Housing and Medical Emergency for Mom and Daughter

I'm here to raise funds for my dear friend LaLa and her daughter. I've known Lala for over 20 years and can attest to the unwavering battle Lala has endured to try to heal and get through the last few years. Those who know her know how incredibly kind, giving, loving, and unique Lala is. To see her health deteriorate so rapidly and to witness her inability to go back to full-time work and provide a safe home for her daughter is both scary and heartbreaking. I know how hard she's been trying, and each new day only deals with another devastating setback.
Seeing her presenting well on social media may be confusing -- Know that she's doing this to establish a remote income. Unquestionably, she's very sick and living with tremendous fear and pain every day. This GoFundMe is at my urging. Lala is humbled and embarrassed to be in the position of needed community support again.
At this point, the well-being of this family is paramount. The toll on their physical and mental health is immense, and they have reached a moment where they can no longer fight this battle alone. She is sick, with multiple symptoms and systems in her body shutting down. It's like she has hit a wall or a dead end. She needs urgent help to cope with the immense suffering and financial strain.
I urgently request your support to help this brave mom and daughter facing unimaginable hardships. Lala also has Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS)- a multi-system, multi-symptom illness triggered by the accumulation of biotoxins. Lala has genetic mutations that affect 25% of the population. It prevents the body's ability to detoxify itself. It creates an intense and potentially fatal reaction to toxins.
Additionally, Lala falls into a 2% category of this genetic predisposition who suffers from Multi Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). Multi-chemical sensitivity is a frightening component, as it creates further complications for healing an already complicated illness. Here is a link that explains CIRS...
To make matters worse, Lala has cavitation in her jaw and needs emergency biological dental surgery, which is over $25,000.
Cavitation is bacteria trapped in the jaw during dental procedures such as root canals and tooth removal. The bacteria spreads and affects the entire body, wreaking havoc and causing immense health issues.

Thankfully, a few of Lala's friends have paid for testing and medical treatments, allowing her to get to the root cause of her mysterious chronic illnesses.
They are currently living in mold and need to move immediately. Lala's labs for internal toxic mold are "off the charts" high. 319.70
Additionally, she has complications with co-infections of Lyme, Fibromyalgia, candida, bacteria infections, and parasite infections.
Lala has had four teeth removed and needs an additional eleven released. There is a cellular bacterial infection and a fungal infection in her blood, destroying bone, blood, skin, joints, membranes, mitochondria, brain, teeth, and organs. My friend's body is deteriorating rapidly, causing excruciating pain in the face and joints.
Other painful complications include persistent migraines and chronic inflammation that inhibits mobility, suicidal thoughts, panic attacks, joint pain, tendon pain, full-body swelling, brain swelling, and painful skin rashes.
Both mother and daughter are battling neurological issues, brain fog, memory loss, anxiety, and chronic bronchial infections.
Her daughter is experiencing increased complications with OCD intrusive thinking and worries about catastrophes occurring.
Sadly, insurance does not cover the treatments vital to my friend's recovery. This is a frightening and tragic health condition that most medical doctors don't understand. The treatment and testing are costly and require specific, knowledgeable Mold and Lyme-literate medical doctors and an exceptional biological dentist.
Lala has seen practitioner after practitioner, specialist, and even so-called mold and Lyme-literate medical doctor. She has sought every specialist her insurance will cover. She needs specific treatment that requires honest, gifted, integrative medical doctors and biological dentists.
It should be noted that people can heal from this; however, it can only occur once they're free from all sources of mold and mycotoxins, and it takes several months to rid the toxins and rebuild the cells and body.

The financial strain is overwhelming, as they require funds to relocate and replace mold-spore- contaminated beds and household necessities. Funds to seek emergency biological dentistry and funding for medical treatment.
All city and state avenues for help have been exhausted, and her credit card debt is mounting due to her inability to work this past year. Additionally, temporary disability benefits expire in four weeks.
Here is an approximate breakdown of how my friend plans to spend desperately needed money.
Movings costs, six months rent, new mattresses, and household necessities:
Emergency Biological Dental Treatment:
Lyme Literate Medical Doctors and Mold Specialist Visits, Testing, and Treatment for Both Lala and her daughter:
Retainer for an attorney
$19800 1bd apartment for $2200 1st, deposit and 6 months to heal
$25000 emergency Biological dental surgery with ozone treatment
$6500 replace mold spore mattresses, furniture, movers, truck
$15000 Lyme Literate Medical Doctor-IV Ozone therapy-Exsome Cell treatment $450 per visit each treatment is $300 up
$5000 retainer for Attorney
We humbly request your compassionate support during this critical time. Your generous donations will provide emergency housing, essential treatments, legal aid, and specialized biological dentistry procedures. Lala desperately needs to reclaim her health to give a sense of presence and normalcy to her daughter, who needs mold treatment as well.
Lala has been there for many people over the years. She needs our support. Anything you can do, any amount, will help. Together, we can make a profound difference and bring hope to this suffering family.
Heartfelt Pledge for Emergency Funds:
We pledge to utilize every donated dollar to its fullest extent, ensuring that it directly supports the emergency needs of this family. Your contribution will provide them with safe housing, necessary medical treatments, legal assistance, and specialized biological dentistry procedures.
Your support will alleviate their immense physical, emotional, and financial burden and offer them hope for a brighter future. We promise to update you on their progress and will forever cherish your generosity.

We will happily share medical records, labs, and household tests. Please do whatever you can. Even the slightest amount will help. Please share on social media and ask your friends to share if you feel so inclined.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.



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