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Help the orphan children in Rwanda

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Our Urgent Mission: Saving 3.048 orphans from starvation in Rwanda
In 2020, I stood alongside Johannes, a dedicated friend, to fill a sea container with lifesaving necessities for children in Rwanda, this project required 3,000 euros. However, to this day, we have not been able to utilize the donations for this purpose because all contributions have been directed toward providing food and addressing immediate costs to sustain their lives.
towards the provision of food and the coverage of immediate costs to sustain their lives.

Critical Situation: One Meal Every Two Days
Today these same children are facing unimaginable hardship, as they are surviving on just one meal every two days. Their plight is nothing short of critical.

Meet Bas: A Developer with a Heart for Change
Hey there! I'm Bas van den Heuvel, from the Netherlands, and I'm a full-time front-end developer. But today, I want to share something that goes beyond my day job. It's about a cause that's incredibly close to my heart, and it all started back in 2018 when my good friend Johannes and I embarked on a mission to help children in Rwanda.

The Heartbreaking Reality: 3,048 Children in Urgent Need
Our journey began with Jean Pierre and some hundreds of children. Right now Agape Family counts 3.048 children who urgently need our help. At this moment they don't have harvest from their own grounds and they cannot use the forest in order to cut firewood for cooking.

Our Promise: 100% of Donations Directly Benefit Children
We may not be an official organization, but we are a group of compassionate believers with a passion for the well-being of orphans and street children. We want to assure you that 100% of the donations you provide will directly benefit these children. None of it will be used for organizational purposes.

Your Donation Matters: Save Lives Today
The stories we have witnessed are heart-wrenching, and the situation is dire. Our goal is simple: we need your help to provide these children with food, they need to survive! Your donation will literally save lives.

Our Goal: 10,000 Euros and Beyond
Why do we aim to raise 10,000 euros? While this amount is a great start, we need much more to help the huge amount of orphans who have absolutely nothing, and every contribution can make a significant impact.

Stay Informed: Visit Our Website
For more information, please visit our website: We currently are working on updating it to provide more detailed information about our mission and about the children we are supporting. We appreciate your patience as we work to make this resource available in multiple languages, including Dutch, English, and Norwegian.

Regular Updates: See How You Make a Difference
We regularly will keep you updated on the impact of your donations

October 12th Update: Thank You! / Urgent Request
We thank everyone so far for the donations. We have an urgent matter to share. There is a forest with al lot of trees that are used for cutting firewood (for cooking). However, the second half of the payment (3.000.000 Rwf) needs to be made before the 14th of October in order to keep the forest. Agape Family will lose that forest if this payment will not be completed. The next problem then becomes the inability to cook food, even when there actually is food. This is very urgent, we ask everyone to help.

Thank You for Caring: Join Us in the mission of Changing Lives
Thank you for your prayers, considering a donation and for helping us to make a significant difference in the lives of these vulnerable children.


Bas van den Heuvel

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