Help to save a young mothers life with rarecancer

Poorly indifferentated synovial sarcoma

We have decided to set up this go fund me page for Stephanie Scullion to try and see if there is a cure for her cancer
Stephanie is a 35 year old mother with a beautiful 7 year old daughter Savannah
In March 2020 Stephanie was diagnosed with “Poorly indifferentated synovial sarcoma”, cancer in the lung.
The cancer tumour was raging and rapidly growing after being in the body for so long, unfortunately this resulted in it coming out of the right lung and attaching to lining of her heart.
Within the process of the diagnosis, 4 attempts of biopsy’s, one is these resulted in Stephanie’s right lung collapsing.
Fast forward to when Stephanie began to get her treatment she got 6 months of chemotherapy which nearly killed her, A 35 year old woman who would have been classed as “healthy” before this, was left with severe osteoporosis, sepsis and pneumonia from the chemotherapy , leaving her in the high dependency intensive care.
A surgery of 9 hours was then tried in December 2020 which was to try and remove the full lung, for her to then wake up and be told the lung had to be left in tact otherwise she would have died on the table.
Stephanie’s only option after this was to try radio therapy to stop her coughing up lumps of blood throughout everyday.
Palliative care are still currently working with Stephanie and the care she received from nurses etc at the beatson has been brilliant.
Stephanie’s next only option is to try chemotherapy AGAIN, this time round is to try and keep the tumour at bay and stop any growth. This will be her 3rd time having to have a central line put into her heart. Only 3 rounds of chemo will be offered and if this does not stop any growth then there will be nothing else they can try.
Stephanie has now just arrived home from hospital as she now has pericardial effusion which is a build up of blood around her heart which leaves her feeling like the she is having a heart attack every time this flares up, Stephanie received great care last night at the hospital and it was explained to her that it’s her tumour causing her heart to have a reaction and fill with fluid between the double layer around the heart.
Now you have a short insight into how much Stephanie has been through these past couple of years, we can elaborate further on what we are funding for!
Stephanie has been doing extensive research into how she can possibly save her life and began to start living her life again with Savannah.
We has came across a place in Mexico which have an outstanding success rate in curing peoples “incurable cancer”. After getting in contact with them and going through numerous consultations they have gave her the amazing news that they CAN HELP HER!! And can help her naturally! With no harmful chemicals like the chemotherapy.
As you can imagine this could be life saving treatment so unfortunately this does come with a very high cost. As a family we will be giving all we can, donating weekly and monthly try get Stephanie over there but we could use your help!
Stephanie’s little girl Savannah has been watching her mum go through all this for too long now and needs her mum to get better and can’t go through everyday of worrying if her mum is going to be okay. She needs her healthy happy mum back by her side
Stephanie would also like anyone else who is also battling with cancer to get in contact with her to find out more about this treatment and hopefully she can give them some hope!
We would like to thank anyone who has made it this far, for listening to Stephanie’s story and any donations no matter how little, big or even just a share are so appreciated!!

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