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Until I became disabled at the age of 38, I was proudly self-sufficient for 22 years. As a junior in high school, I moved to Maine to train as a competitive snowboarder at the Carrabassett Valley Academy. I also studied architecture at the Pratt Institute, and in 1999 I started my business designing and fabricating steel and bamboo furniture. Although I’ve primarily worked as a furniture maker, I’ve also worked to develop my creative skills as an artist, illustrator, product designer, musician, and writer. My work has been featured in galleries and publications throughout the country.
Bill More Design 

I have always been an avid outdoor enthusiast and environmental activist, and I founded the Friends of Ann’s Butte (Deschutes County, OR) in 2007. This organization was responsible for the first successful motorized vehicle closure/cleanup effort in Deschutes County National Forest history due to extensive off-road vehicle damage. It is now a beautiful, quiet and relatively undisturbed natural area.
Friends of Ann's Butte 

I lived a very active lifestyle until 2013 when a metal working accident severely injured my lumbar spine in the form of an annular disk fissure. My body had already suffered significant damage due to a 2006 car accident. The pain was excruciating and after two discectomies, a Sacro-iliac fusion, countless injections, and experimental procedures I was still experiencing extreme pain on a regular basis. The pain eventually became too much for me to bear and rendered me completely physically disabled. The pain was so intense that I explored such extremes as a voluntary leg amputation and taking my own life. I could not sleep or enjoy spending time with my family and friends, I couldn't drive, and I was forced to spend most of my days in bed. The reasons for the extent of my pain were a mystery until I was finally diagnosed with Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome, POTS, and a genetic defect that prevents me from adequately processing pain medication. The trauma of the metal working accident combined with my previous injury triggered EDS reactions throughout my body. After the surgeries and years of suffering, I still fight every day to “feel normal.”
The full medical story is long and unnecessary to detail here, but if you are interested you can read a recent news feature detailing my medical journey here:
Bend Bulletin Article 
What is EDS?

Why I'm raising money:
Although pain management is still a daily challenge, I am slowing recovering with the help of physical therapy, meditation, low-impact exercise and a natural supplement program (no prescription painkillers). I have been on disability for many years, and I have improved to the point where I feel as though I can commit to focusing on the next chapter of my life and return to fulfilling work. After much reflection and consideration, I have found a path that requires a minimal amount of training and could lead to a livable income in a creative field. Anchors and Ink, a tattoo school and studio, located just minutes from my home in Bend, Oregon, offers a four-month program that fulfills all requirements needed to sit for the Oregon Tattoo Certification.
Anchors & Ink Tattoo School 

How the donations will be used:
I am eager to return to work and develop skills that will enable me to contribute to my family and discontinue my reliance on disability payments. My wife has supported us for the last few years, and I would love to be able to ease some of the pressure. I am enrolled in a training program that will begin this September, and my goal is to return to work and a life of self-sufficiency by early next year. I am asking for financial help to cover tuition, equipment, certification fees and a portion of living expenses through the end of the year.

Here are the details…
·State Approved Tuition  $9,000.00
·License Application  $50.00
·Written Exam  $50.00
·Practical/Skills Exam  $50.00
·Licensure  $50.00
·OHLA Bloodborne Pathogens  $?
·CPR Training Test  $?
·Half of Rent Sept-Dec  $3,000.00

Supplies needed to complete the first 50 State Mandatory tattoos prior to exam...
·Exam Application Packet  $10.00
·Books  $200.00
·Cheyenne Rotary Pen  $600.00
·Cheyenne Motor  $315.50
·Cheyenne Power Supply  $285.00
·Cheyenne Grips  $40.00
·Needle Cartridges  $200.00+
·Inks  $150.00
·Foot Pedal  $50.00
·Power Cord  $40.00
·Cleaning/Protective/Sanitary Supplies  $150.00+/-
·Medical Supplies (Barriers, Pouches, Tray) $200.00+/-
·Workstation w/Lockable Drawers  $539.00
· Tray Station (one minimum)  $125.00
Estimated Total:  $15,104.50

I have never asked for financial help in my life, especially over the past few years, but I have made it through the worst of it. I am getting used to living with chronic dislocations and moderate pain and have accepted that this is my new life, and I want to make the best of it. I’ve taught myself everything I know about my previous career as a business owner, metal worker and furniture maker, and I am prepared to do it again. I am quick to learn new skills and have been drawing and painting every day since I decided to pursue a tattoo license. (examples below)

Thank You!
I’d be happy to offer anyone who is interested details of my progress and images of my tattoo designs as they evolve. I will also be offering 50 free tattoos and original paintings to anyone interested between now and the end of the year!

I sincerely thank you for taking the time to review my request for assistance. Your help means the world to my family and me, and your good will won’t be lost on me.

Here are a few examples of my recent original watercolors...

  • Jim Waddell 
    • $50 
    • 54 mos
  • Anonymous 
    • $300 
    • 55 mos
  • Greg Stiles 
    • $500 
    • 56 mos
  • Bruce Edmonston 
    • $50 
    • 56 mos
  • Anonymous 
    • $100 
    • 56 mos
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