Support my daughter that was shot by CHP

Dear Family, Friends, and community,

On June 6, 2020 California Highway Patrol shot 40 bullets into the car where my daughter Brianna sat with her partner Erik Salgado. Erik was killed and my daughter was shot. Brianna was four months pregnant and they have a three year old daughter together, Lilianna. Brianna spent eight days in the hospital and when she came home, Lilianna’s firstquestion was, “What happened to the baby in your tummy.” while looking very nervous because she didn’t know what  was going on with Brianna.

Brianna is just 23 years old yet she is
faced with caring for her daughter’s needs during this tragedy, mourning the loss of her partner Erik, struggling with her own injuries and recovery, and also seeking justice. Brianna has a civil rights lawyer John Burris taking her case so that no other young women will have to suffer what she has at the hands of law enforcement.

We are reaching out to you to support my daughter with the medical bills that were already waiting for her when she came home. We are also asking for support with the legal fees in her fight to stop police violence. More importantly, I am asking for you to support my daughter so that she can take the time that she needs to heal from this trauma and focus on her and her daughter’s recovery.

Feel free to share this with others and keep our families in your prayers. Thank you for your support. 

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