Help with Debbie’s Memorial

 We started a Go Fund Me to be able to afford a memorial since we did have two deaths back to back and neither of them had life insurance. As for Debbie, we were under the understanding she did however have the cemetery taken care of up until she was fighting for her life. One of her family members showed up to the hospital and ripped that from underneath her and even went as far as to tell my mom she may only have ten minutes left and she better say her goodbyes before they come in put her in a bag and take her to the incinerator. As long as I’ve been in Debbie’s life she always told me she had a place with her parents and sister. Unfortunately her family decided to use it in another way. She never wanted to be cremated but her family made that decision as well so they covered that and acted like they were doing us a favor. I’m gonna use the word family loosely though because in the 30 plus years I’ve known Debbie they were around little to not at all. My mom is who cared for Debbie right up until the end, I was who helped her. We provided for Debbie with everything, no questions asked because she was our family. Now as we are trying to honor her we are still facing incredible ignorance. We posted a tribute to Debbie with the help of the funeral home but the funeral home was called and told to take it down by her “family” because they didn’t like it or approve it and they don’t like the Go Fund Me account. We want to have a memorial for her and have a place for those of us who loved her to get together and celebrate Debbie’s life, she had many friends and her family here who loved her! 


Kelly Meadors
Cincinnati, OH

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