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A message from Owner/Founder, Chief Connector &
Community Ambassador for Hera Hub Irvine:


It was March 2020, winter break and holiday distractions finally behind us...  ten months into our start-up phase, things were humming along, the momentum was increasing and we were making exciting progress on all our first-year goals...

-80% of our membership goal
-90% of our office rental goal
-35-50% room rental increases monthly
-a full roster of awesome Ambassadors
-a full calendar of workshops and social events
-an established affiliation with Chamber of Commerce, Score, SBDC and most Women's Organizations

The "community" saw continuous growth and began to thrive beautifully… until... “COVID-19” hit. The order to stay home and avoid all connection and community interaction has not only halted, but entirely reversed our growth back to nearly square one.


Many years ago, I read a book aloud to my young son– it was called Do Hard Things. It explained that to achieve great things, you would have to be courageous and do hard things. 

Years later with this journey, I've had the opportunity once again to practice what I preached then and what I advise now: even when you know it will be hard, do it anyway! 

Writing this appeal and reaching out publicly, on a fundraising platform is another VERY hard thing for me to do but I'm doing it because, in this unprecedented devastating situation, HHI needs support beyond what I alone can provide.

Fulfilling this mission has been a huge undertaking and an enormous risk. It has taken every ounce of courage and all of my heart and soul, time, and personal resources. 

Sadly, our beautiful Hub has been essentially closed down since mid-March, and it may be a long while before we can be back in full swing and thriving once again. For that reason, I have organized this fundraising campaign and share my journey with you.

Every donation made will go toward keeping Hera Hub Irvine open and available for aspiring entrepreneurial women, working moms, remote workers, and freelancers working hard to launch or relaunch their own dreams and passions. 

Donations of any size $25, $50, $75, $100 or more, will truly help us a great deal. Please see our list of THANK YOU gift options at the bottom of this campaign story.


Human connection is absolutely essential to our health, well-being, and overall success. It is irreplaceable by Zoom, Facebook, or Snapchat! We’ve just experienced and proven that world-wide.

People, in general, are wired for relationship and interaction. Indisputably, most women thrive in an environment that fosters connection, collaboration, as well as, an opportunity for them to share and give back. 

Women not only greatly value community, they also thrive and flourish in beautiful, inspiring, warm, and welcoming surroundings.


Entrepreneurship can be a long, lonely, winding road. During nearly two decades as a successful female entrepreneur, I experienced first-hand all the highs and lows,  pros and cons that come with that pursuit of your passions and dreams, as well as, the roller coaster of doubt, determination, and uncertainty that entrepreneurs encounter. I traveled that lonely road and can attest that the challenges and the struggles are significant.  But so are the rewards.


Desiring to start a new rewarding venture, but not wanting the same solitary experience this time, I set out on a quest to help myself, and lots of other women, have the opportunity for a new experience as an entrepreneur. 

I envisioned us working together in a flexible, inspiring space amongst a like-minded, supportive tribe of women all striving to make a difference. We would all be accelerating our dreams and visions through business collaboration and value exchange. 

A place that allowed us to escape from all the distractions at home or the dreadful coffee shop clatter. A safe place where we could share both our achievements, as well as our struggles, and others would absolutely ‘get it’. 


I truly believe in the Proximity Principle–that being around the right people–who are doing all the things  (highly motivated, high achieving) and being in the right places–where things are happening and resources abound (high energy, highly inspirational) will, indeed, have a high impact on one's level of success! Being in the right place, at the right time, with the right people will definitely help get you where you want to go.


Two years ago, my vision for that better way aligned beautifully with a place I found called Hera Hub. It was well established in San Diego, but it was clear to me that every city needed a brilliant option like this and the next logical location for this niche hub was OC. 

My mission was three-fold: (1) to provide a beautiful, professional, inspiring workspace and (2) establish a collaborative community to attract and (3) connect purpose-driven, passion-filled, creators and innovators, who will engage and experience bonding and support like never before.  


One year ago, after a year in real estate purgatory, I finally found space and opened my precious “Hub”. I was super excited to be launching something that was going to have a direct and positive impact on so many things, in so many ways.

I would finally be nurturing and supporting women, as well as many small for-profit and non-profit businesses, who would in turn, create jobs, employ people, provide services, make people healthier, processes easier, etc. Hera Hub Irvine would make the world a better place through all the various missions it would help launch, support, elevate and/or accelerate. 

“Women often get further, faster when they are surrounded by other inspiring women, in a judgment-free environment, that not only encourages vulnerability but also challenges them to grow. Hera Hub is thoughtfully designed and developed to create a safe, soothing environment that gives women a sense of pride and ownership over their space and their community. The business acceleration programs greatly foster and stimulate professional growth, mentorship, collaboration, and productivity.” -Felena Hanson


Orange County has been extremely welcoming and supportive.  People have expressed to me their deep appreciation on a daily basis. The positive reception has been overwhelming and at times astounding.  As Leader/Founder of Hera Hub Irvine, I was surprised and honored with award nominations by several prominent women's organizations this year:

2020 OC Business Journal: Women In Business Awards
2020 Irvine Chamber: Women of Influence Awards
2020 CWI: Women of Influence Awards
2020 NAWBO Remarkable Women: WIB Advocate of Year


People often describe Hera Hub Irvine as an oasis or a sanctuary. As both a physical space and a community, HHI has served as a catalyst for countless stories of members bonding, referring, partnering, launching new ventures, funding projects, and making new friends.

We provide space for meetings and events, connection, resources, community, support, and inspiration...those commodities can't be put inside a takeout box, served curbside, or delivered online. 

While we have pivoted our efforts into virtual memberships and digital offerings of support and education, the reality is that those avenues will not generate the amount of revenue that we've lost from canceled memberships, events, and venue rentals. 

“Coworking spaces are a crucial support structure for small businesses, sole proprietors, the self-employed, and other entrepreneurs. In particular, they are often a lifeline for small businesses.” -Dane Stangler

Looking into the foreseeable future, virtual offerings and a gradual relaunch most definitely won’t be able to cover our ongoing expenses. This pandemic has taken away our ability to earn our way.

Donations will be key– any size $25, $50, $75, $100 or more, will truly help us a great deal. Please see our list of THANK YOU gift options at the bottom.


I have, and will continue to explore every means of support available, including federal and local grants and loans, women-owned business grants, and every application and opportunity I can find. 


However, due to the very narrow requirements set by the various programs, thus far, recent start-ups do not qualify for these options.  
Crowdfunding is the only option that is available to all small businesses.

I wrestled with this option because asking is not something I am comfortable doing at all. Au contraire. I much prefer being the one offering and giving. But, even harder than this, would be seeing our precious Hub cease to be the necessary sanctuary that it is for the women I have grown to love and the ones that still need to come. 

Therefore, as hard as it is, I must acknowledge my current limitations, be humble and graciously ask... for generous support from others. I must do this hard thing, so I don't have to do an even harder, very sad thing.

As we move to reopen our community/world, Hera Hub can prove to be an invaluable resource as people seek deliverance from this disconnection and long period of isolation and seclusion. 


Every donation will go toward keeping HHI open and available for aspiring entrepreneurial women, working moms, remote workers, and freelancers working hard to relaunch and forge their dreams and passions. 

The campaign will run monthly for 4 rounds. The goal each month will be $25,000. The first round will begin today and go through June 15. Funds raised each month will help Hera Hub until adequate membership levels are achieved and events are in full swing. This will provide us working capital to pay expenses such as rent, utilities, supplies, insurance, and staffing to assist with increased marketing and promotion, as well as the ongoing safety and sanitation efforts that will be required.

A donation each month of any amount- $25, $50, $75, $100 or more, will truly make a big difference. Please see our list of THANK YOU gift options at the BOTTOM...

After experiencing our Hub, many people have urged me to let them know if there is anything they could do to support us.  

Well, now there truly is something you can do.

If the Hera Hub mission of women helping women resonates with you…

If you enjoy the space options, education, and community it provides...


If you have been impacted positively by the Hub, or feel that you will be when the time is right and you want it to be there...

We would deeply appreciate your support through this challenging time.  A donation of any size will make all the difference... every gift is meaningful and valuable.

We're asking supporters to contribute whatever they can, but if everyone reading gives something, we'll be able to make our goal and keep Hera Hub alive and humming. Truly, any contribution large or small will be greatly appreciated!

As a THANK YOU for your monetary contribution, Supporters may elect to receive a gift generously donated by some of our members.  Please see the list below.


Our second ask is this: please SHARE this with your networks and let others know about this campaign- that will also make a HUGE difference. Spreading the word and letting your social media circles know about the positive impact Hera Hub has had and encouraging them to participate is vital to helping us to reach our goal.

If you've been equally devastated and are unable to contribute financially but would still very much like to help, again, please SHARE this with your networks and on your social media platforms. You may know others that would like to help. That effort alone will also be a generous gift to us and could make a huge difference. This part is vital. Since we haven't been open for very long, our direct reach is limited, but with others reaching out for us and with us, together our efforts can reach far and wide.


During this time of social distancing, we've all experienced and become more keenly aware that human connection is an irreplaceable, fundamental need for which there is no substitute. 

As everyone will agree, Live-In-Person and IRL is the ultimate experience. We'll get back to that eventually and with your help this wonderful sanctuary for people to flock to will be on solid footing for a long time to come. 

For many, HHI has been a place of connection but also a place for accountability, vulnerability, creativity, and new idea incubation. Though the Hub has been temporarily inaccessible for most, its walls are anxious for us to return and reunite together in common-unity. 

With everyone’s help, it can once again be our business home, our connection point, our inspiration lab, our launchpad.

Thank you for taking the time to hear my story.

Again, please consider a donation of any size– $25, $50, $75, $100, or more, will truly help us a great deal. Please see our THANK YOU gift options at the BOTTOM>>>

Until we can all be together again, may you be blessed with safety, comfort, friendship, love, and most of all, good health!

With deepest gratitude,
~Linda xoxo

Hera Hub Irvine

                                                          !! Thank You Gifts !!

                ------- Good Health and Wellness are Essential to our Success! --------

We can all agree to that, because if you don't feel great, you can't do or accomplish as much as you would like. Working women often juggle A LOT more than just work and need wellness support more than ever. Integrating health and wellness for women in business is a new emphasis this year at Hera Hub Irvine. We are home to numerous advanced holistic, functional, integrative therapies ...cutting edge power tools for healing and optimal wellness.

As a THANK YOU for your monetary contribution, Supporters may receive the following gifts generously donated by some of our members.  Please contact us to select and schedule your preferences:

$50+   5- day passes for coworking anytime this year
$75+   5- day passes + Initiation fee waived when you join 
$100+ 5- sessions of BEMER (or one of the above)
$200+ 5- sessions of BEMER and a Healy Scan (or one of the above)
$300+ 1- month coworking pass + join us for Happy Hour (or one of the above)

$400+  Free Access to 6-wk Restart Wellness Program w/ Lifestyle Mastery (or one of the above, you choose)

$500+  3-hour Event Space Credit or Professional Headshot Photo Session (or one of the above, you choose)

$1000+ Lifestyle Mastery Wellness Package* or 3-hour Event Space credit  (+ one of the above, you choose)

$1500+ Lifestyle Mastery Wellness Package* + 3-hour event space credit 

$2500+ Cereset Brain Balancing Technology Session

*Lifestyle Mastery: Wellness Package:
-1 month of unlimited Bemer Sessions
-1 month Amare Fundamentals
-1 Healy Session
-6wk The Restart Program
-Rainbow Diet Book
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