Debby Bowers Cancer/Cremation Fund

My Name is Deborah Bowers. I am a 62 year old  Navy Veteran and widowed mother of 2, who for the second time in the  last 15 yearshas been diagnosed with vulvar cancer.

I currently live with my lovely daughter Erin and my Son-in-law Robert. On July 11th 2017 my son in law took me to the emergency room due to a fall I experienced and on that day I was diagnosed for cancer.

The doctors had found that my vulvar cancer had spread attacking my left hip bone and joints. Doctors tell me that they are not sure that they can kill 100% of the cancer but with the right radiation and chemo treatments that It is possible for me to live a long productive life.

Unfortunfortunately, the way health care is now, I only have medicare, and they do not cover much. I was denied Medi-cal, and even with my daughter and son in law doing everything they possibly could, I still cannot afford all the necessary treatments. My prescriptions alone are just over $765 a month AFTER Medicare helps. Also my cancer treatments will be handled by the great staff in Redding, Ca at Mercy of Redding.

I have spent the last 2 weeks in the hospital and I am now finally home!

I now have a bunch of monthly out of pocket expenses that are not covered such as an electric bed required due to me losing use of my left leg and the treatment making me very weak, wheel chair and ramp rental we have to pay monthly Medical Supplies and Gas and transportation  physical therapy, radiation and chemo and a strict diet I now have to follow due to the many prescriptions I am now on.

I now require 24hr care at home with my son in law up for days at a time taking care of me. My family are doing the best they can with what they have.

I started radiation on August 3rd, and my Son-In-Law has to drive me 122 miles a day for my 20 minute radiation sessions. This will continue everyday for the foreseeable future, I start chemo in approx. 4 weeks.

Also I have been deaf for nearly 30 years now due to severe ear infections. In 2005 I had a Cochlear implant, and a device called the BAHA that helped me hear. Earlier this year the device broke and I have no hearing now and after trying everything we could to get it fixed or replaced, I was told it was too far out of warranty and that I would have to replace it. Medicare no longer will assist with this and is now 100% out of pocket.  This make it very hard for me to understand what the doctors nurses and my family and friends are telling me and this make me very scared.
The cost of a new hearing aid is not cheap and I have to get to an ear specialist, but doing this would make this entire scary process so much more easier for and on me.

Setting up a GoFundMe was the last thing we wanted to do, but after realizing for the past month that we are not going to ebe able to do this entirely on our own and without the help of our friends and family.

I beat this cancer once before and I plan on beating it again, and with your help I can spend many more days with my loved ones.  So I ask if you can help myself and my family with even the smallest of help, I would be for ever grateful.

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