Helping Duncan with chemotherapy

ATTENTION: If you share this please make sure Duncan cannot see it as he does not know about this and we’re trying to keep it a surprise.

Many of us have a truly amazing friend named Duncan. He is creative, smart, caring, and makes the world a better place. He also has a wonderful daughter called Logan who he takes care of, as a stay at home parent.
You might not know this, but he has also been battling cancer for a long time.

He is a survivor, but with this kind of cancer it keeps coming back. Each time it comes back it drags with it heartache and stress for his family, as well as a huge financial burden. 

The fortunate thing is that this cancer normally goes into remission for a number of years before coming back. Unfortunately this time it has returned quicker and more aggressively than ever.

Duncan's treatments are partially covered by his insurance, but there are many costs that come straight from his savings. While he tries to build up enough money to cover costs between treatments, this time the cancer has returned within a year of the last treatment. This has put unexpected financial strain on him and his family. 

I am doing this because I want to surprise him and show him how much people really do care about him.  Let’s try and make this time as easy for him, his partner and his wonderful little girl Logan as possible.
A show of support can go a long way. Even if 100 people donated $1 I think it would mean the world to him and his family.

If we hit our goal every single person who has donated can come and get a free Tamara hug or high five on request. Because you are awesome.

If you cannot put in anything please take the time to share this as it can help a lot. Just remeber to block Duncan from being able to see it.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

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