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Community Apiary and Beekeeping Program

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Like many of us, the pandemic forced me to draw outside the lines and create opportunities outside the box. After months of being unable to tour and interact with the community as I had previously done, I enrolled in a Master Beekeepers Course through Heroes to Hives. I wanted to become more knowledgeable about the career field before setting up beehives and contributing to the environment more effectively. Bees are crucial to our survival. Presently, the honeybee population is on the decline; without honeybees, 80% of our food supply would be non-existent. I studied the art, history, science and business of beekeeping. After completing the year-long course, I was inspired to develop a beekeeping education and training program that offers hands-on experience to children in underserved Dallas communities. I call it: THE BEE SECTION. The funds will be used to purchase tools, supplies and equipment needed for apiary buildouts and maintenance and to secure a dedicated BeeMobile to transport bees, hives and pollinator habitat materials.

THE BEE SECTION will expose children to alternative careers, hobbies, and entrepreneurship. The program will encourage healthy social and emotional practices and provide guidance and opportunities for discovery. I designed this program because I believe early exposure is critical. Exposure creates opportunities. I've experienced firsthand the effects of little access and few options on an adolescent mind. My goal is to provide children with opportunities to maximize their potential and be the best version of themselves by introducing world concepts and career paths that aren’t always promoted in today’s culture. I desire to teach and encourage children how to be self-sufficient and interdependent and to celebrate the value of cooperation and the importance of good stewardship. All of that is possible with THE BEE SECTION. I am asking for financial contributions and resources to help make this program successful.

This spring, the first bee colony was established at JOPPY MOMMA'S FARM in South Dallas. This location currently
serves as the hub for hands-on programming. The program’s goals are to expand throughout the metroplex to include other communities, farms, schools, and public spaces. The vision is to encourage individuals to take better care of the environment, increase the honeybee population and inspire other cities and states to implement THE BEE SECTION in their education and youth development programming.


Dallas, TX

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