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On May 18th 2020, I Steven Margetts, was involved in a serious life threatening dirt bike crash while out riding with my friends that would forever change my life, (paralyzed).

We were at Nicklemine riding trails just outside Hope B.C. where I often rode.  At the end of the day before loading our bikes into truck, we decided on one last ride.

I was out front of the pack, and riding fast, when suddenly I lost control and launched off the trail. I was in 5th gear when my bike and I left the trail crashing down a mountainside at high speed.

I was thrown off the Kawasaki KX250 motorcycle, and as I flew through the air I knew it was going to hurt. I smashed face first into a large rock, splitting my fox helmet and knocking off the visor. It was the most pain I have ever felt, and my legs scorpioned over my head as I crashed.

My friends were about 5 minutes behind me, and the first rider, Will approached the corner I missed. He saw my bike close to the trail and me laying face down 30 feet downhill from the trail. The lower half of my body was in a small cold creek and I was concious but unable to move.

He dropped his bike on the trail and descended the mountain to help me. He was very upset when he got close seeing how severely I was hurt and knew I needed medical attention right away if I was going to survive.

Blood was filling up my lungs from all the facial breaks, but I decided I wasn't dying on that trail. I instructed him to call 911 and he reached into my pocket to get my cell phone out. He noticed that my lower half of my body was twisted in more than normal range of motion.

I didn't know at the time but my spine was broke in 3 areas, broken ribs, and several breaks in my face. I needed help fast. He called 911 and emergency services were dispatched to our remote location and it was getting dark out.I asked him to remove my helmet, to allow me to breathe as my head was swelling fast. Search and rescue arrived first with an ambulance, to the staging area. The paramedics were led to the crash site by my other riding friend Jim who ensured they found me as quickly as possible.

Will stayed by my side, and was there to keep me talking, the paramedics arrived and Will flagged them down with the flashlight on my iPhone. They assessed my injury.They immediately called for an air ambulance, and a helicopter was dispatched. Since we were in such a steep location, it couldn't land, and I was stretcher-boarded up the mountain to be driven down to the parking area.

I was airlifted to Vancouver General Hospital, and was having trouble breathing during the flight, they had to punch a hole in my neck to allow air to flow. At this time I was in a huge shock, and couldn't feel my legs or move my arms, and my head was swollen double its size.

The Dr. informed me that I needed an emergency face surgery, and I later found out it was a 13 and a 1/2 hour procedure. The surgery went well, and I was in ICU for the next 3 weeks to help me recover with the face the size of a large pumpkin.

I had broken my two eyesockets, upper and lower jaw, both mandibles, nose and behind the nose, and fractured the back of my skull (basilla fracture) upon impact of that rock, as well as had some brain bleeding.

My spine was broken in 3 separate areas, I will post an update of the exact areas.
this has left me paralyzed from the waste down which has also required I learn how to use a wheelchair.

After graduating from ICU and becoming more medically stable, I was transferred to spine step down unit which is just below ICU status and met with many specialists. Once a bed was available I was transferred to GF Strong spinal rehabilitation centre where I would continue to heal.

I spent over 4 months at GF strong, learning how to eat again and move my hands and arms, with lots of physiotherapy and wonderful/kind nurses. I then was discharged home where I am continuing to recover, with my brother and wonderful girlfriend by my side.

It has been a very steep learning curve and very difficult recovery over the last months, but my will to recover is strong, as well as the desire to regain full independence.

I have just returned from a successful nerve transfer surgery Nov 18th, that was 5 hours total surgery time at UBC Vancouver hospital to allow more use of my hands and arms, Pictures to come. This will take 6-9 months to heal and be effective, and I am excited to have my triceps working soon.

This urgent Fundraiser's purpose is to help me with the costs of modifying my home to make it wheelchair friendly, afford medical equipment that we are lacking, and to help with several new expenses that are a result of the crash so that I can heal up fast and returnThe carpet will be removed in our home to allow my wheelchair to roll easier, and the bathroom will be heavily modified to allow a roll in shower and adapted for wheelchair use. I will also be purchasing and modifying a vehicle to allow hand controls, once I am able to manage a wheelchair to car transfer.

Before this accident I was working as a Carpenter, building houses both residential and commercial from foundation to finish. I would love to continue in home building as it is my passion.

I am planning to get back to work as soon as possible and continue my carpentry career. I am raising capital to move my workshop from Aggasiz to Kelowna. Not working for 6 months has been difficult financially, but I am determined to be successful after this setback.

I want to thank each and every front line staff, paramedic and Doctor who helped me survive this crash, my wonderful girlfriend who has stuck by my side, and my riding friends Will and Jim, who made it possible to get emergency help to the crash site.

I want to Thank you for taking time to read this and for any donations, it took a lot of courage to survive this crash and even more courage to ask for help. I wouldn't let anyone make me a GoFundMe account, and am finally ready to tell this story.

I promise to work hard at recovering, maintain a positive attitude, and keep everyone updated on my progress. 

If anyone wants to reach me please email [email redacted] or feel free to message on Facebook and I can send you my cell number.

Thank you Sincerely,

Steven Margetts
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Steven Margetts 
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