Honoring Covid-19 Victims: MEMORIAL CRANE PROJECT

The Memorial Crane Project is an art installation with the purpose of honoring loved ones lost to COVID-19.
Our mission is to commemorate the lives lost to COVID-19 and to acknowledge the devastating impact this
pandemic has had on our individual lives and our shared humanity.
We are a 501 (c)(3) public non-profit charity. Your contribution is fully tax deductible. Our operating expenses are funded by donations, grants and our fundraising events. Note that the IRS does not require donations under $250 to be verified by receipt.
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My name is Karla Funderburk, I am an artist, designer-builder, Galleriest, and owner of Matter Studio Gallery , living in Los Angeles, CA.
I started this collaborative artwork, the Memorial Crane Project, as a way to honor the victims of the Coronavirus. I initially began folding Origami Cranes in April of 2020 to help me process and contemplate the volume of the Souls we were losing from the Pandemic.
On May 14, 2020 the loss of lives ticked up to 88,000 deaths. I was deeply disturbed by the magnitude of the numbers! I did the math to figure out how long it would take me to fold a crane for each of these lost souls. It would have taken me approximately 24 years!
I chose the Japanese tradition of folding tsuru because I was inspired by the story of the young Japanese girl Sadako Sasaki. Sadako, was diagnosed with leukemia, due to the United States Nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. She started folding 1,000 cranes, with the belief that anyone who folds 1,000 cranes would have their wish granted. In addition, there is a deeper meaning of the crane carrying the Soul safely through its journey into its next life.
Sadako’s prayer was for peace, healing and safekeeping, which I feel is exactly what we need as a Nation during these times!

As the number of deaths continued to rise, I decided to invite people from my community to help me recognize and honor all these loved ones lost. I started receiving packages in the mail daily, not only from local contributors, but worldwide!
The Memorial Crane Project’s first installation was in Matter Studio Gallery . It originally consisted of close to 7,500 cranes suspended from copper wires, creating a maze that could be walked through as visitors commemorated those we have lost. I received some national, and international publicity. This exposure brought even more cranes, and stories of lost loved ones. Today as the numbers exceed 900,000 in the U.S. alone, I have received over 180,000 cranes.  Our current installation in Palm Desert. at Create Center for the Arts hosts 20,000 cranes suspended from the ceiling in the atrium.

Karla hangs strings of origami paper cranes in her art gallery, Matter Studio Gallery, May 2020

Memorial Crane Project Volunteer MiChele Daniels, with Chris Jansen, with Karla, for episode on MSNBC  "Lives Well Lived" in front of Tarzana installations sponsored by San Fernando Valley Arts & Cultural Center  .
These contributions have come from 9 countries, and 46 of the U.S. states.  So far, we have installed 7 “Chapters” in 3 states: California, Washington, and Colorado.
Currently, our team of volunteers and contributors exceeding 320 individuals. We have received 22,500 names and numerous
stories told by loved ones as well. The installation includes copper armatures, which support each string of cranes. I chose copper,
because copper is the material that brings Light and Life into our lives and these Souls have brought Light and Life into our Lives as well. In each installation, I include a 'Wall of Remembrance' which lists the names of loved ones lost. In addition, each venue has a QR code
for viewers to scan in order to hear recordings of the precious memories of those loved ones lost, told by those left behind.

Volunteers from the Seattle Community assist Karla and Memorial Crane Project Team, installed at ANT Gallery  in Seattle Washington.
My intention is to create Memorial Crane Project installations throughout the U.S.  The goal of this fundraiser is to finance nine of these
installations in 2022.*
Commemorating each individual, provides all of us a means to grieve, to mourn and to heal collectively, as a Nation united in Love,
Respect and Spirit. When we stand inside the Memorial Crane Project, we recognize that those Souls that have passed are not alone,
they are all flying together. And those individuals that folded the cranes to honor their loved ones aren’t alone either, our love and
compassion unites us.

My team and I wish you and your loved ones, peace, healing and safekeeping.
"You are not a single drop in the ocean, you are the entire ocean in one single drop." - Rumi
Karla Funderburk
*What Your Donations Are Funding:
My intention is to create Memorial Crane Project installations throughout the U.S. My vision is to provide a space for healing,
reflection, and connection as the visitors move through these labyrinths of colorful suspended cranes.
I have had the honor to witness the power of transformation that occurs when we mindfully contemplate and honor the lives lost,
while embracing the spirit that unites us all.
The goal of this fundraiser is to finance nine of these installations in 2022.
GOAL: 9 Memorial Crane Project Installations
Website, Contact & Social Media:
Website: MemorialCraneProject.org
Email: karla @ memorialcraneproject . org
Instagram : @memorialcraneproject | @matterstudiogallery
Facebook: @GalleryMatter
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