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Hi! My name is Nick Runyeard, and I operate the website 8FLiX.
8FLiX makes available thousands of professionally written movie screenplays and TV scripts, free of charge, for everyone! We've been in operation since February 2018 and we're continually adding scripts to the database. There is only one "employee" of 8FLiX: me. I don't draw a salary, and I have no immediate plans to "pay myself." Writers and fans alike come to 8FLiX to read and download our product. About half of 8FLiX's visitors are fans of a particular TV show or movie. The other half of 8FLiX's visitors are writers.
I'm a writer, and I've worked in the entertainment industry for more than 30 years. I learned how to write scripts and screenplays by reading other screenwriters' work. As a young filmmaker, I had many questions about formatting and storytelling. Formal training and schooling were unaffordable, so I did the next best thing: research. I read and studied every screenplay I could find; not an easy task in the 1980s! The education I was granted from my study was invaluable. As I progressed through my career, I understood that I wasn't the only one to be "educated" in this manner. At 8FLiX, screenplays and teleplays can be accessed and downloaded free of charge. No matter where a writer is in their career, education is a lifelong experience.
And let's not forget movie and TV fans. They can follow their show or movie from script to screen. Also, something unexpected that I learned from operating 8FLiX: a fan's commitment to recite every-single-spoken-word from their show. At 8FLiX, we help make that possible through our free access to show and series transcripts and screenplays/teleplays.
We also take requests! If one is looking for a specific screenplay or script, I'll find it and add it to the database. I have a personal stock of more than 5000 screenplays. Eventually, each one will be uploaded to the 8FLiX database.
The tools needed to operate the 8FLiX website are costly. Server space and applicable subscriptions run close to $4,000 per year. Advertising revenue covers only a small portion of expenses. Also, if we meet our fundraising goal, I can reduce the number of ads per page. This planned reduction of ads will make for a cleaner, faster, and more enjoyable experience for visitors.
Gifts or giveaways are not being offered in exchange for your donation.

Life is expensive. If you cannot donate, don't sweat it. I appreciate your consideration thus far.