Help to get my life back

I need help to get my life sorted, I know it I alot but someone told me if just 600 people donated £100 i will reached my goal. I've been very ill for the last 5 years and need help to get back on my feet before its too late. I hope my dreams can come true before Christmas and a miracle actually happens. 
I'm a 30 year old woman and have had physical and mental disabilities all of my life. I had a very rough time growing up and my health, both mental and physical have been the things that have suffered. I have been type 1 diabetic since age seven and being in the care of a narcissistic mother who didnt give my health needs a chance. I recently obtained some documents from specialists I was involved in when I was a child. The papers have quotes from the doctors and specialists caring for me at the time, the quotes state that I was in danger when in my mothers care and that she was and I quote "a bloody liar that only caters to her own needs". 53386286_1608338928984169_r.jpeg
Due to the neglect as a child my health conditions are now a daily struggle. I have diabetic neuropathy due to the poor blood sugar control I had for years as a child and adolescent. I suffer from diabetic related complications with my eyes and my feet. I have managed and dealt with these complications very effectively in more recent years and ever since I ditched pharmaceutical medications and only used natural  plant medicines and medicinal cannabis. In fact I reversed the damage I had occurring rapidly in my kidneys. I have had nothing but persecution and judgement for using the worlds oldest medicine and the only thing that worked. Without it I was bedbound daily( I was used to being in and out of hospital being a child and teenager but this was a different illness. I couldn't eat anymore nor keep down water some days), totally immobilized with a cyclical vomiting problem and a ruptured stomach ulcer, that resulted in me bringing up bits of blood regularly, I've never been in such pain. 53386286_1608338662897955_r.jpegI tried all available pharmacutical drugs but non worked. The doctors gave the top anti sickness and it didnt stop the pain or vomiting and the side effects were awful. I went to a stomach specialist and he had no idea why I was declining so fast. I am trying to get a private prescription for medical cannabis to help those who judge me for it. A doctor that specializes in private prescriptions said I would get a prescription for my pain no dramas but I just didnt have the money. I tried carlys amnesty but have heard nothing back. My life fell apart when I was criminalised for growing my own medical cannabis and illgaly evicted. I had only 72 hours to move out and the landlord was a family friend whom I knew  for over 20 years. His name is Sean woodward and he runs fareham council, he took advantage of my dyslexia d disability and manipulated me as as he could.  Because I love the dog and down south dogs arent welcome as houses are high demand, the only available  house in the time I had to look was a house in fareham that was a slum.53386286_1608339058648889_r.jpeg53386286_1608339095411068_r.jpegwhat was horrible was I need hot showers ir baths to help the pain and forced into this,  the pain was unbearable, sean Woodward even stole my deposit, which is alot for me, hes a millionaire i dont know why he would throw me under the bus like that, I respected him like a dad. He told me to lie to gosport council to pay his rent for longer and was very rude to me when I didnt lie. He told me to get a job knowing I was bedbound alot, I vomit like this alot53386286_1608344964297148_r.jpeg53386286_1608344976766661_r.jpeg53386286_1608344986577116_r.jpeg , it still hurt me today I never asked to be disabled.  My health declined so fast. The house didnt have any electricity safety check,53386286_1608342272773802_r.jpeg the mold was everywhere and effected my health alot. The drainage didnt work and food would come up onto the shower, which I think resulting in me getting roundworm that nearly killed me53386286_160834055465704_r.jpeg. Not me nor my partner families helped us get out, my step dad was a surveyor and he had to pass my house everyday to get to and from work and not once in over 18 months he did NOT pop in once to check the house. The neighbour was crazy and punched me, I think it was the mold now thinking about it but she still punched  a disabled women in the face.53386286_1608340660739765_r.jpeg. She gave me a black eye. she made my life hell. I had to pass her house to get out to the road. 
My friend helped support us and when my dog needed two operations he gave me a loan for the veterinary bills that I still owe him today which stresses me out massively53386286_1608340746402479_r.jpeg.53386286_1608372374208886_r.jpeg Its come to around 11k for a heart and a leg operation and now my dog has lumps growing and he  needs another operation but I cant afford it53386286_1608340143946092_r.jpeg53386286_1608340177557430_r.jpeg53386286_1608340195565199_r.jpegI cant lose my dog, hes like my son. The landlord refused to do the works in the slum house I was in and I got the environmental health team involved who put work orders hazards  1 and 2 on him but never enforced them53386286_1608339382368013_r.jpeg. The landlord bribed the evironmental officers and they lifted the orders without him complying, and even passed on a 100 pound bride to me wtf. The house caught fire 3 times with no fire alarms due to extremely faulty and dangerous electrical wiring and an electrical box that was illegally wired up that plumed out red smoke when it caught fire 53386286_1608339488279707_r.jpeg53386286_1608340259635847_r.jpeghere's was the fire alarm 53386286_1608340829629575_r.jpeg here  are some burnt wires and the meter box that didnt switch off due to no RCD. We had no light for over 10 months53386286_1608342500938318_r.jpeg53386286_1608342547893408_r.jpeg53386286_1608342609847941_r.jpeg  . The mold drove us insane. Also I got an eye problems from the mold and diabetic complications. I had surgey on my eye and I was in a car crash 2 weeks after due to a friend being silly with a brand new car and was speeding and having no insurance, he lost control and took out a lamppost at 40mpg, I did think the car was going to roll as it kept spinning, I whacked my head many times, I still have whiplash and my eye never recovered53386286_1608339805516130_r.jpeg, the mib refuse to pay me for some reason. I tried to get the money up to leave myself but couldn't and fell into depression. I need some of the funding up to do some tests to pick up the mold in my system and help me begin to detox from it, I am still coughing up mold now.53386286_1608341149936323_r.jpeg53386286_1608341126537746_r.jpeg53386286_1608341092785577_r.jpeg53386286_1608340313446027_r.jpegdiabetics can die after 14 day exposure and I lived in it for over a year and a half.  After I fell extremely ill and vomited pools of blood while pregnant53386286_1608341315208137_r.jpeg53386286_1608341332106661_r.jpeg53386286_1608341347277343_r.jpeg53386286_1608341360311794_r.jpeg, scared for me and my childs life I stayed at a friends and  i abandoned the house and moved up north to get away to the next cheap house that we could afford, alot of estate agents wont call back when they know your are disabled, its degrading and embarrassing after so much rejection. The new landlord knew we were desperate and put us in another slum house with mold and fleas and rodents,53386286_1608341859713684_r.jpeg53386286_1608341868980171_r.jpeg53386286_1608341876541011_r.jpegall of these were different mice. Every week the crack dealer out front our door would have a new window smashed or some windows would of been broken down the street, It was hell I had preeclampsia and had my child early and due to my mother lying to social services my child was taken at birth also with her being so early I was rejected my maternity Grant. I was already scared of social services as they put me in the care of someone who chocked me at 5 in respite. The man Carried me down stairs by the neck . All because I refused to comes down stairs. He kept me hovered above the kitchen chair for what seem like forever as I couldnt breathe. My mum saw the bruises later that day when I went home and called the police. then I was locked in my room at night at 6 with other cares when they would have swinging parties. I had to wet myself in my room, I hated it and was so embarrassed I said I was I'll knew time and they called an ambulance out. Then at 14 a year after my step dad died I was put in the care of a man who  was heavy handed, i would have to sleep on the floor as the bed was broken and have to wash my hair in freezing water as there was never any gas to heat the house. whenever soical services are involved in my life something goes wrong.  When i gave birth this year the surgey itself was horrendous. having no baby gear, mold poisoning and the lies my mother had said. I only got to hold my baby 3 times due to covid in April and my partner has never seen her before she was taken away. the surgey was rushed and I was main lined by the neck and rushed the procedure, I'm traumatised by it still53386286_1608339964661364_r.jpeg. They promised me in hospital I could see her every week for over 3 hours then when they took her into care I've never seen her since. I feel like my child has died. I have tried to engaged with social services. But had a breakdown due to covid regulations and not seeing my child with no help from the servies  along with the house stressing me out and on top i actually had a cancer scare, i would put a picture up but it's on my nipple. Because I didnt engage due to the break down they are deeming me unfit and wont help, I have never had the chance to bond with my little miracle and it breaks me. I cant look at children or babies without getting upset. all my life I've been an out cast, I just thought I would get help so I can have a family. I've managed to move after a year long correction from a housing association communicated error and rehomed me this October, but right by a class A dealer it's not nice and I dont feel safe and want to move. I need some private therapy, private specialist for testing and explaining. I am representing myself in  court for my child and its quite overwhelming, but my daughter worth it,  but need a lawyer as I dont understand the wording. I need a retrial. After the emergency c section something went wrong and I havent had a period since. I maybe barron and need to see a doctor about it as so far they kept saying it swelling, but this pain isnt just swelling 7 months later. My wound hasn't been sawn up correctly , you can see it wrong and it hurts alot. If I can prove to the courts im not too ill and I can get help they will have to give me a chance before they give her to adoption and I never see her again. 53386286_1608373115986796_r.jpeg. Last picture I have of her sent to me,  she has only seen me  3 times and never met george. I've suffered for the last 4 year in horrific pain and only having my partner and my friend to help, I beg everyone to help. I've always dreamed of a family especially when my dad died at 13 but the mold had taken everything my sanity, my items my family, I dont know what to do, it drives you insane and I have to detox it out of my body. I've had to throw all my items away, my cars 23 years old and wont pass it mot next month,  it's even started to stop pulling away half way in a roundabout, its scares me now and try not to use the car but i am in the middle of nowhere53386286_1608341571441697_r.jpeg53386286_160834158092531_r.jpeg. where I have had a nervous breakdown I cant budget at all and feel ashamed for it.  this will be the 3 Christmas we havent a traditional Christmas, one year i made a tree, it wasn't good but it looked like a tree-ish. This year I am thinking of drawing one on the wall as I have 1 tin of paint. But a tree or gifts for each would be amazing if anyone can help.  Im 31 on January 10th and already I've lost my dad at 13 my brother who died when I was 17, been abused by my mother and now might lose my child forever due to my mother lying involvement and her narcissist traits and the situation I was in. It upsets me I might not be able to have other children. I know the judge just overlooked something, I need a lawyer to convey me correctly. I beg anyone that can help please do, I cant bare anymore pain I'm on my knees. There is so much more, like my mum seeing my child . While my partner and I being denied seeing her as they think were a risk due to mother. though my mum has driven a car though a building in 1992, it was in the news in a town called gospor, she allowed?. I wont even have a christmas to detracted myself or to spend with family or friends, no tree or lights, no  food or even one gift.  I dont even have carpets. I want to pay my friend back at least to take away the stress thats keeping me up at night. Hes 70 and used to go on holiday every year but because he helped me hes havent Been on holiday for 3 years,  if he died before I've paid him back I'll never forgive myself.  can you please help me this Christmas and make a miracle happen, it make me sad I dont have a tree or even a present for my partner nor my dogs. We asked all our family but none of them want to help even though they could and quite easily. I am now relying on the help from strangers to make my dreams came true, I was sleeping on the floor of my new home for 8 weeks due to throwing everything away to mold, the local church helped us after 8 weeks of sleeping on floor 8 weeks  I have bruises on my hips and washing our clothes in the bath, having no cooker and getting food poisoning, having no sofa and sitting the floor, having no tv or anything. This wasn't help our mental state. only last week have we got this stuff like a bed. I know ive got what it takes, with help to be a great mother if only given the chance and a little help. I could not of suffered all of that for nothing and lose my only child. If you cant donate even a penny as it helps please pass this on. the more the shares the more people it reaches, the closes I am to my goals and dreams
Many thanks for your time.

The money I need is for 
25k for the loan I borrowed off my friend
The private medical prescription I need for my medicine 2k
Mold testing 1.5k
Everything we lost to the mold, replacement items 5k
Therapy/counselling 4.5k
Help with court fees 5k
Help with car 2k
Stem cells for nerve damage and pain  7-20k
I only have 16 more day to be able to retrail at court before it's all over, time is of the essence please help if you can. 

Ps please donate to Woodhouse church in Bishop Auckland for helping me in my darkest time.  when my family wouldn't

For those who have time this is what mold does to you. You maybe affected and it gets you over time. 

 A new update this is how supportive my mother is. I lost my child 5 days ago and havent seen her since April uploaded_image all my life shes been like this to me. 
uploaded_image please help. I need to get away from people like this, I had enough.  this is coming from a woman whi an alcoholic and  a woman who used to steal my Ritalin for herself because she wanted to be skinny.  Why do you think ritalin controlled now, it's due to people like her. 


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Francesca Bannon 
Coundon, North East England, United Kingdom
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