Help The Blue Bus Project get back on the road!

Hello everyone! 

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Annalisa Iadicicco and I am the founder, artistic director and driver of The Blue Bus Project (TBBP).

The Blue Bus Project is a school bus that I restored in 2016 and turned into a living and breathing mobile art gallery that takes artistic expressions to underprivileged communities around NYC while promoting dialogue for social, artistic and political change through performances, visual arts, and interdisciplinary workshops.


I want to continue this project because there is a need for it! It brings joy to all the people who experience TBBP, and most of all it promotes human connection. This is something we are losing in today’s digital era! 

I am launching this GO FUND ME Campaign to generate funding to fix the bus so it will pass vehicle safety inspection and remain safe for all who come on board.

I need help  removing some rust (I used the word “some” just to stay positive). The reality is that there is rust everywhere in/ out and under the bus. I need to prevent it from becoming an undriveable pile of rust, because I’m planning to keep it for several years to benefit our communities.

This campaign and your kind contribution will help me in the following:  

 - Cover  holes to prevent water penetration when it rains.  
-REMOVE  RUST + UNDERCOATING - The under-carriage of the bus is all rusty. I need  to remove the rust, check if there are holes and apply an undercoating to prevent further rusting.
-Inspections- To pass the inspection I need to change the Tires and rusty bolts and fix the broken windows.
-TIRES- The front tires are worn-down, and the rear ones have been fixed many times and have cracks in them. The bus has 6 tires.
-I  need to replace 2 broken windows.
-The body of the bus and metal bumpers are full of rust as well. I need to sand the whole bus, tape it, apply primer and repaint it.

I will be doing all the work with the help of 2 assistants and a mechanic for the final primer/paint job.
My mechanic in Greenpoint is giving me access to the backyard of his shop. I will use his space to sand the bus. In Willets Point, I found a mechanic who has a big spray-booth; he will apply the primer and spray-paint the blue color on for a less expensive price. For the under carriage, I do not have the option of bringing the bus to a car wash company because of its weight. In addition, these companies use pressure water pumps and due to possible holes in the bus this device could cause more damage than help. My mechanic in Willets Point will help first by brushing off the rust by hand, next apply rust primer to coat the oxidized surface and then apply the undercoating.


I am grateful for your support and I can provide assurance of complete transparency during the entire process. I plan to use your contribution to pay for material costs, assistants during the repair process, and mechanic fees.

Specifically, I’ll be using your contribution to cover the cost of:

-Material cost for tape, primer, paint, fiberglass-reinforced body filler, 2 sanding machines, 1 Angle Grinder and  finer grit sandpaper.
-Compensation of the help or 2 assistants for rust removal of undercarriage and application of undercoating + sanding and taping the bus. Plus mechanic fee to primer  + paint the bus.
-Replacement tires and 2 Windows.

Additional funds (after repairs) will be used toward:

-Printing of 2 sided logo decal
-Purchasing and installation of rubber seal for sharp rusty doors.  
-Fabrication and installment of stop sign installation 
-Replacement of windshields.


You will have the opportunity to support our mission to bring art into NYC communities. Your donation and participation will make you a part of the “Restoration Chapter” of The Blue Bus Project.  A short documentary of the restoration process will be produced with recognition that you have been one of TBBP’s key contributors...the person that made it happen!
You will receive virtual thank you on social media channels and website and for donation above $25  you will receive a gift in the mail.

Donate $25 or more
Personalized Thank You note in the mail, and a pocket notebook & color pencil. A useful gift to keep with you just in case your cellular phone battery runs out and you have that brilliant idea that you need to write down before forgetting it! PLUS "Gratitude Package"; virtual thank you on social media channels, website and end credits on the "Restoration Chapter" documentary.

Donate $50 or more
All of the above PLUS a hand made business card case and a Bookmark for your summer reads!

Donate $100 or more
All of the above PLUS a Stop Violence T-shirt.  A powerful gift for you or a dear friend!

Donate $250 or more
"Gratitude Package" PLUS a "one of a kind" handmade Leather or Woven Vinyl Tote bag designed by TBBP's driver, Annalisa Iadicicco. You or the person you are thinking of gifting it, will fall in love with it and never use another Tote bag again. Guaranteed!

Donate $500 or more
"Gratitude Package" PLUS an original artwork by TBBP's driver Annalisa Iadicicco. A limited edition photograph from the series"Barriers down" installed on reclaimed car parts ( muffler, radiator, tail light)

Donate $1,000 or more
"Gratitude Package" PLUS Dinner concert on the Bus for you and 3 of your dear friends! The Blue Bus's drive Annalisa Iadicicco will serve a delicious meal and refreshments on the funky jazz fusion tunes of a live piano!


I can’t do this without your contribution!

Donations of as little as $10 or as much as you can contribute is greatly appreciated. Beyond that contribution, please help me publicize this campaign by posting updates about your support on social media - share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

I am grateful and humbled by your support!



Since its inception in May 2016, TBBP has reached out to several communities and held a variety of programs in public parks such as Harlem, Governors Island, Socrates Sculpture Park, Jamaica Queens, The Bronx, and the Rockaway Peninsula. These programs range from commissioned workshops for youth and adults raising awareness on recycling and re-purposing materials to dance performances, video/sound installations, art exhibitions, and the collection and distribution of food and clothing for those in need. 

The Blue Bus Project:

-Promotes dialogue through the visual and performing  arts
-Creates a community of artists  
-Provides a safe space for conversations by partnering  with educational institutions,      local art organizations, city agencies, and individual artists
-Promotes inclusion by crossing all barriers 
-Brings joy, cultivates creativity, and serves as a bridge to connect people with their  community
-Inspires, empowers and nurtures self-esteem
-Stimulate discussion that leads artists and communities to action and social change
-Is participatory
-Creates meaningful experiences
-Creates a genuine human connection

  A sincere message from our participants!


Back in 2016 I had a BIG idea, I wanted to change the world using art as my weapon.
I believe that art plays an important role in society and that art can enrich and change lives. What I wanted to do was to make art accessible to everyone and not just selected elite individuals.

One day I saw a school bus parked by my house and I became curious about its potential. I thought it would be awesome to have a vehicle to drive around and bring art to communities. What better place than community streets! A venue suited for artistic intervention in which people don’t expect to find art but are organically drawn to it. Day after day, I biked around the block where the bus was parked to check if it had moved or was functioning. However, I would always see it parked in the same spot. I put a note on the window asking, “If you are selling the bus, give me a call”.  

After nine months, I received an auspicious call. I was granted the opportunity to use the bus. Suddenly I found myself with this big bus, insurance to pay, a mechanic to deal with, and a vision waiting to become reality. With the help of some of my patrons, we fixed it up and put it on the road. Since then I have been driving around NYC communities bringing on board a variety of artists and art projects.

A sincere message from our participants!


- June 1 - Participatory Art Fair-Chelsea at the Robert Fulton Houses in Chelsea.
A one-day Participatory Art Fair and community event hosted by Art Connects NY.

- June 7,14, 21 - Ravenswood Houses in Long Island City, Queens for a series of intergenerational art workshops that will bring together seniors and children from the Ravenswood Housing to develop a sculpture or multiple artworks that will be jointly created and displayed for the public at numerous sites within the housing development. Awarded Grant 2019 Queens Arts Fund- Community Art Grant.

- June 18, 20, 27 to July 2, 12  - AHRC in Far Rockaway for L(yrical) P(lay) Release, a 5-day interdisciplinary series of art workshops that engages adults with intellectual and development disabilities to strengthen interpersonal bonds and increase mutual understanding and cultural awareness. Awarded Grant 2019 Queens Arts Access- Community Art Grant.

- July 24  - NYC Parks Forest Park/Highland Park Re(f) use Me! From Reclaimed Objects to Artistic Treasures” – a series of art-making workshops for all ages that focuses on recycling and repurposing materials into small artistic treasures. 

There are more, but as yet, unconfirmed collaborations on the horizon. Stay tuned!
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