Redfern it is titled "The subtle violence of social silence." Australian media agency AAP published this photo and wrote an excellent and informative feature article which has since been published online and in local, rural and city newspapers throughout Australia and Tasmania. Here's a link to the story in the Canberra Times newspaper:

How can we bring positive social change to our Aboriginal Australians whilst they are the most imprisoned people in the world? Tim Guider has a powerful solution that will motivate our leaders to action! Tim needs your support to create this Public Art Protest, to let our leaders know that we do believe Aboriginal Lives Matter.
Hi, I'm Rebecca Le Tourneau, and I have been a close friend of Tim Guider for the past 35 years. Pictured is Tim’s first Protest Mural at Redfern, in Sydney Australia. In less than 24 hours news and photos of this mural spread across the globe! It moved thousands of people to post comments like: “What a powerful work of art, and what a great way to raise awareness of an important issue. Those statistics are striking and a reflection on us all, and on the decades-long social silence Tim refers to in the title - The subtle violence of social silence."
Tim needs your support to break that silence by reproducing this mural in cities, and in major country towns, across Australia. He wants people to talk about it, and to make a noise on social media. This social attention will bring positive change for Australia’s Aboriginal people. During these times of general pandemic fear this is a safe way to express our strong views via these peaceful Protest Murals. Your donation will confirm that you do believe that Aboriginal Lives Matter, and that art has the power to inspire social change!

Your donation will cover the cost of materials, production of each mural, transporting the murals to the sites, and the installation of each mural.
More than half the children in prison in Australia are Aboriginal, and in adult prisons, one third are Aboriginal. Safer alternatives to imprisonment are available, especially for young Aboriginals. For example, in Redfern an Aboriginal led mentoring initiative by Tribal Warriors in conjunction with their local police has already reduced the youth crime rate by 70% which is saving Aboriginal children as young as ten from going to prison. Across Australia, in all States and Territories, similar results are being achieved by Aboriginal community leaders.
Our politicians and justice systems (courts, police, prisons) can immediately reduce the excessive rate of Aboriginal imprisonment by sentencing them to these proven alternative programs instead of a prison cell. Tim's murals will shift the focus, and shift public demand, towards those less costly, more positive, non-custodial solutions. 489 Aboriginal men, women and children have died whilst in custody in Australia since the 1991 Royal Commission into Aboriginal deaths in custody.
As a child Tim grew up in a Sydney housing commission estate among Aboriginal families. At 9 years of age he became a Ward of the State of NSW and was placed in a church run Boy's Home in Sydney. Tim ran away (from paedophile abuse) was soon found by the police and sent to Children's Prison for running away from the Boy's Home.

He was first taught to paint by an Aboriginal artist friend. He went on to become known all over the world for his murals and sculptures. In 2017 Tim Guider became the first Australian artist to win a major contemporary art medal overseas when his Enlightenment light sculptures were awarded the first place gold medal at the Florence Contemporary Art Biennale in Italy where over 400 artists from more than 70 countries competed.
Please be involved in this peaceful Public Art Protest. Don't remain 'socially silent' about this internationally important issue. All lives matter including the lives of our Aboriginals - we broke them, saying sorry is not enough, now let's help them mend. We incarcerate our Aboriginal people at a higher rate than former apartheid South Africa practiced. Not only is God watching us, the world is watching.
Your donation will make it possible for Tim to create 'Art that Matters' - art that will save Aboriginal children from imprisonment, and save their mums and dads from the heartache of being in prison away from their children.
Please share this page, and thank you for your support. Your donation will save lives!
Rebecca Le Tourneau
Film & Television Producer
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