Acute Kidney Failure Treatment

Hi, this fund is to help Shiba the Pitt in her recovery treatments for acute kidney failure in the ICU at Canada West Veterinary Specialist Hospital. Her story follows....

 My active self

Hi, my name is Shiba. I'm a female pittie trying to change the perception of pitbulls through my love and images on Instagram. I just turned 9 on June 8. Things were going great until last Wednesday when I started coming down with a fever. I tried to keep my left rear leg straight for abit too and refused to go for my daily walk on Thursday morning.

After my owner came back from work Thursday, he noticed that I didn't get up from my couch to greet him at the door (I've never missed a day). I also didn't eat my special "watch the house" treat after he left for work.

He sensed something was wrong and rushed me to the vet that night. The vet suspected I might have Leptospirosis and prescribed some antibiotics and a follow up visit the next morning.

The fever was still there the next morning and now I had more difficulty walking. I had to be carried into the vets office and then I was admitted overnight for a few days.

The next few days over the weekend my paws started swelling and the fluid started building up in my body. My fever rose to 41 Celsius. The blood tests started to indicate that my Kidneys were beginning to shut down. Leptospirosis was suspected as causing the kidney shutdown but the test results had not been received yet.

On Monday morning my owner received the dreaded phone call at work that my health had deteriorated drastically. My chest was beginning to accumulate fluid, I had a wet cough, all four paws were now swollen and the blood test results were very bad. The vet said he should come to see me immediately.

I was surrounded by my family as the vet was ready to proceed with euthanasia. My parents asked if there were any alternative options for treatment to save me.

The only other option given by the vet was to see if I was a candidate for a very expensive dialysis treatment at a specialist hospital, Canada West, an hour away.

With a glimpse of hope, my owner rushed me to Canada West where they admitted me right away. Over the last few days, I've been treated with deuretics and have had my fluid build up in my body manually drained. I had a catheter attached to monitor my urine levels.

 In the ICU

My body has responded to the deuretic treatment and I have so far avoided to have to undergo dialysis. The right side of my heart is enlarged and am waiting to be examined by a cardiologist next week to see if I have an underlying heart disease issue.

Unfortunately, we don't have any pet insurance and further hospitilization and treatment is needed . The ER vet has been wonderful and is helping to keep the treatment costs down by using oral medication rather than injections but we've incurred a very large bill to give me a second chance. Thank You for your help by sharing this story or donating any amount that you are able to afford.

Much Love ❤️ -Shiba the Pitt and family
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