Help Holly 's Fight Against Cancer

The Backstory:

For those of you that know Holly, you have inevitably been moved by her amazing fighting spirit. Holly has been battling cancer diagnoses off and on now for ten (10) years! 

For those of you that do not know her, let me share that she is an incredibly kind, spiritual and loving soul, who has spent her adult life helping hundreds of people land jobs and begin successful careers.  I was fortunate enough to be her boss for years and have been blessed with the opportunity to know how big her heart is, and how passionate she is about helping others. In fact, today she is often offering guidance and support to others battling cancer. I have seen it first hand when accompanying her on one of her many treatments.  I dont know how else to say it. She is the light in the room and is focused on offering others support, not asking for it for herself.

Holly Chercover is a mother of 2 beautiful girls, Heather, 23 and Jessica, 18 and a wonder-hubby named Gord who has been an unrelenting care giver, her best friend and love of her life.

A few months ago Holly received the devastating news that her cancer had returned for the third time. This time, Holly is battling metastatic brain cancer, which is far more serious due to the brain/blood barrier challenges.  She is now in the biggest fight for her life and needs our support.  

She cannot work at present and her insurance and premiums simply cannot cover the incredible expenses for the treatments that she needs to win this next round.

Holly has always been a hard worker, but as you can imagine, ten years off battling cancer, undergoing chemotherapy, alternative treatments and taking time off due to illness has been an incredible challenge to her and the family. She wants the gift of another 10 years with her girls and her husband, more visits to her family cottage, more time with her mother and brother, and more time connecting to her spirituality.  

I believe that many of you feel the same way as I do, and know that right now, she really needs us. We need to come together and help her get what she needs to heal!

Here's how the journey has been since it all began 10 years ago.

Holly was in Jamaica on a company trip that she had won due to her work performance in 2008. One day, before heading off to the beach with some of her colleagues, while looking in the mirror, she noticed an indented pucker of skin on her breast, that was the size if a chicklet. When she returned home she was diagnosed with HERS II estrogen positive breast cancer. After a Lumpectomy with multiple lymph nodes extracted, she began months of radiation and chemotherapy. It was incredibly hard on her young girls, and husband. It was brutal on Holly and landed her in and out of the hospital. Eventually though, she was given the good news that she was cancer free and was given the thumbs up to stop treatment. Life at home and at work was able to return to normal and she was a survivor!

 Then in 2014, Holly began experiencing unusual prickling and electric sensations running down her right arm. Her oncologist suggested an MRI right away and to her horror, the following day she learned that the cancer had come back and was in her spine and liver.  She was told that there were too many tumors in her liver to operate,  and the prognosis was not good.

Ever the fighter and researcher, Holly discovered that there were alternative treatments that included hyperthermia, Vitamin C and Mistletoe. Combining those treatments with an innovative targeted radiation on her spine were the solution. The oncologist was astonished at the speed in which the tumors shrank. In fact, he said he couldn’t tell if there was any disease left or just scar tissue. Finally, in November 2016 it appeared that once again, Holly had beaten cancer. Her warrior spirit, her focus on spiritual and alternative treatments combined with modern western medicine really did work!

 Then, this past summer Holly started to experience headaches and nausea. She was not alarmed though as she had been under the care of one of the best breast cancer centers in Canada, and had been receiving regular scans, so she was confident that all was well. The day that she met with her oncologist and shared her new concerns. Holly was rushed through a series of scans, specifically an MRI for her brain. Holly was told she had serious multiple intracranial metastases. In September she had to stop working again for treatments.

She has gone through full brain radiation and chemotherapy. The challenge though is that returning metastic cancer, especially in the brain, is a real challenge to fight as the tumors can actually gain strength and resistance with chemo.

 The costs.

Although she has had tremendous support, ten years of battling this illness has been a financial burden. Her benefits currently do not cover much of what she needs to spend for her care. She has been reluctant to ask for help, but I cannot imagine her facing the journey ahead of her, without our support.  

The focus for our fundraising is to help off set the costs for the hyperthermia protocol that was successful in treating her liver in 2014. This treatment essentially heats up all of the body’s cells. The healthy cells can handle the temperature, but cancer cells have trouble surviving in the heat. This treatment, along with the chemotherapy and Vitamin C intravenous act like a one, two three punch! It is what Holly desperately needs to help her win the next few months. There are only 2  machines in Canada, and she needs a number of these treatments, as well as potentially going to a treatment center outside of Canada should things take a further turn.

For Holly's treatment protocol she should be getting the hyperthermia, mistletoe and vitamin C intravenous treatments roughly 4 times a month or 60 separate appointments over the next year.  The costs for these treatments, and her supplements will cost her $50,000.  On top of that, she has found a treatment center that she would love to visit outside of Canada, that has had tremendous success on people fighting similar forms of cancer, and that would cost her an additional $20,000.
She did one of these trips a few years ago to John Of God Healing Center in Brazil, and was in recovery shortly after. Imagine the impact we could make on her healing journey if she didnt have to figure out how to come up with the $70,000 she needs for these treatments!
There is no doubt that this third battle is going to be the biggest fight of her life, and that Holly must have access to these alternative treatments on top of her chemotherapy.  Holly is a true optimist and is approaching this battle with a positive attitude and a beautiful spirit.

 Many of you have wondered how you can help her over the years. Your help and support for her and her family has been deeply appreciated. Today, we are hoping to help Holly, her husband Gord and their two daughters Heather and Jessica to offset these medical expenses during this incredibly difficult and exhausting journey.

 How You Can Help

By asking many to give just a little, I am hoping we can help her continue to focus on healing and allow Holly to get continued access to these treatments that are the key to her winning this third and most daunting battle with cancer.

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Her beautiful daughters 
Holly and her brother Sean Chercover, whom she adores

Holly with her work colleagues at TEEMA on Presidents club trip

Holly at her family cottage doing what she loves

Holly and Gord at John Of God Healing Center

Holly loves doing yoga to help keep her positive and focused on healing
Holly is such a sweetheart. Scoring a new pink hat during chemo 
A recent shot of our girl. Positive. Strong. Determined. Beautiful 
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