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Our Story

Fun Fact! My wife and I have been together for 14 years and counting. We met in the 2nd grade and I won't let this go until my dying days. I told the young apple-of- my-eye that she was going to marry me someday and she told me to leave her alone, as she finished her juicy juice and applesauce.

Fast forward 2 kids later, a sprinkle of student loan debt and a near-death experience and we are not only still together but CEO's and Co-founders of the first-ever (Vegan Soul Food) Restaurant located in Columbus, OH.

We've never shared our story before because it sounds like it comes right out of a fairytale but, trust me when I tell you that when you know you've found love, hold on tight because tomorrow is not promised to you, me, or anyone else.

Our Business

We launched (Where It All Vegan LLC) with hope and a prayer on 9/28/19, The Birthdate of my late grandmother Dorothy. She inspired me so much in my youth and taught me that in order to be a man, you must always Respect, Protect, and Never Neglect those that matter to you most. Family!

Our Goal: To inspire others to eat healthier without sacrificing the foods you know and love. We are 100% Plant-based and cook Vegan Soul-Food to encourage families to sit down again at the dinner table like the good old days and enjoy a meal together!

Our Efforts

We believe that no-one regardless of class, status, gender, age, or ethnicity should go hungry in this country. This is why after each event, we hand deliver meals all over the city to the homeless and less fortunate. We have plans of starting a Non-Profit to further help push the good cause along in the near future. 

So Why Did We Need Your Help?

The year 2020 was plagued with uncertainty and a virus that forced us to learn how to love our loved ones from afar. Because of COVID-19, I lost my job in March 2020 and didn't receive unemployment for nearly 12 weeks. 

With two little ones and my wife still working from home, we had no choice but to take a penalty and pull out our 401k. With this, we did the unthinkable. We purchased a Food Trailer to expand our business. We generated nearly 30k, operating just 2 days a week during a pandemic. 

What we didn't know is that after just 1 year of business, we would be securing our very first ever Store-front location. As a minority-owned business, we didn't receive a single dollar from the first stimulus and were left to fend for ourselves and told to wait for the second round of funding.

Research suggests that nearly 9/10 restaurants fail in their first year, but we proved that we were not going to be just another statistic. We proved that no matter what, as long as we got each other, we will always be okay.

Pictured Below is The building we leased. It is the old Red Velvet Cafe which is located in the heart of downtown at 246 S. 4th St. Columbus, OH 43215. Sadly, we lost this building after falling on hard times and we couldn't come to a mutual agreement with the landlord. 

Traditional banks and lenders refused to lend to us because we had an unconventional business model.

Well, as you can see we have kept hopes and prayers alive and have since shifted our business from the storefront to a Food Truck.

My grandmother Dorothy used to always say that if you want something you have to work for it. I graduated Highschool in just two years and attained my first college degree, while still in high school. I am a living testament that hard work does in fact pay off but also a witness that no King or Queen has ever risen to power on their own.  

We Appreciate The Help.  To those who donated, and those who shared our story to try and help us make history, we are forever grateful. Although this isn't the way we had pictured, Where It All Vegan survived a Pandemic, Racism and so much more because of your kindness and support. We are OFFICIALLY BACK IN BUSINESS and if you'd like to still donate to help us expand and grow our operation, we will leave our Go-FundMe link active for the time being. I want to close by saying that we appreciate each and every one of you and to never forget:

"Where There is Hope, There is Life!" 
-Anne Frank

Where To Find Us Now!!

505 Morrison Rd. Gahanna Oh 43230

Thursdays from 5 - 9 PM

Sundays from 1 - 7 PM

Our Social Media Links

- Website:
-Instagram: @WhereItAllVegan
-Facebook: @TheMeatIsSilent (Where It All Vegan)

(Follow Us and Watch as we grow together and help our community by providing resources on Food, Health, and Wellness) #Vegan4TheCulture #Vegan4TheAnimals  #OnMomma

Peace. Love & Prosperity!!

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