Fighting for the Deweys

Please help us fight for Emily Dewey and her husband Christopher. We wholly believe that Emily was taken advantage of, in the final hours of her life. Please see the story below.

In February of 2009, Deputy Christopher Dewey was shot after responding to a call of an impaired driver.  Following the shooting, Christopher was taken to the hospital in Fargo, where he made significant improvements. As he improved, he was transferred to a Craig Hospital in Denver. Emily and her sister Hannah relocated to Colorado to support Christopher. Some unfortunate setbacks occurred and Christopher was eventually transferred back to MN, where he was placed in hospice care. Christopher passed away 18 months after he was shot. Sadly, this was the beginning of a string of tragic events for Christopher’s wife, Emily, and her family.

Emily was shy and introverted by nature. The attention and notoriety that came with the shooting and the events that followed were overwhelming. She recently told me that she just wanted to be anonymous. She wanted to find a place where she could just be and didn’t want to be known for the tragedy that she didn’t bring on. As Hannah describes, Christopher completed Emily and he kept her grounded. Without him, Em’s life fell apart.

Em struggled to find her place and soothed her pain with alcohol. There were bright spots and times of love, laughter and family. During these times, she found great joy in teaching law enforcement officers about the importance of being prepared for potential tragedies. She shared her personal experiences to help others be more prepared than she was. She commented that she was in a better place during that time. After years of encouragement, she attended a retreat, held by Concerns of Police Survivors, for the spouses of officers killed in the line of duty. She connected with other widows in a way that other friends and family could never understand. She admitted, this was probably something that she should have done much sooner than she did.

We hoped this connection came soon enough. We hoped that this would help pull her from that dark place that others couldn’t  bring her back from. But, the trauma coupled with the grip that alcohol had was just too strong. Then, in 2016, the sisters lost their Mother, Grandmother and Father, all in the span of 7 months. Em’s recovery was thrown even further off course. She chose to continue her journey in Colorado. However, this left her vulnerable, isolated from loved ones and difficult to reach as she fell further into the trap of alcohol abuse.

Em reached out a few weeks ago to let her loved ones know that she was entering hospice. She explained that her body was giving out.  Unfortunately, during the last few months we believe that she was being taken advantage of by a man who claims to be her boyfriend. He came and went over the last few months but resurfaced at the end of Emily’s life.

In the last 24 hours of her life, this man took Em to his attorney and had her make him the executor of her estate. She also changed him to be the beneficiary of the money she received when Christopher was killed. One professional that she dealt on her final day with said that he has never experienced anything like it. He described hearing this man and an attorney coach Em, as she made these incredibly important decisions, in the final hours of her life. I spoke to Em just hours before this and she clearly was not healthy in mind or body.

This has resulted in a dispute over everything that belonged to Emily. Her remains are sitting in a crematorium as this man said that Emily should not be given to the family.  While this man claims that he will return Christopher’s ashes to the family, he has made no effort to make this happen and claims that the family hasn’t attempted or requested the belongings, and directing people to his attorney now. Edit**We have attempted to get belongings back. He hasn’t cooperated and now it is in the hands of attorneys and law enforcement. Please keep in mind that these few paragraphs are just a small summary of events. We appreciate that people want to help, but “just get the things back” is not an option,

To prove that this last will and testament is fraudulent, it will need to be contested in court.  Unfortunately, this will require an attorney who has said that the cost of fighting this could reach upwards of $18,000.  Please help Hannah and Rachel fight for Emily and Christopher, who are unable to fight for themselves. Any money raised will be used to pay for attorney or court fees, to contest the decisions which are believed to have been made under duress and at a time that Em was unable to form clear thoughts and intent. Should the cost of contesting this be less than what is raised, all remaining funds will be donated to Concerns of Police Survivors.

Thank you for your support.
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