Hello! Artemio here ( they/them)  !

If you‘ve kept up with  me on IG then you’re up to date on  how my chosen family  (Zita my girlfriend and my bff R) and I have had to often deal with housing insecurity while being disabled and queer for the past few years .

We’ve been trying to move for the past year and  due to loss of funds  we haven’t been able too.

In July while  while also recovering from a car accident  we raised enough funds for an apartment  we thought we were going to get and ended up getting screwed over by the landlord  and  his shady real estate agent who KEPT our money.

& since we barely can afford groceries
getting a lawyer is out of the question.

We ended up using the remaining funds to help  our friend  R  get  train back from Ocala back to Miami and an airbnb to help them  get away from  their abusive adoptive family and have some space to themselves to recover from the toxic environment  &  the        abuse he had to endure for so long  .

Today R checked out of their airbnb
(10/1/20) & a friend had reached out and let us know that R could  stay with them temporarily while we all seek housing.                      I’ve been crowd funding for some time for us  to help pay off  our debts and  start on
our moving funds .
but  because Instagram hates  “political”
posts I am now  OFFICIALLY  shadowbanned !

I  went from 200views a day to 2-5!

i’ve decided to make a gofundme to help
increase visibility.
our goal  is to move no later then 1/1/21
 and hopefully with the help of privileged
folks we’re able to pay off all three of our
debts and help zita and r get their cars up and running again. I will be updating as we
go along to let you all know where we’re at!

Since GOFUNDME take a percentage  I’ll
be including all of our payment info and
some of our IG posts that include details of our current immediate needs ! 

We’d just appreciate you JUST  writing 
emojis in the description & nothing else for safety reasons
as in the past  folks have written a little bit
TOO much info & R now no
longer has access to their PayPal  
I’ll be including a little background info on
all of us  down below

Background :

R  is a neurodivergent  chronically ill queer Cheyenne poc who has been homeless for almost two years now and barely has clothes to show for it .
He has endured at the hands of white folks during this vulnerable time a lot of gaslighting and manipulation that has led him to be emotionally burnt out.  They experience
alot of dissociation, insomnia, and during
the day are usually
stunned by their PTSD  so it makes working really hard for them. ( they were also fired due to COVID back in March and has yet toreceive unemployment !)
He also recently sprained his finger and
still needs to get that checked out ! The last time they saw a doctor was over 14 years ago ! About 4 years R had a very painful          experience  & they suspect it has to do with  their high blood pressure &since then their migraines & vertigo have
gotte so much worst  & they REALLY
need to get checked out  as it affects them on the daily basis .

Any extra funds will go towards wardrobe ,therapy and a proper bed  for him since prior  to their current air mattress they were sleeping on a box spring with sheets .

Zita is a non-binary trans whitine domestic violence disabled survivor  who  moved back home  after being houseless & enduring  abuse  3 years ago, immediately soon after  
having to grief for the loss of a loved one &
 has  been facing nothing but absolute hell  during and after grieving from this toxic
religious, transphobic m,ableist household since  then .  To the point that she ONLY       EVER  leaves her room to go the bathroom  & the ocasional walk when she’s not  
experiencing a  flare up.
Her childhood abuser often comes to visit & Zita a lot of times has to leave for a             period of time .
Due to no longer having a car,  taking in Rs cats  & ALSO on top of it all being their          partner artemio’s  full time care taker it        makes it harder to leave now when they do come visit & always  being closed off in a        room is no way to live.

Artemio is a non-binary autistic chronically ill QTPOC   who has been bouncing around with their kitty Miss B since  the end of 2016.  They had their first own room at 20  years old for 3 months before getting kicked out of their abusive  childhood home  &           didn’t have much community at the time just an abusive partner who isolated them for a long time   .
 After two hospitalizations while  living without shelter &not being able to work as       much  due to increased chronic pain               Artemio moved back home for less then a   year  in 2018 spending most of the time  at Zitas place & ending up having to leave due to the abuse at home starting up violently    again.
artemio’s been at  their in-laws for a year.       now and along with Zita  has endured a lot of intense and straight up VIOLENT                  transphobia&has even had their housing       dangled in front  of them while everyone is aware that they and their cat don’t have

Thank you to everyone who’s taking the        time to read all this.

Even if you can’t donate just sharing helps us out a lot  and we appreciate all the forms of support we can get .



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