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I am Emiliano Vittoriosi (Curator and Editor in Chief of BEEX project, Creative Director and Photographer. )
My whole life is completely dedicated to the world of art and communication. I've always felt I had to give strength to unheard voices, discover the infinite points of communication of others, understand humanity and support the hidden messages in the world of visual arts.
Over the last 10 years I have dedicated myself to supporting artists of all kinds, first with music, then with writing and finally today with photography and independent publishing. In the past I would have liked to know someone who supported my creative work, my mother and father have always supported my work, from them I learned and took the idea of total support to the next level.
In this age where image is a constant part of our world, there is an absolute need to understand it. And that is how this project was born. Photography today is easy. After all, if you take a lot of pictures, sooner or later you will find a good one. The real essence of photography today is what we show, how we show it and why we decide to show it.
Far too many of these stories are not told, but rather they are flooded with constant uploads on social media, and everything that acquires value is nothing more than pure aesthetics of non-return. Instead, there are likes and comments without a shred of meaning, in an eternal constant zapping.
BEEX project is born in late 2020, a project that started in 2019 during the first pandemic as Kaktuszine and then transformed in 2020 into BerlinExplorer.
We were born to be a NO PROFIT project and we want to stay that way, our funds although few, allow us to pay the possible expenses to get by. But it would help if we could do much more.
Everything we do creates opportunities that we would like others to benefit from.

Therefore, as part of this project, the podcast 15 Minutes of Experience was also born, with the aim of telling and giving voice to the people who use this medium every day. It doesn't matter if they are professionals or amateurs, if they are photographers or simple lovers of images.
15 Minutes of experience, is a format designed for those who really want to explore a single, unique point of view in the photographer's experience. Photographers today are the ones who hold the value of the stories and experiences of humanity, much more than someone who only shows images. In this podcast we talk with Photographers, Models, Editors, Curators, Galleries and every person is part of this unlimited world of images and sense, we discuss about point of view, style and connection with meaningful experiences.
To date, more than 100 podcasts have been recorded, but a real goal would be to continue this project and increase the number of listeners, and especially the number of guests, among which there are also a number of ideas in making special podcasts group, take into account certain topics to be introduced and discuss about it.
Obviously this comes with expenses, of time and money. To continue recording podcasts every day, without suffering the expense, you need everyone's support. These podcasts are free and available on all platforms. I am mindful of the curation of each podcast, their image, sharing episodes every week and analyzing others' work to continue our collaborative relationship.
If there were the ability to collect more donations and reduce most expenses we could produce many episodes of value and more research and promotion, but also production of meaning and value for anyone willing to share their stories and experiences.
The funds raised here will be used to pay for rent, internet, the premium zoom plan, software expenses to make the graphics, and possible extra expenses throughout the year.
I calculated the possible expenses during a whole year this should allow the project to grow and make it more accessible to everyone.
I will personally thank all the people who support the project on our website, social platforms and the podcast itself.

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Jagoda Cierniak, Sootz Photo, Vincent Migrenne, Sarah Fuchs, Lenaig Chatel, Subhashis Halder, Guillermo Espinosa, Muchen Dong, Christian Heidebur, Marina Monaco, Adrian André, Andrew Gladkij, Laura Stanciu, Ketty Domesi, Wojtek Chrubasik, Esmam La Crowned, Craig Mammano, Massimiliano Marsiglietti, Ariya Karatas, Franziska Ostermann, Nemanja Ledenski, Loreal Prystaj, Gabi Mosquera, Tim Semega, Pranay Agrawal, King Koala Press, Niko Nevalainen, Nika Ilic, Alex Nevelychko, Lukman Fahry, Lorenzo Boffa, Quinn Balazs, Mario Pais, Jake Varley, Simone Carresi, Linda Hacker, Nicolò Montis, Emil Lombardo, Yahya Haryanto, Angelo Del Negro, Felipe Pacheco, Rafael Ferro, Alberto Moura, Giorgos Aretis, Sofia Lasquerre, Claudio Hetzel, Igor Volkov, Bob Greco, Pearl Rapalje, Boris Eldagsen, Suresh Naganathan, Joe Welbes, Sean Niu, Rodrigo Coscarelli, Alessandro Meloni, Lars Bauwens, Hyun De Grande, Francesca Hummler, Massimiliano Landi, Valiamoci Paella, Rafael Garuda, Nefertari, Enrique Medina Bravo, Mario Battaglia, Christopher Trotchie, Lao Xie Mie, Vanessa Gonzalez, Jessika King, Eleonora Di Folco, Daniel Pinto, Gianluca Mortarotti, Saurav Das, Ana Maria Hinkov, Alessandro Pavone, Karen Rohee, Mary Crnkovic Pilas, Andrea D’Auria, Patricia Piatke, Ada Jakimiuk, Andrew Belev, Adddaina, Eugenia Gorbuszyna, Vanine Najaryan, Mathieu Santa Cruz, Trevor Logan, Sucharith Somayajula, Iain Fuller, Ana Morris, Marit van Ekelenburg, Jocasta Oliveira and many more.


Emiliano Vittoriosi

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