Our Local Hero Needs your help!

Saturday, June 24th we were having a 47th birthday gathering for our Jenni.
During the course of the evening our dear friend Jeannine pointed out that her eyes looked "yellow", after much insistance we convinced her to go to the urgent care on Sunday where they confrimed that she had billirubin spilling in her urine and they referred us to the lab for blood tests. Monday, June 26th we visited the local clinic and the PA ordered a battery of tests and we waited, on Wednesday, June 28th the results came back that her liver enzymes were elevated and that they wanted to perform a liver ultrasound. That was not going to happen until the following week and that was just not soon enough for us so we convinced her to visit the Urgent Care at Goleta Cottage Hospital. The physician ordered an ultra sound and soon after he advised us that he was admitting her and that her gallbladder needed to be removed. So off to Cottage Hospital Downtown she went. On Thursday morning the resident doctor at Cottage said he was not convinced the problem was her gallbladder and called for more tests and a CT scan. The scan was performed on that day and we waited the afternoon for the results in expectation of a blocked duct and an easy gallbladder removal and home again jiggity jig....That was not the case.
With further examination of the CT scan a Mediastinal Tumor was discovered in her chest.
A CT guided needle biopsy was ordered and off she went again. The team of doctors and surgeons were stumpped as to the cause of the liver problems and elected to have the gallbladder removed as precauction on Friday mid-day. They performed a liver biopsy while they were in there to see if that would bring more answers. 
Jenni was release to go home on Sunday and await the test results and biopsy results this week. So we went home and we waited. 
Today, July 6th we recieved some good news, the chest mass is benign, but it has to come out. Jenni is special, we all know this and this mass is making her all the more so. She is,  according to Doctor Bentley and other information one of 7, that's right 7 documented cases ever, where this Thymoma Tumor which is 14 cm in size is causing an auto-immune situation in her body and thus her body is attacking the liver, making her sick and if not removed even more so. 
This is where we need help. Jenni has no medical insurance, she does not qualify for state funded programs and she cannot obtain insurance through Covered CA and all that business because she does not meet the guidelines for enrollment during a closed enrollement period.
We are working on a solution now and are hopeful that by August she will be covered but there are expenses between now and then and we need help! 
We need to pay for follow up appointments, more labs and other expenses that are a little out of reach at the moment.  Todd and the family will be holding down the fort as best we are able but things are going to be hard and expensive. We could use your help, a little, a lot and anything in between. 
If you know Jenni, you know who and what she is, a warrior for those with no voice, the hardest working mo' fo' this side of the Mississippi, a friend and confidant, the one  that never says no, the girl that always stays behind to help or is the first one to volunteer to do what she can.  She is soft, kind, understanding and the most magnificient person that I know. She is a pillar of strength when things get tough and is amazing under pressure, but she is scared and needs us now more than ever! She needs us to take care of her, Todd and the babes and make sure that while she is concentrating on the road ahead that things don't fall apart. 
The world is a better place because she is here, we are better people because of her,  and she never ever asks for help. So I am asking for her!
Please consider helping Jenni, Todd and the babes in their time of need. 
The surgery will happen soon, we visit with the cardiothoracic surgeon again on Wednesday, July 12th  and will have a better idea of how soon, and what the process with be and what we can all expect.
The road to recovery will be long and hard, but we can and will get through it like we do everything else, together as a family built on blood and the choosen ones. 
Thank you for reading this and thank you for your kindness, generosity and love. It means more than you will ever know.

Kristi (AKA Sissy)
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