Hope for Michele Satterfield

My wife and best friend Michele, was diagnosed January 10, 2017 with a deadly infection of the bone marrow called osteomyelitis which is located in her left jaw and mandible, it's a bacterial infection that causes death to the bone marrow and can only be treated by cutting out and removing the bone and infected tissue.

Michele experiences excruciating pain in her head, down her neck and in her ear every day.
Michele has had a total of three surgeries and 2 pic lines since the inception of the osteomyelitis. Michele's first surgery was January 14 2017 which removed half of the jaw joint and more mandible then her Dr of 37 years, as an OMFS specialist has ever had to remove from anyone.

Michele's condition is so rare in that, she has never ran a temperature to allude the medical people she is under attack from infection.
Her blood work has always been in the normal range, and all CT scans and MRI's show up as normal as well.
It was by a miracle only, a nurse recognized her symptoms at the ER in Jan 2017 and advised the ER doctor to check for mastoiditis. That infection showed up and saved Michele's life that day.

In January, Michele had blood running out of her left ear, indicating something was very wrong. The OMFS specialists did an emergency surgery to find out why.
This is when the doctors learned of the significant infection. They were able to diagnose the infection as osteomyelitis through a biopsy.

Acknowledging that Michele's prognosis was critical, the infectious control specialist began loading her body up with six extremely potent anabiotic's to try to eradicate the osteomyelitis infection that was running through her body.
The Drs are now highly concerned that the osteomyelitis infection is advancing to her brain.

Michele only has a very small sliver of bone left separating her brain from where the osteomyelitis infection of the jaw is.
Osteomyelitis is known for spreading faster throughout the bloodstream and bone marrow. If the infection advances to her brain Michele's will no longer be here with us!!

Michele's Physicians are OMFS & infection control specialists, ENT and internal medicine specialists.

Michele had her second surgery on June 26, removing what was left of her jaw joint, and mandible, and she was placed on another pic line where she has to take three different anabiotic's for six to eight weeks. Just recent on July 5th while on her pic line with anabiotic's Michele had her third surgery just 9 days apart from her second surgery where the osteomyelitis infection had once again revealed itself.

Michele has nothing left to remove.
The only thing they can do now is to rebuild what they have removed.
They cannot do the rebuild until the the osteomyelitis infection is completely eradicated.

Michele will have to go in and have another radical surgery with cadaver bone to rebuild a new jaw joint and mandible with a titanium plate.

Michele has been in a critical state of health from the osteomyelitis infection since Jan 2017 and the side effects from the antibiotics and medications.

We have now exhausted all of our funds, due to high deductibles and out of network insurance expenses.... just to give Michele a chance to survive this illness.

Michele's condition is very serious and life-threatening. Osteomyelitis is comparable to cancer treatments in that it has to be cut out to get rid of it (amputation)
The extremely potent antibiotics that have to be used to eradicate the osteomyelitis infection have horrific side effects that can cause damage to vital organs along the way.

We are now looking at alternative medicine healing and are asking for your help. She needs a medical grade device designed to bring in blood flow and oxygen to the surgical area where the osteomyelitis is, to increase blood circulation and restoration of cells, and eradicate the osteomyelitis infection.

Michele will need to use this medical device multiple times a day in our home, along with nutritional supplements to help bring in circulation, hyperbaric oxygen treatments, light therapy treatments and supplements to help generate circulation to the infected area.
Michele has no circulation at all causing the infection to reoccur repeatedly.
If the anabiotic's do not eradicate the osteomyelitis there's nothing else the medical doctors can do for her.

That's why I am reaching out for help.
Please help my wife have a chance, she is only 57 years old....a wife, a mother, and a grandmother. We need Michele here with us, please help us keep her here.

Your contribution to our campaign is greatly appreciated and would contribute to help save her life.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.
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Michele Satterfield 
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