Help David See Again!

Dear Friends and Family,

Those of you that know David, know that he is one of the most selfless people on the planet.  He would literally do ANYTHING for his family and friends, and would give a complete stranger the shirt off of his back.  As many of you also know, he is blind, and has been without vision for nearly 30 years.  Even after the hell that David has been through, associated with going blind, this man still manages to always keep other peoples spirits up, through his humor and positive attitude.  His most famous words of wisdom have always been "keep the faith".  He has never complained of his own woes, but always helped others through theirs.  

During his annual 2 month visit with his grandson's in Florida, David was presented with a miraculous opportunity to take part in a program, in which computerized glasses could make it possible for him to see again.  After being evaluated by physicians for the program, it was established that he was a perfect candidate for this technology.  Please clink the below link for info on the program.

David went for a test demonstration of these "glasses" on February 13th.  He was able to see for the first time in 30 years!!  He was still in shock during the test demo.  But, after we left the demo... it all sunk in. He was completely overwheled. It was a very emotional day for him.  Imagine the feeling of seeing again after all that time?  Here is a short video from the actual test demo.

Unfortunately, this technology comes at a hefty cost, which is not covered by any insurance, or UK National Health.  The glasses, along with the supplemental support program, has a cost of $12,000 (usd).  Because of David's disability, and the inibility to work, he is on an extremely tight budget.  There is no way he could ever afford to pay for this miracle technology on his own. 

It takes a couple of weeks for the brain to become fully accustomed to the glasses.  So, David will begin a two week, in home, trial period, at home with us in Florida.  He will receive a pair of these glasses, learn to navigate the technology, and receive training from a specialist.  At the end of those two weeks, he will be given an option of purchasing the glasses, or sending them back. 

Even after finding out the cost, and knowing he couldn't afford to keep them when the trial was over, David still wanted to take part in the in-home trial period, so that he could experience the joy of seeing again, even if just for two weeks.  Among many other things, he wanted to see his grandchildren's faces for the first time, go to their soccer and basketball games and watch them proudly.  Something he hasn't ever been able to do, which is very important to him. 

David is also a very, very, proud man, who would never ask for finacial help, or any help, from anyone.  He is a GIVER not a TAKER.

So, we decided to take the wheel, and create this Go Fund Me page, so we could try to give back to him, for all he has done for everyone over the years and give David the gift of sight.  He would then be able to take these miracle glasses back home to Folkestone, UK, and see the rest of his family and friends....some of them, for the first time.  He would be able to enjoy the rest of his life, with the precious ability to see it unfold....which is something we all take for granted.

We are on a tight timeline for raising these funds, as we really only have two weeks to make it happen.

We ask that you contribute what you can, no matter how small.  Every penny counts. Even the smallest financial gesture, has the potential to completely change his life. 

Let's work together and make this happen!!!!
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