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Help The Homeless 2016 interview WGN- Marcus Leshock
(Click that link to see me broadcasted on the news on 11/23/16 on WGN)

Help The Homeless 2016 interview WGN- Marcus Leshock (Giving the gifts!)
(Click that link to see me broadcasted on the news on 12/22/16 on WGN)

Interview for Help The Homless on Univision
(Click that link to see me broadcasted on the news 12/19/16 on Univision)

Interview with my friend Daniel Reyes and article about my Project
(Click that link to see a video and article 1/6/17)

Hello everyone! Well, to put it simply, HTH stands for "Help The Homeless.” It is a project that I began late 2013 when I ran a Youtube channel and started making revenue from views of my videos. I thought that the money would be better off given to the homeless since I most likely would just use it for material possessions. I began what I called "Help The Homeless Project 2013."

It began as something small - I began to raise money in my high school at the time, Lane Tech, and came up with about 70 dollars in two weeks time by asking around. This added up to about $120 dollars, which I used to buy clothes at a store for the homeless to use during the cruel winters in my city Chicago. It all felt like a big success in the end, with hundreds of views and followings from friends and family.

The following year I tried it again, this time without Youtube, and came up with over $340 with the help of shares on Facebook, school, clubs and friends. All of this was done just me going around and kindly asking for money from strangers and friends. With both fundraisers, I shot video of me and my friend Luis shopping for clothes, as well as wrapping them up, following that up with a Christmas dinner.

The following year in 2015, I got $1,170 and distributed the gifts at San Lucas United Church of Christ. With all the help, we were able to give food, water, hand warmers, and other essentials. This was amazing since we were unable to do this years prior.

Since most people I know don’t carry much cash or change with them anymore, a friend recommended "Hey why don't you try gofundme so they can just donate from credit/debit?" So here I am, broadcasting my message and sharing what this is about.

Some have had questions:

1. Why did you do this?
What I was taught as a child and grew up to know was to be humble and, as within the spirit of all things and Christmas, it is better to give than to receive. I want to make a change for those people who don't get noticed simply because they don't have a roof over their heads. As many might know the feeling, I know how it feels to feel unwanted and alone, so doing this it might help put a smile on someone’s face. What could be small to someone, could be huge to someone else.

2. Why should I donate to you and not a charity of something greater?
Well, I am an individual who will be actually spending the full donations to buy clothes and show WHAT IS happening with the money given. As with other places, you give money and don't see much of anything and don't know how much money they are using for themselves and not the actual cause.

3. What if you don’t make it to the goal you’re hoping for?
Something is better than nothing. I might not be able to change all homeless peoples lives, but to try. It changed some others lives at least in that moment too. Be positive :).

4. Won't the website be taking out money for profit?
Yes they will. Here is my plan. When the campaign ends around whatever time I find will be good, I'll try to even out the funds if we go over the amount. For instance, if we reach $700 dollars and it takes out about $100 or $80 etc.

5. Do you gain any profit from this, financially?
Nope :). I don't mind either. If I have a lot of friends who are good and helpful, why not use that popularity of some sort to spread good word and make the world a better place? Its only to inspire others and make others smile and happy. The world needs it.

+++(What music or people inspired me)+++

Chance the Rapper

Following that link you can see that he has provided over 1,000 coats for the homeless as well as jobs for them. This type of compassion coming from a rapper from Chicago that wants to help take care of his city fueld my passion more to do the same in my projects and push furthur.
What blows my mind is how often it is overlooked and no one really remembers him doing this. I saw this new report on Facebook one day but never much on the news as if it weren't something. The same with Akon wanting to pledge to bring solar power to millions in Africa. This good deed was noticed and I will make sure of it by spreading the good word myself.

His song "Paranoria" from his Acip Rap mixtape had this quote that stuck to me because of how real the lyrics stuck out to me

"They murking kids; they murder kids here
Why you think they don't talk about it? They deserted us here
Where the fuck is Matt Lauer at? Somebody get Katie Couric in here
Probably scared of all the refugees, look like we had a fuckin' hurricane here
They'll be shooting whether it's dark or not, I mean, the days is pretty dark a lot
Down here, it's easier to find a gun than it is to find a fucking parking spot
No love for the opposition, specifically a cop position
Cause they've never been in our position
Getting violations for the nation, correlating, you dry snitchin"

This look that Chicago has, were we are in a constant struggle of fear, debt and violence, we are getting no help from those above us. We have to strive together to show what Chicago really is. The windy city that blows people away from how beautiful and diverse it is can make a change easily if we all gave a little. Chance proves this time and time again by showing love for his city and making his music free.

Following with his realease of the album "Coloring Book" struck me with the song D.R.A.M - Sings Special. What I feel a lot of people don't realize is how much of change they can make with their time and words.
What gets repeated twice is
"You are very special
You're special too
Everyone is special
This I know is true
When I look at you"

Just that alone says that each one of us, including you reading this, can make a change in your community, your loved ones life, in your culture, for the world. God put us on this earth for a reason and we can make a change, you ARE special, in some form or way. I want people to keep knowledge of that. It's what keeps me going. I wouldn't be here typing this nor making this campaign if I didn't believe in myself and of course you guys for sharing and donating.
Serj Tankian

Being the lead singer for the band System of a Down, Serj Tankian, I believe had one of the most influential songs that really began what this project came to be. When he seperated from the band and began his solo career, he wrote the song "Saving Us". This song carried a heavy, thoughtful and loving message and video that looks through what people choose to ignore and focus on more. The lyrics following show how our loved ones and others around us are more focused on this greed, power and their own issues, that we don't help each other as a human race. A survival of the fittest that makes us "tear each others lives apart". Everyone is carrying a sign in which I believe, their biggest concern or focus is, compared to the homeless guy that they constantly judge and ignore as they pass by.
As we all do struggle with our problems, that isn't to say that we can't take time to sacrifice a bit of time or love to others throughout the day, especially the homeless who often get overlooked and mistreated because of the position they are in. No one chooses to be homeless. We. Are. All. Human.

Jason Mraz

Being one of my most favorite artists since I first heard his song "Im Yours", he came out with the song called "Everything is Sound". Released in 2012, I first heard it and didn't have thought to it until I heard what he said. I always thought to myself, "what will I be when I'm older? What change can I make? What am I good for?" Often times getting discouraged and just wanted to run away for my problems and people, I listened back to this song and it woke me up. Happiness is a choice, I am loved, you are loved and there is some purpose.
I can't even quote a part of the song that strikes me the most since the entire song has a passion and love that I can't describe without.
The title strikes me though. Everything IS sound. I put a lot of thought into this since, we made language, this communicaiton that is used to share feelings, messages, and thoughts verbally. We control what we say, how we intepret, how we use this tool. Just using this tool alone can change the world for the better. It can make someones day go from terrible to amazing in seconds. We have so much control of our surroundings that there is much left to do that we haven't done.

Other songs (if you're curious)
(Waiting on the World to Change- John Mayer)
Pretty self explanitory.
(Keep Your Head Up- Andy Grammer)
Positivity is key and theres always more to look forward to.
(The Remedy- Jason Mraz)
Keep pushing forward. Don't let the past affect your future.
(Imagine- John Lennon)

With that being said, message me, friend me (message first so I know), if you have any questions and any way to contact me. Thank you for checking out what I said I was going to explain simply, and instead turned into an essay lol.
Those seeing this early August/September, yes it is early but I really want to spread the message early and before you know it, you will miss the chance to donate anything.
When you do donate, it shows your name and how much you donated which is perfect for me so I can put your name in the end of the video and maybe your picture too if you'd like.

Check out the last three year’s videos to get a feeling of how it all comes together. (3 VIDEOS ON TOP from 2013 , 2014, and 2015) WORKING ON THE 2016 STILL!....IT WAS A LOT. God bless and without you guys, it won't be possible!


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