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Help the Rand family get our lives back

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My family (mom, sister) and I have fallen on hard times.  

My sister was laid off from her job of over 5 years, in July, 2018, and we also got evicted from a subletting living situation in August, 2018.

We lost our main source of income, as well as our residence, almost simultaneously.

My mom receives a social security check, but it is not enough for even 1 person to live off of, let alone the 3 of us.

My sister has gone on countless interviews, but has yet to land a new job.

We were sustaining ourselves in a motel for almost 6 months, but we eventually drained all of our resources, maxing out credit cards, and depleting savings.

Most family members have ignored our pleas for help.

We don't have many friends either.

Most of the people we know either are willing, but not able to help us, or able, but not willing to help us.

When you have no human resources, and your own resources have been depleted, it leads to our current situation.

We need help getting back on our feet.

The help we've received, thus far, has gotten us some nights inside the motel, but we need a permanent solution for our lives.

We need a new place to live.

It is very difficult to even function as a "normal" human being, when you don't even have the basics, that most of us probably take for granted on a daily basis.

When on the streets, we are sleep deprived, because we have no beds to sleep in, and we have to keep our eyes open for any dangerous element that could come our way.

Our legs swell up, because we attempt to sleep (but never really sleep deeply) sitting upright, and this disrupts proper blood circulation.

We have no access to showers to even feel clean, and public restrooms are increasingly discouraging of people attempting "bird baths", so most have removed hot water, mirrors, and paper towels, from their restrooms.

The restroom is an entire situation in and of itself, as it is difficult to find restrooms that will allow you to use them, when you are not a paying customer.

Not having access to a bathroom any time we need one is an issue beyond words, as our natural bodily functions continue, no matter what circumstance we find ourselves in.

We also cannot charge our communication devices (laptops & phones) when we're outdoors, because everything is shut down because of this pandemic, so we lose our ability to contact, and BE contacted, by anyone, and feel even more disconnected from normalcy.

When we are inside of the motel, we are constantly stressed out, worrying about how to sustain being indoors.

When we are outside on the streets, we constantly worry about how to get back indoors, where it is dry and safe.

Outside on the streets, we are constantly exposed to the "elements", which are the weather/climate (rain, extreme wind, so we're always cold, even when the sun is out).  Our natural body temperatures are never regulated properly.  Hence, always being "bundled up" in heavy coats, to try to get warm.

We also have not been able to eat properly either, which depletes more of our energy.

Also, we have to constantly move our possessions, and change locations, as we are constantly being told to get out of locations where we "station" ourselves, so this is also a constant stress.

It's hard enough to deal with being at rock bottom in and of itself, but when u add the constant harassment, whether it's the police telling us to vacate a park because someone complained about us "camping out", or a business owner telling us to move away, it just exacerbates our trauma tenfold.

We need help getting into a new place to live, and we need some recovery time, where we don't have to constantly worry about coming up with the room fee in the motel.

It's very difficult to even function normally, let alone get back on our feet, when we're at rock bottom, with no resources, and no one who is both willing and able to help us get "back 2 life".

We just want our lives back.

My sister does administrative work, and wants a new opportunity to be able to support herself again.

I'm an artistic spirit, and I compose smooth instrumental music, as well as I'm very gifted at doing numerology and astrology.

I also seek new opportunities for my talents to shine, and to make a good living from them as well.

We just need some helping hands.

I know there will be move in costs, food costs, new clothes (wardrobe for a job for my sister), etc.

All of the organizations that people suggest, that we have also researched ourselves, and had personal dealings with, don't get you housing.

Basically, I've discovered that the "system" is set up to help mainly single mothers with young children (especially children with special conditions, like autism, etc.), battered women, and people who are either mentally ill, or have some type of medical condition, or are disabled in some type of way.

Everyone else is pretty much on their own.

We want to feel human again.

We are not the stereotype that many think of, when they think of homeless people.

We are not mentally ill, nor on any type of drugs.

We are just a loving family, and we have simply fallen on hard times, which could happen to any of us, at any given time.

We're simply asking for love and support, from those who are both willing and able.

We need your financial support RIGHT NOW!

Please help us get "back 2 life".

Thank you so much.


Charles La Vett Rand

Organizer and beneficiary

Charles Rand
Los Angeles, CA
Melinda Rand

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