Help Dhermond, Help The Villagers

Hi Guys,

Happy Ramadan! This past month I went to Pakistan after four long years. I was happy to be home yet also saddened by the situation. As many close friends know I belong to a small village called Dhermond, which is located in the province of Punjab.

I visit Dhermond every time I am in Pakistan as both my grandmothers live there. On these visits I meet the locals, and get to hear their stories. 

I want to share three particular stories with you that have inspired and motivated me to set up this donation fund:  

ONE: Hand-pumps
Running water is a luxury in Dhermond. The locals rely on wells and have to walk quite a distance to get water. It’s difficult to imagine that a child’s chore may consist of getting water for the day. Three families in the village approached me about hand pumps. With elderly parents and young children living in one household, it’s hard to go a distance to get a basic necessity.

Estimated value for a single hand pump = $200

3 hand pumps will cost us $600

Installing these hand pumps will give several families running water for the rest of their LIVES.  Also, giving someone access to running water is a Sadaqah-Jariyah (ongoing charity). #installAhandpump

TWO: Child support
Mr. X  (I don’t want to name the individual) got married when he was 19. He had two kids and was living a happy life. His wife left him for another man and took the two kids with her.

Mr. X  is forced to pay Rs. 6,000  = $60 in child support/monthly.  Mr. X is a chai wala (sells tea), and he earns less than $60/month as it is. Not only does he have no money left for his basic expenses such as food and water at the end of the month, he is being forced to pay an incredible amount for a situation that is not his fault. Additionally, he cannot even earn $60/month during Ramadan as everyone is fasting and chai business is down. He is currently living on donations. But how long can he live like this?  

We want to raise money to get Mr. X a lawyer that will represent him and his case. It is unfair that he has to pay child support from money he does not have. It is also unfair that child support is misused in a case where he wasn’t the party that forced an end to the marriage. #helpMrX

THREE: Medical Illnesses
A lot of villagers I met had health issues but they are unable to afford medical visits, medications and surgeries. This part of the fund will go towards anyone that may need basic or advanced medical help. So far, an elderly lady needs Cataract Surgery; we will be trying to cover her costs. Otherwise any medications that can be purchased especially blood sugar control, topical anesthetics, and antibiotics will given.

Thank you for taking out the time to read this message. Please pass the word along!

“Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.”

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Aman Fatima 
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