Hello again , it's gotten crowded here ! my unemployd-homeless brother and his big dog are still here, there's a hold back on his unemployment, my bro will get by, it's Meistro that needs lodging, and a bag of his food too, knowing how things are out there, still tough and you most likely have a family member nailed by this to , So whatever comes in is always a blessing, pet feed and a bill 1st. .. Thank You

WELL .. I tried to not need to do and update.. but all I can say is , the politicians that needed to" wait and see "for 7wks.,Well It didn't get better, Hell it got worse ! and all that happened was..they made shit more urgent.. I can't specify what bill or expense gets taken care of if a donation comes in, a big bag of cat food and then ? other ?, I just know that my friends and supporters have family members in need , So do take care of them first, I'll still be around for 1 more update.. So let's hope for better news soon , a fast $1200 and Thank you's to all !

Well , the country is still feeling a little ' trapped ', nothing but bad numbers news effecting good honest people, I started these GoFundMe's out of medical unemployment, now sadly a lot of people are unemplyd. and filing for the 1st. time and ' when will I get my job back ' and how much longer can I hold off the internet bill , That's me ! Charter.. don't due billing help and employment is not going to happen in my 'hot spot ' area, so it's another damm GoFundMe update in hopes of whatever happens, AHHELL , I will even use kitt-pix "They" all say there's a check on the way ..late august.. hurry !! THANK YOU ..

Well I've managed not to break anything for a few days, that's good, but I still have $150 so in past dues , and the kitts are hungry too ! , it's just same old ' hold back 1 to cover the other, crap that happens when you get unemployed and med. can't work , and now there's just no work to be had anyway.. What a F'n mess, and the room's getting crowded, and still I put these GoFundMe Updates out there.. I keep saying it'll get better, THANK YOU ..
well , It's been one of those days  where everything I touched and did, just went the wrong directions.. , I have no idea about the rent and lease and housing authority, but I'm holding that 30% till they tell me different , Duke won't shut off the lights, but ..same with Charter / cable ' net Hell I don't know where , I just know I'll have to find a way, and that the people are tired of my updates, but come August there will be another stim-check .. hold your breath .. THANK YOU

Well the summer heat is here ! Everyday I get reminders of all the help and support that has come my way from just an awesome group of internet friends, there's the ' towJack ' bike that just makes all the shopping and short runs for the cat food that also gets donations, MY status with the housing authority is still not answering, they have the lease ,I'm holding on to my 30%..but if I have to pay the full amount ? I'm out of answers, I already paid the bills I held back on, so I hope somebody has a good answer soon, Right now I am in a covid ' hot spot ' finding employment is hard enough for the able body's so that's not a option, So it's the GoFundMe updates for July and get better news along the way, the Prez says there's another check on the way.. come back at us soon with that, will ya' !!
THANK YOU once again , Prayers 'n Shares and add a prayer for the country too ...

1st. Happy Fathers day to those that can, and may good memories come to the one's that can't... Here's to hope , on a short rope, I know how it's going out there and it's not to favorable for anybody, I'm just hoping for 1 more to knock back what's due on the 27th. it's the one that barks the most, but help is on the way.. in August , and once that's settled in I can find out how much I can earn to keep within the limits, But right now, even with as bad as it looks out there, I've got a couple more updates to write before August, and I hope like hell there's no need more, the people have been awesome thru all this.. thank you ..

Well I know what it's like out there, but I still have to put my hat out there .. the virus didn't get me, but it caused some offices to be closed, and what should be happening in June, the Housing assist , is now not going to be in effect until July 1, all's good, but the squeeze is on, it's utility bill month + whatever extra cost are coming up with getting this home approved, just cleaning stuff and some of the things I should have already, I've gone and applied for covid 19 bill assist, but Salvation Army has no room on the list , the good news is , they won't shut you off if you pay something, I just know that the break $$ I will get from Housing assist come September I can give the GoFundMe a long break... THANK YOU ALL ONCE AGAIN FOR YOUR SUPPORT .. we's got this ..

Well.. my big break got held up by the virus slowing up the process, It's there, it just starts in July, when it said June, so now it's the big broke / utility bill month + all the other stuff that comes up, but there is a plan and by August, with some luck, I can put this to rest, but it's that damm month of June that always gets me.. Thank you all once again for your support.. and the times , they just got worst..

Well to start off , I would once again want to thank all the supporters, the ' prayers n' shares for all the help along the way, I also did an update on the job resume, but we all know what it's like out there, and hell, I was already 22+ wks unemployed myself, So I find my way back here until the June check comes, and maybe another $1200 ? I just had some unexpected expenses, and hope for a little more to get by, but the good news , I am approved for housing asst. so maybe August , and when that happens, goodbye GFM ! .. Thank You

Well.. it was a okay month , health-wise I got discharged from BayCare Wound Care, after 7 months and I was able to stand tall and pay all the bills thanks to the C.AR.E. check, then the reality of not making a paycheck since November came back , and that put me back here again, the needs are still the same , a $115 electric bill and 'other ' crap that comes up, either way, make sure that all the kids in the family are being fed 1st.,It's still a helluva mess, I now get to join the the ' not Med. unemployed' to the new class of April 2020 , a brutal tragedy, Well I have to try..anyway , as always , thank you for your support , it kept me a leg !!

UPDATE 3 / 7 .. Yes it's been a long ride since mid Sept. when all this started just over some blisters on my left foot from some bad shoes that my Prosthetics guy missed the call on replacing in August, That said with the help of Morton Plant - BayCare, Dr. Sebastian Taz and a KCI Wound Vac, Dr. Taz believes that the foot will stay intact until the time comes that the last toe needs to be amputated, I am hopeful about being able to return to the workforce and start making my own paychecks , But I have NO IDEA on what my next occupation will be / won't be a lot of walking involved,until I start looking in May , so until then I am still medically unemployed, trying to get by on a SSI D check that does not cover all of the basic needs home bills, this month / March finds me at $130 in the ' needs ' if I was working and getting paychecks, I would have this covered, But I can't right now So all I can do is keep with the updates on GoFundMe and hope for donations , how can you help ? a share of this page, on your page, just 1 time can help this campaign the exposure it needs to be seen and maybe get a donation in , So Please " Shares 'n Prayers, and every donation is a blessing , Thank you ..

UPDATE 3 / 5 / 2020 WELL IT'S TIME to thank all the supporters of my GoFundMe page , and it's time for another GFM-induced Update , I had a doctor visit on the 4th. and..DOC be happy ! I came into this in mid Nov. and the Doc / Dr. Sebastian Taz was very serious about having to amputate the left lower leg, making me a double leg amputee,  But thanks to the KCI wound vac and the Jazzy scooter, the diamond bone cutter stays in the toolbox.. FOR NOW ! , now for the crap side of the update , They can't stop bringing me more charges ! ! The more that I say that I am not working and cannot afford to bring more $$charges to my ass.. the faster they post them ! This month it's a $65 fee that came as a surprise when I went to refinance a loan, complete BS , but they took it anyway , Then there is a $75 electric bill to take care of , No UTILITY BILL THIS MONTH .. It just makes me feel like I'm squandering everything as soon as I get it, but really I just miss the extra from the paychecks, hell I'd still be chasin'bills, just not posting on GoFundMe ..LOL .. to wrap this up I would like to thank all the supporters of this campaign " Prayers n' Shares " is what I go by here, without ' shares of this page ' I am just preaching to the same choir, without no new singers bringing something in ..THANK YOU

UPDATE 2/ 28/2020 : AHHELL , made it thru February, with the support of my friends and the tax refund check , that being said, it leaves me with $7.50 / 5 bucks shy of a new pack of underwear , Still in the same wait and see with the foot and toe , still have the wound vac on, been running dry, it's just on for circulation on the wound, the toe ?? I have just been adding extra padding on the toe area, trying to prevent a break before I'm ready / May and I really hope that the whole left foot stays together long enough for me to do my parking duties at Finley's Irish Pub St. Pat's weekend Tent party, But right now I need to recover from some of the extra bills that came up in February and will be back in March, I just need some cash to be able to get ready to work the tent party, things like transportation since I don't have the truck anymore, and even with the SSI D check I am just running a little tight until I work the Parking lot ,going on 6 yrs. now , kind'a my tradition since I couldn't make it to the Sebring Races anymore ..I would like to thank the supporters once again , the page got a new donation last month due to a ' share ' of the page so , Shares n' Prayers is how these GoFundMe's work , so Please share, every donation / share is a blessing .. Thank You ..

# 1 As always, I would like to thank all of the people that have supported me and this campaign ,Now it's time for another GFM suggested UPDATE : 2 / 22, I always have this 1 reminder when I go to my doctor's office, I go past the Cardio-Pulmonary on the way to Wound care, just a reminder that it's my foot , not my heart, but the 1 that you are being treated for, that's YOUR priority, and well, the wound is still going on a good path so says Dr. Taz , on it's way to filling in more
and that's what he wants to do , then once there is enough there, then the Doc and me start start making plans about what to do about the next surgery on the Toe , or 1/2 the foot, just don't know enough yet , BUT what I do know from the last amputation-rehab is that it's 2-3months of wheelchair'in while the wait for the new prosthetic to fit , then many months more before I will be able to work a job and cash a paycheck , So here I am , on the GoFundMe and asking for people to ' share ' my page and help my cause , Prayers n' Shares .. Thank You ..

Well, time for another update ,I have been on this Wound Vac since Nov. 18 and today they came out to replace the unit, they have GPS on these things, which is kind'a creepy but ahhhell , that's what my Doc wants, so I do, Meanwhile I am still $75 short of settling the Feb. bills, with the tax refund check included, I know A person should be able to work and pay his bills, but since Nov 10 I have not been able to return to work and I am left to using a GoFundMe to ask for donations to get thru this mess, and honestly I have no idea what my medical future holds, or when I will be able to work a job and pay all of my damm bills, So until then it's more GFM Updates , all I can say is that March looks good, it's not a utility bill month !! Thank You .. Please share ..

Once again I have to thank all the supporters that are helping along the way, Prayers n' Shares and every donation is a blessing, and thank you Valerie Berard and ' Jersey John ' Taverner ... NOW THE UPDATE , Everything is still there, the Water bill $118, the Electric bill $80, and then 1 remaining toe is still there, minus the supporting bone, my doctor likes what he sees with tissue growth, but it's the toe that we both know is a concern, So we wait and just see what direction this takes, but the ' hanging toe ' and when it's gotta go that can worry me a lot ... if I let it.. now comes the financial outlook, I have made all the cuts that I can, and on a no water bill month I just make the bills, That's it, It's hard to believe that on nov. 10 I was a working man, riding a bike to work, and now ? I don't know when I can even think about working a job again , so here I am, on GoFundMe trying to get the help I need , Please share this page and let's hope for Prayers ' n Shares and donations ..thank you

1st. I want to thank all the people for their support during the terribly long campaign, Prayers n' Shares and I consider every donation a blessing .. Thank you
UPDATE FEB. 8 : I go back to the Doc on monday and see what the plan is, and get ready to plan for a surgery sometime in March, That leaves me little time to get the bills caught up before I have to get ready for 3 months of wheelchair/ walker / scooter while I wait for what I hope for is only a partial left foot amputation, but it could go higher up, So here I am, I had hoped that my tax refund check was going to be enough but... so here is where I am , $120 utility bill, $85 electric bill, and a $50 furniture payment , if I can come in close to reaching this, then I can go into surgery-rehab and not be in such a mess, except for the missing foot part ! lol. It can be a hell of it's own, if I let it, still hard to take that I was a working man on Nov. 10th. riding a bike to work, and now I can't do shit but wait on whatever kind of surgery that will be next .. please ' share ' this .. Prayers n' Shares is how these work.. Thank You

UPDATE 2 / 4 / 2020 ...WELL.. I had a doctor appt. on feb. 3 and ..Not a good outlook , There's going to be a surgery on the foot in the future, it can't be helped, and if I am lucky it's only 3/4 of the foot being cut and I hope to keep the leg if possible, but here is the deal, I know what the rehab is, it's 3 months in a wheelchair, then after 4 fittings later I can think about standing up and walking, I hope ! In the meantime , try as I may, even with a small tax refund check, I am deep in the red on the monthly bills, and this month is utility bill month $117 , I have done all the cost cutting I could, but there's just not enough in my SSI D check to win the battle, and now I get unexpected medical cost too ! I don't know, it's sad if I think about it..I was a amputee riding a bicycle to work in October, now all of this shit, just have to go heavy on the prayers... thank you

UPDATE 1 / 28 :WELL... EVERYTHING TOOK A STEP BACKWARDS .. to the point to where the doctor was snipping out pieces of bone , never good- Unreal , something screwed up, on Dec. 30 the pix shows the bone being covered, now something happened with the wound vac and next thing I know they're cutting pieces of bone out of my foot ! ! , And now, I know, I said that I would try not to be here, waiting to do the taxes and see how much the refund might be, but dammit man , I am being hit with a bunch of extra charges and it's Feb. utility bill month, so with all this crap going on I'm starting February off $150 in the hole, and it's only Jan. 28 , this is not good but AHHELL, that's the hand that I got dealt, so I have to work with it and get better.. please help if you can, Prayers 'N Shares , and whatever comes later, I count every donation as a blessing , thank you for your support ..

Yeah, still here, but I had a doctor's apt. on 1 / 6 and the doc was happy with the progress that has been made, and I will be able to keep the left leg as long as I keep following orders, which means stay off my of damm foot as much as possible, So that's where this GFM Update is coming from, I got all the bills paid except one, the electric bill, and that's $85 , but I can get Duke for a extension, I know it's tough out there trying to recover from the holidays but until I get the tax return check this is what I have to do, Updates and hope for donations or a share on their FB page, Prayers N' shares, and every donation counts as a blessing in my book ..

UPDATE 12 / 20 : I had a better doctor visit Friday and it's showing slow signs of possibly healing, but as you can see, it's got a ways to go, but thanks to the donations I am able to do what it takes to keep the left leg ( we hope ) without worrying about the bills, and I want to thank all of you for your support, These are the holiday weeks now , so get a little festive and enjoy the good times , Please share & every donation is a blessing.. Thank You

UPDATE 12-8 : Well back again, dammit ! I was a working man able to cover my bills for 4 mo., then I went and got sick again on my left foot, and it's bad, if I am lucky the 5 wks. with the wound-vac and 3 IV's work, but still it's my guess that I will not be cleared for employment for at least 12+ wks., That's what brings me here with the GoFundMe again, I really miss those paychecks that covered the bills that my SSI D did not cover, and December is utility bill month, so I already start at $126.00 behind, then add a $105 electric bill to the pile and then some other expenses brought on by this medical issue , SO here is what I have to do, prove to be honest and worthy enough to get donations, Thank You .. please share

UPDATE 12-5 : Well I did all the doctors office visits on the 4th. and... 5 MORE WEEKS OF IV's and Wound-Vac toting is what they told me, which translates to me more medical unemployment and a lot more GoFundMe updates in order to generate donations so that I can make electric & utility bill payments, this GFM campaign is for me to meet expenses while I am not able to work, not for splurging on the holidays or other stuff , just my bills 1st. , I only ask is that you ' share ' this page and help get this campaign the exposure it needs to get donations .. Every donation is a blessing .. thank you

UPDATE 11/30 :WELL, may as well start early,as you can see I am back to being medically unemployed, which means I am going to miss those paychecks and I have to do the GoFundMe campaign again , and this is also Utilities bill month, so I've already started at $124 in the need, I've cut 'n trimmed as best as I could, but I still miss the paycheck that covers the other $125 that helps with my new medical expenses, What's going on is the Doctor's are trying to get rid of the bone infection in my left foot by using a wound-vac and antibiotics, so I am down until Feb. before I can look for work, or use tax refund money..Please help if you can ..Thank You
And there I am , with a big fat overly taped and padded up left foot, I won't be working
anytime soon ..
WELL.. THIS IS A BAD UPDATE , I have a problem on my left foot that has my Doctor
forcing me from my job , and it's really bad I did not post a ' shock ' pix on the top, here's a
pix so you can see it's serious , I really liked having a job to report to, 
but it came down to trying to keep the only foot I have left ... or a job totin' garbage cans..
I am going to miss that $300 a mo. and don't expect a GoFundMe to make it up , But as you can see
I am not returning to this job anytime soon , and when it gets tight with a bill that is due, I will have no options but to use the GoFundMe with updates and be trying to get donations  I have no options, 
I dried up my local SalvationArmy resource ..Thank You 

UPDATE 10 / 10 : Well, here I am again , and why ? it's a combo of things , the celuitis came back on the left foot, that cost me 5 days on 1 pay period , then came the pneumonia and hospital stay, and another 5 days missed on that paycheck , I am back, healthy and working, but I have to try to get some help because it's utility bill month , $120 and I am looking for a used 29" bicycle, and then I can get to work on fitting the prosthetic to size , then cut 1 hr. 15min. off my bus rides to my job, But the utility bill is #1 priority , thank you..


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