Help She’s Got Claws to keep making music.

The music production computer in my studio, which has served me well for many years has shut down.  Now I’ve lost my Music Production and my working studio is now closed until I can buy a replacement. 

Without my computer, which is used purely for music production and She’s Got Claws music promotion, I’m unable to continue with making music.  She’s Got Claws is temporarily out of business, until this problem is solved.  

This is where I need your help.  

This is breaking my heart.   For the past ten years I have worked so hard to build up a strong following for She’s Got Claws.  I write electronic based songs, in an industry where women often find a male dominated place so challenging and to be taken seriously.  I’m a female artist who produces, programs, engineers and masters album releases.  I am in desperate need.  

When you donate, you’re investing into an artists future. 

Funds are very tight, every penny I make from my music is used for living costs, music is how I make a living.  However this money won't stretch to a new computer which can take the stresses of huge music production files and video making.  

I am really struggling and I’ve exhausted all other avenues to help me raise the funds.  

As a thank you for your donation … 

when you donate £10 or over you are invited to the first ever live online performance with myself on keys/vocals and Chris on bass (from my previous band).  
The date for this performance will be announced soon and you will receive a personal invitation by email.  

If you donate £30 or more, you will receive a personal invitation to watch us soundcheck and we can chat to you personally before the gig.  
I have added in my updates photos of the computer which I need. 
This iMac has a much larger screen (24" compared to my 13.5" screen laptop) to also ease the problem of not being able to see everything performing on the screen as I record and arrange, plus it can deal with the stresses of large files and large musical arrangements.  

Thank you for reading this. I hope you can help me, so I can keep writing more albums for your enjoyment.

Micci - Songwriter, programmer, arranger, engineer & producer for She's Got Claws - 


Debut Album 2012 (She's Got Claws)
Christmas Single (2013)
Synthetic Emotion EP (2015)
Euro Electronic 1 Album (2016)
War Torn album (2017)
Armchair Generals - AA side (2017)
War Torn Demos (2018)
Synthetic Emotion Rewired (2018)
Doppelgänger album (2020)
Doppelgänger Demos album (2020)
Remastered Debut Album & Bonus Tracks (Summer 2021)

To be completed ...

Christmas Single - in the making for December 2021 - cancelled until further notice 

9 Lives - Remix album - 2022
Fractured EP - 2022
Euro Electronic1 - Re-released & remastered - 2022 (originally on Electronic Music Library - Publishing Company)

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    • £50 
    • 6 mos
  • Anonymous 
    • £40 
    • 7 mos
  • Nigel Lee 
    • £110 
    • 9 mos
  • Timo Jalkanen 
    • £40 
    • 9 mos
  • Phil Dobbing 
    • £30 
    • 9 mos
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Micci Lou 
Hull, UK