My name is Bye Malleh Wadda, born on the 22 October 1959 to Mustapha Wadda and Naffie Sallah. I was born in Banjul at 46 Buckle Street, in Half die and grew up at 33 New Perseverance Street in soldier town. My mother was born at 51 Buckle street in Banjul and my father at Hagan Street in Banjul. I am married to Oley Dibba-Wadda and I have five children and two grandchildren.

I attended Windley school, Mohammedans school, crab Island School and Saint Augustines High School, all located in Banjul. I have a bachelors degree in marketing and management from Elmira, College . A masters degree MBA (finance) from Bridgeport University. A diploma certificate from the University Bradford in project planning and appraisal. A diploma from Harvard Institute for International Development (HIID) in project preparation and development. I have a level II coaching certificate from the English Football Association. A certified life coach from the Life Purpose Institute, San Diego.

I have taught at Saint Augustines High School, worked at National Investment Board, sitting at major boards in the country, dealing in investment promotion, corporate governance and strategy. I managed and improved the Independence Stadium and Friendship Hostel. Successfully managed a number of companies in The Gambia.

I am well travelled and have visited over 50 countries globally and over 150 cities. I speak wollof, English and some French.

Bye Malleh Wadda has been a household name in The Gambia as a top class athlete, representing The Gambia in five different sports internationally. I was the first person to represent Gambia at the World University Games. I was the first Gambian to win a trophy at an International football tournament. I am founder and coordinator of the Father Gough Sports Foundation and have been involved in building and renovating sports facilities in Banjul and other parts of The Gambia. I have renovated the Manneh Sillah basketball court. Build the Bye Malleh Wadda field at Saint Augustine's High School. Built the Father Gough Sports Complex in Manjai Kunda. I have been involved in renovating the toilets at the Independence Drive Mosque. I have been arranging sports scholarships in The Gambia to the United States of America and at a local level with my wife, we have been paying school fees for some pupils in The Gambia for some period now.

I have played Football for Real de Banjul and manage them to two championships and an FA Cup. I have played football for Young Africans too. I played Basketball for both Real de Banjul and Saints. I have played volleyball for Real and Jakarta. I have been a member of numerous vous in Banjul and have a wide range of interactions and experiences with people of Banjul. I have just establish a leadership institute to inspire and motivate youths into future leaders. Will continue to inspire and motivate youths in Banjul to determine their future. As Mayor we will create opportunities for youths and people in Banjul to own properties through a housing scheme( especially women).

I have managed multiple businesses in The Gambia, some at one time hiring over 500 employees. This has avail me executive experience, management knowledgeI, social wellbeing and a human touch with everyone I have interacted with both professionally and personally.

I am interested in running for Mayor of Banjul in 2018.

As mayor of Banjul I would work to transform the city on the smiling coast into a vibrant, entertaining and attractive modern city. I was born in Banjul and would want everyone that lives in Banjul and or visits banjul to be happy and proud of the city and what it offers. To establish Banjul as a well run city. We would computerize activities of the city and offer adequate services for residents and visitors. Cultural and musical jamborees would be developed and expanded. Making people want to live and visit Banjul . We will establish Banjul business group to revitalize business in the city. As Mayor we would develop a housing scheme for youths, especially women to own property in the city. We will bring back dignity to the city and the administration of the city. I have the dignity, the knowledge, the honesty, the integrity, the attitude, the contacts and fortitude to accomplish this vision.

This vision to transform banjul into a vibrant, beautiful, entertaining, secure, clean and inspiring small city that residents and the whole Gambia would be proud off to call home and a capital. A city where visitors will want to visit again and again. A city worthy to be call our capital, where prosperous people will want to call home. An environmentally friendly city attractive to business and tourism. To zone the city so that it would be well planned for modern living, with parks and recreational facilities for pleasant and healthy lifestyle.

This could be attain when all the stakeholders come together and decide how they want the capital city to be. I have the ability to converse and present salient plans to all stakeholders to the benefit of all. I have the contacts to attract investors both locally and abroad into the city.

We would be able to attain this vision by working together. All the stakeholders, Government, Public Enterprises, businesses, visitors, residents, external partners, investors and Banjulians living outside the city. We would make Banjul attractive to investors, high end residents and tourists.

We will do this by first cleaning the city, building adequate infrastructure (roads, internet connectivity, reliable electricity and water supply), zoning and organizing the city scape and housing. We will develop a housing scheme that would provide better housing for residents. We will cover all gutters and fix the drainage system in the city. We will wage a war on reducing the mosquito population in the city, to improve sanitation and health. We will look to develop canals around the city and reclaim swamped land for housing and other amenities with consideration to the environment and preservation of nature and fauna. We would set up an educational system, learning and skills training centers. We will setup a healthcare system for all residents and build healthcare facilities. We would build a convention center with a hotel link to it to attract meetings to Banjul. The two markets would be reorganized and renovated. Reorganize and restructure the workings of the council. This would be the short term objective of our vision.

In the medium term, we would endeavor to consolidate on the short term gains. We would start attracting investors after securing the right infrastructure and zoning and organizing the city into, residential, business, government and commercial, trading, educational and entertainment and tourism areas. This way the city would be better organized and investors would appreciate where and which businesses to place where. The council would embark on establishing impressive structures and institutions to attract tourists, investors and recreational facilities. We would develop a knowledgeable and skilled workforce. We would beautify the city and develop modern housing.

The long term goal would be to have Banjul as a modern, vibrant, entertaining, educative and clean city, that would attract businesses, traders, tourists, shoppers and happy residents. With all the amenities of a modern city. With structured environment and institutions. Big businesses and facilities to entertain and retain sustainable development, events and occasions. We would develop cultural and social centers to entertain residents and visitors. A conference facility with a nearby hotel would be developed and boutique hotels in the city.

The changes would be possible only when the stakeholders come together and pool resources. We believe we are capable of bringing the stakeholders together, that is; government, public enterprises, businesses, investors, residents and partners within and outside to make Banjul what we envisage. We have the ability, the contacts and the knowledge of financial engineering and creative financing to source funding for the development of the city. We will make Banjul the city of the smiling coast, where people would be flocking to live and do business. We would maximize the use of available space. Most of the houses and compounds are owned by multiple people. We would create new homes and housing for the young people to own in the city. We would establish new learning facilities, new health facilities and a health system for all residents to have adequate health services. We would utilize modern technology and adequate energy sources to have regular supply of water and electricity. We would have a scheme of attracting Gambians in the diaspora to invest and return back home to contribute in national development.


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