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About me:

Hello! Many of you know me, but for those of you who don’t, here is a bit about my background.  My name is Lena Gimbel Pagles and I live in Louisville, Kentucky, with my husband Wes and our beautiful, and very rambunctious, 2½ year-old daughter Ruby.  In my 41 years I have been a hairdresser, earned a BA and MA in History, and worked in various businesses, ranging from retail to non-profits.  There was always the feeling that whatever I tried just wasn’t “it.”  Through trial and error, I have come to the realization that instead of working for others, I am determined to set my own path by owning my own business.

My entire family and most of my friends are artistic or creative in some meaningful way.  Surrounded by beautiful, thought-provoking ideas since childhood, I learned from an early age that while it was certainly difficult to support oneself through the arts, it is not impossible.  I continue to seek a fulfilling and financially viable artistic outlet.  

I find myself with the time and energy to devote to a new venture.  Brainstorming about what endeavor to take on, I kept coming back to the 10+ years I spent working at a local fine jewelry store.  Then, my friends, it happened.  I finally figured “it” out.  I should combine my love of fine jewelry with my need for a creative outlet and a viable business venture.  And that dear reader is where you come in….

My Business Plan:

I am designing a line of 14K and 18K fine gold jewelry that incorporates natural, un-treated, ethically-sourced and conflict-free rustic, rose cut diamonds and gemstones of various shapes, sizes and colors.  The gold used in the jewelry will be 100% recycled.  The line includes engagement and wedding rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.  My design aesthetic is feminine, minimalistic, modern, elegant, sophisticated and delicate.  As well as making a contemporary statement, the jewelry items are conversation pieces owing to the unusual, unique nature of these diamonds and gemstones.  My business is called LeRuCa Fine Jewelry – “LeRuCa” incorporates the first two initials of my name, my husband’s and our daughter’s names. 

I believe there is a new trend happening in the fine jewelry market.  Many people no longer want the traditional, mass-produced diamond and gemstone jewelry that saturates the market.  Rather than owning something that 10,000, or a 100,000 other people may have, more and more women want jewelry items that are special and unique to them; something that speaks to their individuality, as well as their desire to own bespoke pieces ethically-sourced and handcrafted.  My goal is to present these options to the market, while providing high quality, one-of-a-kind pieces for the discerning consumer.
To date:

I have teamed up with a local master bench jeweler who will handcraft the bespoke, heirloom quality pieces.  As soon as I have enough money for him to produce a few pieces, I will update this page to give you a small glimpse of the overall line.  I am so excited, and cannot wait for this to happen!

I have also developed a relationship with two local jewelry stores who are willing to showcase my line.  Once I have a large enough inventory, my goal is to expand to more local boutiques and fine jewelry stores.  Eventually, I would like to couple an on-line presence with an ability to take my pieces to other cities in the region, such as Nashville, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and Chicago in order to showcase my jewelry beyond the Louisville area.  I have also formed an LLC for LeRuCa Fine Jewelry, created a logo, and secured a domain name for the future website.

How You Can Help:

Simply put, I am reaching out for your help and support.  I need funds for diamond, gemstone and gold stock, jewelry production, website design and maintenance, marketing and advertising, and miscellaneous supplies.  Any money that is donated would go directly to one of these categories.

I am determined.  I want and need this business to become a reality.  This is “it” for me.  When I put my mind, effort and energy into something I am passionate about, I do make it happen.  I do not lack vision, conviction, ambition, creativity or determination.   What I do lack, however, is the start-up money to get LeRuCa Fine Jewelry off the ground.  Help me make this happen.  Please know that no gift is too small OR too large . . . every dollar given will help me get this business started, and will be truly, greatly, and humbly appreciated.

I will do everything in my power to build a successful business and invest donated money wisely and towards the most effective areas that will support and enable the growth of LeRuCa Fine Jewelry.  Your generosity will allow me to get started.

Please share this with your friends and family and help spread the word about LeRuCa Fine Jewelry and make my business a reality.

Thank you and all the best,

Lena Gimbel Pagles
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Lena Pagles 
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