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Where to begin.... 

Back in August of 2015, Jack had brain surgery. There were 3 benign tumors. One of which was very large and operable, though it was wrapped around an artery in his brain. The surgeons thought they could do artery bypass and totally remove the tumor, however that wasn't the case. They got all but a sliver - this meant Jack had to undergo radiation. This would last for 6 weeks, 5 days a week once he was healed and back on his feet from the major operation. Jack was very blessed during his time off to recoup... his co-workers donated PTO days so he would not miss a paycheck! God is so good! 

Radiation started, and Jack still didn't have to miss work. He was able to work in the treatments into his schedule. However, he didn't take so kindly to the treatments so he had to go on large doses of medication just to get him through the therapy. 

Then things started to get hairy... Jack started swelling. Like, really swelling. He got strange infections... a nose infection! Who would have thought. So his face even started swelling. Specialist after specialist... and no blood work! 

Then, his legs started getting really nasty looking - aside from just the swelling. Jack could not even walk and was missing work. Finally, he woke up and could not get out of bed from the severe pain. So the EMTs came and transported Jack to the hospital. His legs were very badly infected and were being treated as 3rd degree burns. His platelets were dangerously low and his sugar dangerously high. We believe this is a side effect from all the medications he was given for radiation, swelling, infection, etc... So Jack was hospitalized for a few days and sent home bandaged up. 

After a few days at home, he went back in. His legs were looking really scary. They needed to operate - but his platelets wouldn't allow for it. So we waited... and got platelets.... and waited... and so on and so forth. Finally they were able to operate and remove most of the infection but not all of it - because of his platelets. Sigh. 

During his pre-op routine his heart was checked... guess what? Tumor!!! Once Jack's legs get healed he would require open heart surgery... just one little problem. Those platelet levels! Can we catch a break? This is discouraging, and Jack certainly was down in the dumps. They are thinking the heart tumor could be causing the platelet levels to be so low... but we can't fix that because of the platelet levels. A very nasty, and circular problem to have. 

Now we are several weeks into this whole mess and there was a scan done – but by the Lord’s good grace it was done a little too high!  By that I mean … they accidentally started too high when they were checking his legs.  This enabled them to get a glimpse of something scary – the bottom of his lungs which showed a few spots, so they decided to do a full scan of the lungs/chest and that showed more spots and so a biopsy must be done, but of course they are waiting for his platelets to raise because this biopsy must be done under anesthesia. So again we wait!

So here we are. In limbo. Waiting for biopsies and plans, trusting that God is in control and will bring the best for Jack. One more little problem - Jack is missing work. Lots of work. So things are going to start getting a little tight, and he is worried. He keeps apologizing, and stressing about bills. That's why we are writing this today. Can you help relieve that stress by pitching in $5, $10, $50 + dollars? It would be so humbling and such a blessing. If you can't donate please pray, or send a card. Jack needs all the support he can get... not just monetary. Let's join and pray that God's will be done. We know that all things work together for good for those who serve the Lord. Jack is depending on that, more than you know, because he wants to stay around for a lot longer to see his 5 grandchildren grow up!

We have to keep peace. We have to accept what the Bible tells us - all though it might be hard in times like this. Please pray that Jack and his family would accept God's peace through this tough time. Everyone is scared and uncertain. So if you can help by donating, great! Prayer, even better! Emotional support, super! It will all be appreciated more than you know.
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