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Kylee is my Beautiful and bright 11 year old. She loves to travel and has had many talks with me about visiting the country of Romania and Italy, which is where our family is from... Kylee aspires to become a baker of fine cakes and pastries. Although, with her witty character, she could make you laugh in your lowest moment. She had me laughing in the darkest times in  that hospital.

She is my youngest of 2 daughters and has recently had one heck of a ride the last 8 months. 

She was rushed to the ER on Wednesday, February 28th in excruciating pain. After 8  hours of exams and x-rays, we were delivered the news that she had a mass tumor inside her liver that had ruptured. The rupture had caused internal bleeding in her stomach, and the doctors at Providence Medical Hospital could no longer do anything further for Kylee.

The night of February 28th, the doctors reached out to OHSU for an emergency transfer request, to get immediate blood transfusions and surgery done as her loss of blood was so severe that they gave OHSU a very urgent warning on only having an hour window to get Kylee the blood transfusion as we were racing against time.. 

The doctor at Providence said that if OHSU does not arrive within 20 minutes that they would have to do the blood transfusion there, regardless of not having Kylees blood type that would put her life at risk. Because if she was type A, and we did the universal blood then it would kill her!

He then stated  "IF you don't feel comfortable with going forward with the universal blood then sign and date this waiver and I can't guarantee your daughter will live''. I literally felt all my blood rush from my head to my feet, the room started spinning as tears flew down my face, I was sitting there looking at my baby, she looked so pale, there was not one shade of color in her face, she look like someone that had already passed! The thoughts that were running through my head I never thought I'd have to process such decisions that I know most parents never have to make in their lifetime, the worst part was being there alone with no one by my side! I felt like the room was caving in on me, I can barely breathe, I stood up and walked out of the room and ran down the hall to the nearest exit!

I walked out through that double door, then around the corner to my car, as I can barely find the strength to just sit down in my car I pulled the door closed with all I had left, and seriously thought I was going to have a heart attack! My heart was literally into shreds like someone just tore it into a million pieces...  I so badly wanted someone to just pinch me and tell me it's all just a bad dream! 
My little sister started calling up my phone as she hadn't heard from me all day after I told her that I would be, I answer the phone and couldn't even clearly speak one word, she started freaking out and repeatedly asking me where are you, where are you? At that point I hung up and just texted her. It took everything out of me to just write her that it was an emergency and that I was at Providence Hospital and they were taking Kylee to the Children's Hospital at OHSU! 
My little sis wrote back that she was on her way there and that she would get ahold of everyone! 
Then my phone started ringing, again my caller ID said Providence Hospital! I answer the phone and the doctor said we need you up here immediately! I gathered myself together the best that I could so that I can stay strong for my baby girl! I ran through the Halls as fast as I could as I knew we were running out of time! We had about 5 minutes left until we had to make the decision on whether or not I would move forward with a blood transfusion at Providence!! I walked back into the room and a doctor stated that I needed to make my mind up! I went by Kylee's bed side, I grabbed her hand and she squeezed mine back tightly. I held back all my tears, and asked Kylee if she can look at me!

She barely could open her eyes, and slowly turned her head towards me. She said Mom why are you crying? I said honey mommy just wants you to feel better! She then asked if she was going to be okay..... and as bad as I wanted to tell her that she was, I couldn't!!! 
 I didn't respond right away and she said, it's okay Mom, you don't have to tell me. I already prayed and I know I'll be okay! At that point my heart sank and I couldn't feel more proud in that very moment! Here was my baby laying in the hospital bed with very little life left in her, teaching me the biggest life lesson anyone ever taught me, to have some Faith and knowing who God is and the power he has to take over any situation as long as we ask him to!

She had this peace in her eyes and was reassuring me that everything was going to be okay! Her faith that I once had was giving me hope again, I started to tell her that I loved her and that she was the best thing that's ever happened to me, in her snarky way she stated back "I know Mom tell me something I don't know"! We both smiled at each other and she tightened the grip on my hand and said Mom please pray for me right now! At that moment I struggled really hard, as spiritually I was so so weak, I hadn't prayed in over a year I was not happy with God or with life, I have suffered way too much that year and gave up spiritually before we ended up in the hospital!
 So when I held her hand, in my mind I said God help me say a prayer for my daughter just in case it's her last one. I closed my eyes and prayed softly for a few minutes and then we both said Amen! Immediately after The alarms on the heart machine started going off! The doctor ran in and said we are out of time! He said we either need to take her down now for the blood transfusion or we need to sign the waiver!!!

I felt like somebody just slugged me in the gut and knocked the breath out of me, I bent over her bed and told the doctor to give me one more minute! For the first time in my life I felt cornered, really freaking scared, alone and such a big world! I said God if you really exist then please send those OHSU EMTs through that door, and if you do I will forever follow you as long as I live! If not and I lose my baby then I'll know where my life will end! I wept like a baby, and held my daughter's hand tightly, she didn't budge at all it's like she was already gone! Not even 30 seconds later I heard screaming in the Halls for everyone to move and get out of the way, I slowly looked up and saw a team of 7 EMTs coming for my daughter's room, at that moment I never felt God's love the way I did right then, as if he was present and holding us both tightly, I felt this calmness come over me and felt like I can breathe a bit more although I knew this was just the beginning of a long road ahead it was exactly what I needed to start down that dark Road! 
From that moment on I felt like there wasn't anything that God couldn't bring me through! I love that verse that states: Deuteronomy 31:8   The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you, he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged..
 As I got pulled off my daughter's bedside one of the EMT ladies yelled for a wheelchair and she sat me down, the room was spinning and I was fighting so hard within myself to hold it together.. The EMT lady said I need you to hear me out, as things are going to move quickly! She said you are in no shape to be walking and if I needed any medical attention to please let her know! I told her I was okay as we started down the hall and headed for Life Flight! I kept looking back at Kylee and didn't stop praying until we got to OHSU!

They immediately went in to embolize (obstruct) her blood vessel that was supplying the blood to the mass in her liver, she got taken straight down to the OR room, when we got to the double doors, the nurse asked me to stop right there and to say my goodbyes, I kissed Kylee's forehead and my entire body started trembling, I couldn't help but thank but that might be the last time I held her hand and kissed her forehead, with her knowing that I did. 
I squeezed her hand 3 times as she knew it meant
" I love you " just in case she was able to know that I was there. It took almost 5 hours to get word that Kylee pulled through that high risk surgery... 
Then after a couple long days later, Kylee's lungs began to fill up with blood and other fluids, inhibiting Kylee's ability to breathe. This led to yet another urgent and immediate operation to insert a chest tube into Kylee's lungs in order to pump the fluid out.

Kylee was unable to eat or drink anything at all for the first 5 days straight, it was so hard to sit back and watch all this being done to my baby! 

I felt so helpless, and so bad as every time she woke up she was begging everyone and anyone for a sip of water, her poor little lips were so dried up and cracked..  The nurses attempted a tube feeding, that only resulted in Kylee profusely vomiting it caused her soo much more pain.
Once Kylee was stabilized the doctors were able to go in and complete a biopsy of the tumor. Another few days went by and Kylee was getting better, moving around a bit and well enough to start eating solids. 

As we began to see some light at the end of the tunnel, another shock wave was delivered. On March 14th, we learned that the tumor was indeed cancerous (this was a complete shock to us all, sense we were 100% guaranteed by one of the surgeons and a doctor that was present  while we were  discussing her internal bleeding results at Doernbecker..

The Surgeon stated  that the tumor was a Benign tumor not malignant so for weeks in my mind I was reassured and set on my Daughter not having cancer. That trust was broken quickly, the trust I now have for the surgeons and doctors there went out the window.. This surgeon was the one that told me that my daughter DID NOT have cancer!!!! HE was the one that did the surgery when she was internally bleeding and he stated that he seen the tumor and was 110 percent sure that my baby girl didn't have cancer!!!! 

So when he came to deliver me the news it was him alone, ( no meeting) he didn't bother asking Kylee and I if we wanted someone else present for support. He just wakes me up and he states: I wanted to let you know that i was wrong on Kylee's mass that she has in her liver, the results came back, I asked what do you mean? He then stated: Kylee's tumor is malignant, it's a cancer tumor and a very rare aggressive tumor and a fast growing one, I literally went into mental shock!!! 

I couldn't even utter one word back to him and my breathing was quickly diminishing , I was sooo frustrated, scared and still hard to even believe the words that just got spoken over my Daughter's health! as in my thoughts that was impossible for him to even be incorrect on his misdiagnosis.

The surgeon stated, make sure to be back here in 30 minutes if you leave, as we need to get her moved up to the cancer unit and talk about treatment that Kylee now had to undergo!
I stood up and told him that I needed some air, I ran out of our room, as thoughts were racing through my head. I looked for the nearest exit sign just to get out and get away from everyone. I went out a side door where there were no other humans insight and I just collapsed to my knees, bent over and cried like I never had before..

(After all the loss I've already had in my life, this is the last thing i needed to hear.. In the last 9 years, I lost my brother at 29, he died suddenly in his sleep, then I lost my father 3 months later from a broken heart from losing my brother, (  I was his only Daddy's girl out of all 9 girls ) So, it was a very hard loss for me, that same month a week later my ex-husband and I had a divorce and custody trial, then three years later in 2015 we lost my sister to a homicide, she was a single mom and leaving seven kids Behind that we all pitched in and did everything we could to take them in, if financially I could have afforded it I would have taken them all in. 

Then Kylee was diagnosed exactly a year ago in February 2018, the same year, 6 months later in August of 2018 my nephew died suddenly after a visit to the ER, he had a bad reaction to the new meds the Doctors prescribed him due toat only 9 years old.. 
This has been a lot on all of us but, especially my mom.. Shortly after my sister passed away I moved my mom in with me for a little over 3 years, as she was getting sick/ill and was very lonely, a few years ago after my sister's passing she got diagnosed with dementia. She's barely hanging on and now has moved in with my brother as I can't care for her any longer)

Being a single parent with full and sole custody, raising both Kylee and her sister Jasmyne, on my own and on a sole income, with no child supprt and have lost my business the day Kylee got diagnosed as I NEVER left herside, I didn't go home for 6 months straight, I only left a few times the entire 6 months there, just to go to a store a few minutes away from the hospital as I needed a break desperately, I had witnessed way too much and seen what happened with the other kids up in that hospital in the cancer unit, when parents were gone for hours and days at a time and they would leave their ill child there all alone at the hands of the Doctors that are now controlled and and regulated by FDA's new contract to reduce population! ( I will go into more details on this when I can make copies of what I have and show the records and recordings of the proof I have).

I was next to Kylee's bedside immediately, once she was admitted into Doernbecher one year ago today February 2019, we were up at Doernbecher for 6 long and Gruesome months, after not only a misdiagnosis of my daughter's tumor going from a non cancer tumor, to a cancerous tumor, but then my daughter's lungs collapsing due to non proper medical attention, they had to place a very painful tube in her chest and then pushed down to her lung, then she also gets an infection in her lungs from the hospital that ends up being pneumonia, but before finding out it was pneumonia the surgeons came into my room to tell me that my daughter has a high chance of the cancer now also being inside of her lungs from the fluids that entered her lungs a few weeksb prior.
I thought great not only did Kylee have liver cancer but now was also told she has a very high chance for having lung cancer, per the CT scan that was taken earlier that morning, it came back with something that look like a mass in her lung. A team of 7 surgeons came into my room that early morning and woke me up, to tell me that I had 24 hours to decide on whether or not I would want them to move forward with surgery on her lungs and if we did do that, then we can no longer do surgery on the liver if we choose to do surgery on the lungs! I felt like at this point I was just being messed with, it was one thing after another for 6 months, my daughter's life was dangled daily right in front of my eyes.
Then the surgeon and Doctor argued in my room in front of my Daughter and I, as the Surgeon was not happy nor ok with something the Doctor was pressuring her to do, as right before the surgeon walked out of the room she stated, "that is not my decision to make, that is her mother's decision to make, as it is her right!  So I got a bad feeling in my stomach on doing the lung surgery, especially after the doctor stayed behind in my room and tried to pressure me into moving forward with the lung surgery.
Thank God for his discernment as I chose to go against the lung surgery, I was then told that we had to wait a week to take another CT scan, to find out the results of the Mass that showed up in that prior CT scan inside her lung!
 The last CT scan was either showing an infection or a cancerous tumor, per my conversation with the surgeon.. I chose for Kylee to be treated for an infection and to do no surgery on the lung, (even though I was completely pressured by her evil Doctor to do the lung surgery) she made me feel horrible about my decision and she told me that there was a very high risk of Kylee dying because of my decision, I told her I disagreed and that I'll never go against my motherly instinct...
The only downfall with that is that I was taking a risk on it being a cancerous tumor and if it was it would be too far gone and she only would have days to live, per what the Doctor stated... I had to wait for 5 days straight to find out whether or not that tumor would still show up on a scan, if it did that meant it was a cancer tumor, if it was no longer there then that meant that it was an infection like pneumonia which the antibiotic they put her on would completely take it away.
 After Kylee being treated with the antibiotic for an infection and the 5 longest tormenting days of my life went by with very little, to no sleep, we got to do another CT scan and it showed no sign of a mass, the tears of joy and happiness that went down my face, I had no words that could describe how I felt that day! 
The sigh of relief I felt like a million pounds was just taken off my shoulders!!! That was one of the many toughest decisions that I've ever had to make in my life, but yet all within a few months of each other!!
Thank God that I didn't choose for them to do surgery on Kylee's lungs that day as she wouldn't be here today! 
After 6 long months of chemotherapy, and many malpractice occurrences, and my Daughters life on the line, that she was hanging on by a thin thread, and after many months of research I decided that I wanted to discharge my daughter and move forward with natural path medications! I was told that my daughter's tumor would shrink drastically in the six months of us being at Doernbecher, at the end of those six months the last CT scan showed NO improvement on my daughter's tumor-shrinking not even a centimeter! 
At this point I knew I had no choice but to get my daughter out of that lab rat hospital, before it was too late, as the chemotherapy was going to kill her before the tumor would anyway!

6 months out of the hospital Kylee has never felt better since the first night we went into the hospital! With many studies of what natural regimens I should put my daughter on, we ended up finding many and doing many of them at the same time, we also found an amazing naturopathic doctor that was very impressed with all the regimens that I currently had Kylee on for the two months of being out of the hospital, after two months we went in for another scan and to our surprise Kylee's tumor had shrunk for the first time from a 32 by 34 to a 22 by 25, we were so happy I had tears of joy for days, I've been felt like I started to see a small light at the end of that tunnel! Even with her oncology doctor being completely against everything we were doing I kept pressing forward, even with all her threats miss- treatment I knew that this was the best for my daughter's interest and for her life! 

That has now been exactly a year ago. I've been out of work since last February 2018, I had to walkaway from my cleaning company that I owned for 12 years, I had to pack up my home within 24hrs and put everything in storageI've had no choice but to reach out for help, especially due to Kylee's all natural regimens and meds being really costly and no insurance will cover it, and now having to hire a lawyer ASAP to fight for my rights as a parent and chose what is best for my Daughter's life to. 

I've always been a strong soul, independent and self sufficient, so this is extremely hard for me to even do, it's taken me months to write this and the only reason I am is because I'm cornered and have been threatened by my daughterby DHS and the Evil Doctor that's pissed off that my Daughter didn't die!!! THIS IS NO JOKE, I HAVE PROOF, OF THREATS, CONVERSATIONS ON RECORDING AND VIDEO!! I NEED HELP, PRAYERS, AND ANY LEGAL ADVICE!! I've never turned to media with anything from my personal life, trials, pain, personal life situations, so I decided to post this to not only inform everyone of what had happened to Daughter and I, but also because of the rights that are being taken away from my daughter and I!! I just don't know what else to do and this is happening to hundreds of parents and their child across the states right now that also are very ill and have life threatening illnesses that their child got diagnosed with!! 

Our entire world has been turned upside down. This journey, in and out itself is dark and can be and appear hopeless most of the time..
People tell me that I'm strong and to keep on fighting, but I'm honestly so tired and have lost all hope with life, in our medical system, I'm fighting to keep my Daughter alive, after she was already overdosed on Chemotherapy numerous times, that caused her neurotoxicity to her brain, that then put her in a 4 day coma, for 6 months I got tormented over and over everyday, with my Daughters life being threatened right before my eyes due to carelessness and negligence with that Doctor at Doernbecker! 
The 2 main Doctors in the children's cancer unit are heartless, evil, and in it for the money!! I can back this all up with proof!! The 2 Doctor's from Doernbecker, OHSU Hospital, threatened to have me charged with neglect and practicing Faith healing and if I took my Daughter out of the hospital to get better treatment or a second opinion, that they would report me and have me arrested and then they will move forward with treatment on my Daughter anyways!! I couldn't believe my ears, especially after the Doctor stated that my Daughter had only 10% chance of survival. To charge me with neglect!!?? I think that is so CRAZY especially sense I was the only parent that never left my daughter's side for over 6 months straight in that hospital, while other parents went to work and did daily errands while they trusted their babies in these doctors care all day!!  How did I neglect her? I didn't! That's why my Daughter's alive while so many other little ones died from overdoses or the cancer coming back from so many treatments of chemotherapy! 
Please research the truth about cancer, but actually dig deep and I promise you that you will look at things for what they are not what we're being told to believe! 
We need help with legal fees, medical bills. And to finish off beating this 15% of her tumor that is left.. The only thing that has been able to destroy that tumor is the natural meds Kylee is on as all the chemo never did anything but made things worse.. chemotherapy is a temporary fix because 90% of the time the cancer will grow back in a different area. 

DHS has been involved a month after I went home with Kylee. She's been doing amazing and was able to walk, talk again, the brain damage we were told she would have, the natural meds have been able to reverse and restore allot of the damage. 
They want to take me to court to take my daughter that is almost 100% healthy again, and give her back to an oncology unit at the hospital so they can continue chemotherapy treatment and whatever I'll see if they want to test on her as she has a very rare type of tumor, that will eventually kill her!!.
With 10% left of her tumor I know the natural regimens I have on can destroy the remainder of that tumor. I have all the CT scans for the last six months to prove it's done exactly that! DHS did not notify me until this morning 3/26/2019 at 11am to let me know that we have court at 1:30PM today, tell me if this was you as a parent, what would you do as a parent knowing everything you seen,?? knowing all those innocent lives that died from chemo in those 6 months of being there!!! I can't just hand her back over to them!!! Look at the pictures, she's doing amazing, the last CT scan showed 10 to 15% left of the tumor and no other cancer in her body.. PLEASE spread this story as I don't know what the outcome will be!!! I will include a picture of the text from DHS to show how cruel they are! I REALLY NEED HELP WITH LEGAL REPRESENTATION - thank you for your love and support. God bless!!

Christine and Kylee Gale

We are asking everyone that has it on their hearts to please pray and we thank you all so much for all the the support..


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