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We are raising $300,000 for the costs for
1) several Disabled, QTBIPOC members to transition to living on the land
2) to convert the garage into living space for them and for folks coming to the space in the future
3) to build at least one new housing structure for other Crip, Mad and Sick, QTBIPOC
4) and to pay off the mortgage on the house and land to ensure the safety of everyone on the land forever!

We are building toward:
1) offering in person, crisis respite care for LGBTQIA2S+ and QTBIPOC babes
2) short and long term housing
3) retreats for Disabled BIPOC and SWers
4) food shares
5) and emergency funds for community members


We are the Tender Fruits Collective and Land Project. We are currently located on unceded Nulhegan Abanaki land, also known as colonized Vermont.

This land project is a Disability and accessibility centered space for Queer, Trans, Sick and Disabled, Survivors to heal, grow and learn in a space made for and by Disabled babes, for our collective care.

We are Sick, Mad and slow. We move on crip time because our amazingly brilliant bodyminds demand it. Even when the Ableist world doesn’t respect it. We prioritize slowness.

We are multiracial, multi-state, multi-national babes invoking Queered and Cripped Ancestry and learning, while being committed to Land Back, land rematriation and Indigenous Sovereignty.
Our Ancestors were artists, healers, hearers and seers.
Our Ancestors were Queer and Trans as in transmuting rage into tangible love by fighting to be who they were. Our Ancestors are Sick and Disabled weavers of intricate and beautiful networks of care.
Our Ancestors were medicine makers and earth beings, stewarding relationships with our other than human kin.
Our Ancestors are fungi who make life from decay and seeds who root new possibilities of freedom.
Some of our Ancestors were colonizers and hard-doers. Some of our Ancestors were colonized peoples and Survivors. Many of us hold both trauma lineages simultaneously.
This is why we feel called to support the ongoing Land Back, land rematriation, and Lifeways Back work of the living Indigenous people of the land we steward.

We are not a non profit. We are a grassroots collective of Mad, cripples. We are an underground network of Queer, Crip mycelium.
In a world under Capitalist consumption, the money we mobilize in order to do movement work is just as political as the work it’s self. This means we collectively fund from community through mutual aid so that we don’t need to rely on government or state funding, or corporations with interests that don’t align with our work and purpose.
And, in fact, as Queer, Trans, Neurodiverdent, Mad, Sick and Disabled people we know that our ability to do the work we do and to protect ourselves and our communities is dependent on our autonomy away from state sanctioned prisons/institutions, surveillance requirements in exchange for funding and abled care.

We are survivors who understand that systems and institutions were not made for our healing, but our incarceration and eradication. We provide alternatives to systemic services. Our services are peer led, and build around your autonomy. This means that we never report to police, social workers or psychiatric wards, and the care we provide is in collaboration with you, your needs and your unique healing journey.

We are low and no income babes committed to creating abundance in our communities through mutual aid, reparations and reciprocity.


We hold peer to peer support groups, virtually, multiple times a week to allow for more spaces for Mad, Sick and Disabled, Neurodiverdent, Survivors to heal collectively without State, Federal, Medical, Psychiatric or Police Intervention.

We send several care packages a month to Mad, Crip, Survivors specific to the needs of the babe receiving the package.

We steward land, farm, and make herbal medicine for our Disabled families that are seasonal, made with Crip hands, and deep deep reverence for our plant Ancestors and Mother Earth. 

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Tender Fruits Collective
[Image description: a photo of a field of bright orange hawkweed flowers among vibrant, green grass on the Tender Fruits land space]

[Image description: a photo of a basket full of yarrow leaves, pink and white clover flowers, daisy flowers, purple self heal flowers, and blue bachelor's button flowers all grown on the land.]

[Image description: a photo of a baby, paradise apple growing on the tree. One of many apple trees on the Tender Fruits land]
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Tender Fruits Collective 
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