Help Tolu Ojutiku Save His Kidneys.

Help my Friend Tolu Ojutiku Fight His Kidney Battle.

I spoke with him about three and a half weeks ago. Whenever we get to speak, we kick off from where we left it. He is a friend. Many people call him Tolu, some ‘Mr. T’, others ‘Mr. Tolu’. Most times, if I want to be nutty, I call him by his full name ‘Tolulope’.

Let me tell you a bit about my friend, whom many, upon reading this will be aghast. Tolu is a naturally brainy guy. There is no topic that is far-fetched for him. He is bubbly, funny and, wait for it – an EXTREMELY GENEROUS human being. He is one of a few people that I have ever met that I can label generous to a fault. Literally, he has put his life on the line for loads of people in various situations. You just need to have met him, and there he goes with his banter.

He is equally good at covering up his troubles. It is, for this reason, I am only getting to know of his serious medical predicament.

Basically, Tolu needs my help. He needs the help of his friends. He also needs your help, your compassion if my friend happens to be a complete stranger to you.

Tolu, wouldn’t tell you (yes, he is prayerful) that he is scared. Who wouldn’t be after been diagnosed with DAMAGED KIDNEYS?

Having done a lot of research, Tolu found there are incredible breakthroughs in treating Damaged Kidneys in China. Incredible stories have emerged on the alternative methods of treatments, which is already producing unbelievable and heart-warming results.

Shijiazhuang Kidney Hospital, a clinic that specialises in the treatment of Kidneys is leading the way.

There is a downside to these cutting edge treatments which aren’t available on the NHS, they are very expensive. 

Due to difficult personal circumstances and as a result of Tolu’s on-going medical treatments, he has drained his savings, almost liquidated his business as he has practically sold off all his assets in order to manage his medical condition.

This is why I have taken it upon myself to help my friend raise the funds he requires. Let me put it bluntly – this is a life or death situation. When he gets the funds, his chances of living will be extremely good. If he doesn’t get the funds, the chances become as slim as you can imagine.

You see, the reason why I am blessed is that I am able to sit back and type this financial appeal to assist Tolu with his medical bills. It is not an appeal to fund his funeral. 

Many times, we receive messages full of prayers. They are read. Some aren’t. Some reply with an ‘Amen’. Others prefer the silent ‘Amen’. This message is not a prayer, but a sincere appeal for help. Any amount you can afford to donate, any amount at all is not small. Don’t be embarrassed by the amount. It is the thought that matters. What is the smallest amount you can donate?  I plead with you to give.

Below is a brief Question and Answer segment to summarise Tolu’s medical predicament. I asked him the questions, which he responded to in his own words;

Q: What is the name of medical condition?

Tolu: Condition is called Chronic Kidney Disease caused by High Blood Pressure.

Diagnosis in England.

Tolu: It showed that kidney was functioning at 10% and was deteriorating.

Q:  Why leave England for China?

Tolu: I left for China because the China hospital was going to improve the condition by applying Chinese traditional treatment as well as repair dead cells with stem cells.

Q: What is the name of Hospital in China?

Tolu: Hospital in China is called Shijiazhuang Kidney Hospital, Shijiazhuang, Hebel province.

Q: What is the method of treatment in China?

Tolu:  Had Acupuncture and other body massages to ease off pains

Had medicine bath in a hot herbal mixture

Had herbal steam bath

Had herbal foot bath

Had herbal Osmotherapy done

Had umbilical treatment to reduce protein leakages.

All of the above treatments are aimed to help my blood circulation and cleanse off toxins.

Most of these treatments are repeated daily. 

The Second stage is the Stem Cell treatment, which has not commenced. This treatment is in three phases.

Q: What is the Cost Breakdown of Treatment in China?

Tolu: Hospitalization - $12,000

Chinese herbal treatment - $16,000

Stem cell 1 - $17,700

Stem cell 2 - $17,700

Stem cell 3 - $13,500

Total - $76,900 (£60,000)


Q: What is the ultimate goal that will be deemed a good result with China treatment?

Tolu: The ultimate goal will be as follows;

1. Re-instate a qualitative life by reducing my Utica acid level to a minimal

Reducing the Creatinine level, which was reduced from 779 to 629 after the first week of treatment.

2. To replace dead cells in my kidney so they can function at a much higher percentage, Say 45%-55%.

At one point, Tolu’s blood pressure was so high (220/120), it’s a wonder he is still alive. However, ever since he commenced his treatment in China, his blood pressure level has stabilised.

Tolu’s medical bill is £60,000.  

Yes, it is a lot, but it can be achieved.

Your ‘widow’s mite’ will count.

Every penny will count.

The Funds are needed almost immediately. So the appeal is URGENT.

His life has certainly changed. He will be on medications for some time. Tolu, however, believes he will be well even though he is putting on a brave face and fighting all the way. He vehemently believes he can be healed with the ongoing treatment as opposed to be reassured with medications that are preparing him for that which he doesn’t want (a preventable death).

The hospital is about to commence the culture of the stem for the next stage of treatment. They will need to see evidence of payment of  $17,700 before they can start. It is this critical.

Please help my friend to get back his good health

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My name is Jide Salu, and I am a close friend of Tolu Ojutiku. The funds raised will be used to help Tolu with his treatments in China and in England.

Thank you once again for your generous support.

God bless you for reading.

Kindly help spread the message on social Media platforms. You just never know what is around the corner. Tolu's situation is critical and needs urgent treatment.
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