Help us liberate Earth with the Arhuaco & Muisca!

Thanks to the sharing of ancient wisdom guarded by the Arhuaco and Muisca indigenous communities, people from around the world have been remembering the meaningful connection of balance between nature and humanity that is possible.

This year, we built a sacred house of governance in the Muisca territory where the indigenous authorities advice on how to keep guarding the balance of life to keep the territories thriving. Now it is time to take a step further. It is time for us to free 400 Hectares of sacred, indigenous land in Colombia. These territories hold the waters that feed some of the main rivers in the country, regulate the climate, the oxygen and maintain the ancestral traditions which hold the answers to a way of living in harmony with planet earth, the balance between humanity and nature. This lands would be liberated from private property and would be land for all guarded under the wisdom of indigenous agreements and open for everyone in the planet to visit, in order to learn from the ancient philosophy of nature.

It is key that these territories be given back to the care of indigenous communities, otherwise they will continue to be used for exploitative global interests that have devastating planetarian consequences.

This is for us a moment to get together across the planet, to recognise that there are no boarders, and the planet should not be owned by anyone, but taken care by all of us in an opportunity to collaborate and be part of this global cause.


All contributors will receive the full 20 minute documentary we filmed in Nabusimake, sharing the word of the Arhuaco caring for the planet. A unique and intimate audiovisual document of the essence of their philosophy. You will also receive the next album from Sonido Sur. The 4 highest contributions will also receive a unique edition in a roll-book in collaboration with Rollbuch, in a wooden box containing the story of the nine dimensions of life for the Muisca tradition. A tradition that is ancient and shares a lot with philosophies of Buddhism, Taoism and other spiritual practices.

We will also keep you updated with events and gatherings related to the liberation of territory, ceremonies and related proceses weaving the planet as one aligned humanity.

Your help is crucial for this to happen. By sharing this you contribute with bringing awareness to all the corners of the planet, and by donating together we will be able to materialize this intention as a whole.

Nature is Love!

Nature is Culture!

We are Nature!

We are the Earth!

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