Help the Abducted Victims Rebuild Their Lives

Every person-every department-every culture-and every religion has ideologies of importance- the DOJ does not believe these crimes against humanity are important enough to solve-because the crimes are against White victims-specifically targeted by Tikkun Olam are victims from Dutch, German, Polish and Russian ancestry. I disagree with the predators and would like others to know the facts, such as facts the DOJ would like to bury and forget, along with the Mainstream Media, as simply not relevant in the name of justice-for the sake of justice for all. Cindy the abductor and uncaught serial killer is still alive and active-the Ottawa County Sheriff's office located in West Michigan-allows for her and the Tikkun Olam organization to continue to commit any kidnapping and murder she so desires-and does commit and brag-that authority in America allows her to commit against innocent people-including infants-it is a hidden outrage of mass proportions-crimes hidden that the DOJ does not investigate- and allows to occur to others-just unfathomable ideologies- the DOJ has known about for decades-since the 1960s and 1970s. Contact members of Tikkun Olam- Detective and Sargent Jeremy Baum (Det. Bum) of the Ottawa County Michigan Sheriff's office at: [email redacted], or Det. Jacob Sparks: [email redacted] and Prosecutor Lee Fisher of West Michigan. It seems absurd-why would police, police detectives, county prosecutors, mayors, FBI and CIA-the DOJ be part of a larger criminal organization targeting Dutch, German, Polish and Russian ancestral bloodlines? Because they can and they do. When you begin investigating-examine the facts-the lens widens-and you begin to realize the horror of what the American Government has been up to-behind closed doors-and with your tax dollars! No one in the American Government wants Cindy apprehended-exposure to the group, the criminal organization-they won't have it. They want silence-I want justice for all-who is going to win? I'm strong-willed. I would suggest to the American people to demand to have bloodwork done on the American Government-to learn which bloodlines are targeting who and why? And on that subject matter- I would suggest-mandate- all government and elected officials tattoo their ancestral bloodlines on their arm-at least you will understand motive-just a little closer-transparency can occur-with a revolution.

19 January 2023

Are you seeking a news story:

Cindy abducted more than one infant. Abductions-to-adoptions are very popular with the American Government conjoined with Bethany Christian Services. Communist China owns a portion of Bethany Christian Services. Counties such as Kent County and Ottawa County, Michigan are on the payroll-the police and FBI are on the payroll-something Cindy told me in 1978-1984, when I was eight and fourteen. And Janice Hooker is a colleague of Cindy Appel through Bethany Christian Services-they like to travel and abduct-and the DOJ let's them abduct-torture-murder-and burn or bury remains-no trial-no prosecution-American Government cozy! Cindy is one-hour from the Mexican border. She can be reached at: 1.616.457.2036. Detective/Sargeant Jeremy Baum [email redacted], knows of her many murders, and details of her kidnappings. As does Detective Jacob Sparks at [email redacted] as does the Ottawa County Prosecutor: Lee Fisher at [email redacted], they all purposely "let her escape justice-purposely."

Cindy Ann Stob's DOB: Dec. 13, 1934, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Cindy Ann Stob-Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel, FBI sketch of 1964.

I am raising money to provide to the many kidnapped victims that were kidnapped by Cindy Stob-Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel. Cindy kidnapped only White infants and children between 1960 and 1984. Cindy worked as an unlicensed caseworker and unlicensed nurse for Bethany Christian Homes/Adoptions based in West Michigan from 1960 to 1984. Between the years of 1974 and 1984 Cindy-the-abductor worked with her mobile-colleague-in-crime-Janice Hooker. Between 1974-1984 D.B. Cooper (Doing Business as Cooper-Chuck Vander Ark) built many of the torture devices of wooden boxes for the head and body of Cindy Vander Ark and Janice Hooker's victims-which the criminals operate with organizations from authority (police/FBI/mayors/prosecutors/judges) and ordinary citizens in every state. Cindy informed me that Bethany Christian Services, also known as "the Agency" "the Company" paid-off the prosecutors in 1984 to release Janice Hooker and focus the crimes and charges on Cameron Hooker, giving Cameron Hooker 104 years in jail- all the while Janice Hooker changed her name to M-e-l-o-d-y after boldly confessing to the Red Bluff Police Department in Northern California-in 1983-1984 that both Cameron and her/Janice Hooker cut the vocal cords of the screaming 1976 kidnapped victim Marie Elizabeth Spannhake and let the victim bled out at Oak Ave. and then the perpetrators (Cameron and Janice Hooker) burned the clothes and body of the victim Marliz Spannhake-all within 12 hours of kidnapping, torturing, raping, sodomizing, and murdering the 1976 victim Ms. Spannhake. The Northern California, Red Bluff detective in-charge-Sean Baxter stated in an email to me in 2022-there is no body of Ms. Spannhake found-she is a missing person case- no matter- how much Janice Hooker confessed to the crime-no charges will be brought against-Janice Hooker for participation in the crimes. OMG America!

I just want to thank-God right now, because I know America is not the most powerful nation and America will not be getting away with these crimes against Gentiles.

I am going out on a limb here-If America cannot fix America-perhaps other countries will be fixing America's problems-America cannot run from the culpability and pain caused by the-uncaught American criminals-and the police detectives BACKING THE EVIL ACTIONS OF THE CRIMINALS!

The lives of the alive victims can be rebuilt-if the American Government does not murder the victims to rid the American Government of any blame and accountability. Your American assistance shows how much you care about the unfortunate situations infants such as 1964 Baby Paul Fronczak of Chicago and I were placed in, read about my story on my website. I was kidnapped overseas and brought to the Dutch Caribbean Islands 1968-1971 where Cindy and Chuck arrived by a cruise ship to further my abduction. I was then brought to a Florida port and then flown to Chicago and then driven to West Michigan where the human-trafficking organization filtered my abduction-to-adoption file through a West Michigan probate court. Cindy told me that the FBI and the Ottawa County Sheriff's office in West Michigan has known since the abduction of Baby Paul in 1964-that both she and her husband-Charles Vander Ark Jr.-committed the crime of abduction. Cindy told me between 1974 and 1984 (I was ages four to fourteen) that if I contacted the Ottawa County Sheriff's office or the FBI-the criminal complaint would go nowhere-and she would never be arrested for any crime she commits as she is part of Tikkun Olam. Cindy told me in 1974 to 1984 that if a neighbor or anyone from the church filed any criminal complaint about her activities-the complaint would go nowhere. I asked Cindy why? Cindy told me that Bethany Christian Services has many on the payroll-many in government positions to see to it that she gets away with kidnappings and murders as she/Cindy pleases for the group. Cindy told me that the most solvable crimes are never solved or are scapegoated to protect her from prosecution as she works for Tikkun Olam, "The Agency" "The Company," and/or "Bethany Christian Services." I am most interested if Congress will donate 50,000,000 (that's right folks, fifty-million USD) Read more about this on my blogs located on my website:

*************American companies are told by the American Government to only care about Ukraine, and to give no support to victims on American soil? Actions speak volumes in the measure of truth on this subject matter.

Ideology is a system of ideas and ideals, typically philosophically shared with a group, especially one which forms the basis of economic or political theory and policy and is so often the origin of behavior and viewpoints shared amongst a group, culture, sub-culture, or civilization. Think about it- think about your ideologies, your belief systems molded within you- everyone absorbs information and everyone is born into this world with an inborn set of qualities about them.

The USA has one of the sloppiest value systems of imprisoning the wrong person for a crime committed. Failing to imprison the correct uncaught criminal(s) results in scapegoating crimes and allowing the real criminals to continue undeterred-resulting in more crimes. A sloppy judicial system may in fact be a more disturbing horror of beliefs- the criminals may belong to authorities' set of standards- a shared set of beliefs- that attribute to decisions rendered in the past, present, and future.

The Holocaust was a horrible set of standards delivered-executed from one group to another group. The German people by nature are very resilient, intelligent, accountable people that will tell the truth and will not shred evidence-even if the evidence is against them- it is an inborn-innate-intrinsic value system they are seemingly born with-every species has inborn qualities. The German people are known to be truthful- to the point of blunt. Getting to the truth is important to them-like how a squirrel investigates and goes after an acorn-the truth holds value. The German people are not interested in lies and hold very little value towards people that lie, cheat, and steal-even among them-one of them-they go after with little to no tolerance-it makes for a better society-a better country-a good value system. Many Germans, including myself, believe that the Jews should never have been tortured and murdered. The German people should have united to create a mass exodus of the Jewish people living in Germany. The Jewish leaders in Germany-at that time- could have saved their Jewish people- and could have created a mass exodus of the Jewish people to what is now known as Israel.

The result of the Holocaust has spawned a powerful movement- an organization called Tikkun Olam. A secret society formed in the 1950s woven within the fabric of many governments involving both authority and ordinary citizens to carry out kidnappings, torture, slavery and murders of people, specifically targeting those of Polish, Dutch, German, and Russian ancestral lines. Many in USA government refer to it as a value system- and the kidnapper and murderers are never prosecuted-due to a value system in place by Tikkun Olam members. No matter the evidence- the most solvable crimes committed against the Dutch, German, Polish and Russian Americans and those ancestral lines overseas- go unsolved- or scapegoated. Really. It’s a sad reality. But a reality that can change. Tikkun Olam has integrated into FBI positions since the 1950s-overseeing major cases-and overseeing that Tikkun Olam members and government alike receive Governmental Immunity-and have allowed and continue to allow such people as Cindy Ann Stob-Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel-to continue kidnapping and murdering with Janice Hooker-and a whole slew of criminals operating under the protection from prosecution offered by Tikkun Olam-if the criminals kidnap, torture, and murder for the sake of a massive Jewish organization, the building of a kingdom on earth for the Jews by eliminating as many Gentiles as possible. Many of the hired serial kidnappers and murderers are not Jewish. They commit such acts because Tikkun Olam creates an umbrella of protection from prosecution-not detection-but from prosecution to continue in the name of Tikkun Olam- "The Agency" "The Company."


15 January 2022

Dear Mayor of Chicago Lori Lightfoot,

I want you to bring justice and closure to the unsolved and non-prosecuted case of the Chicago baby kidnapping case of 1964 of Baby Paul Fronczak, by arresting and criminally charging the West Michigan woman who dressed up as a fictitious nurse and walked right out of the Michael Reese Hospital with Baby Paul in 1964. The woman's name is Cynthia Ann Stob-Vander Ark-Honderd-Appel, DOB: December 13, 1934. She has many various aliases while working as an unlicensed nurse and caseworker for Bethany Christian Services, under an umbrella for a human-trafficking organization that shockingly still is in operation domestically and internationally to this very day! Cindy has lived a life of both freedom and freely kidnapping many other babies, she is a serial killer that remains under the radar. And because Cindy is so closely connected to the CIA, the CIA sees to it that the FBI leaves her alone. No police department or federal agency has arrested her since 1970-1971, for any felony crimes she has committed over and over again during her lifetime. Cindy did spend a brief stint in a Florida port jail in 1968-1971 for a baby abduction. Even though the correct jurisdiction police and FBI in both Chicago and West Michigan (Ottawa County Sheriff's Office and the Grand Rapids Police Department) know about her crimes for decades now, they do not charge her with her numerous murders of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s that she has committed. Cindy is alive and healthy, very active, she has a condo in Grandville, Michigan. Located at 709 Waterview Ct., Grandville, Michigan, 49418.


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