Help Squeaky make her home healthy!

Hello Lovelies! I am creating this fundraiser as a last ditch effort. My family has fallen on some hard times. My husband recently lost his job due to the company he worked for screwing him over (literally), and he is having trouble landing a new job (though he is constantly searching). I work pretty much 24/7 while dealing with a concoction of debilitating physical and mental illnesses. Despite my best efforts, my passion, and the huge amount of things that I offer, I cannot seem to get the following I need to make a real income. Fairly recently after my husband lost his work, our old home established that it was going to give us two major repairs on top of our already mounting stress. I should probably also mention that I just won a battle with cancer, and my husband's job decided to fire him right when all of my medical bills started coming from the surgery and hospital stay. On top of that, I have contracted Lyme disease and am having a huge fallout health wise from that. This is IN ADDITION to the already established concoction of illnesses mentioned above. This fundraiser is for one of the two repairs.  If we raise over and above our goal, the extra funds will go towards my medical bills from my cancer surgery and the second major repair our home needs.  If we raise more than our goal I will also record a special thank you performance for you.

The sewage pipe in our basement has sprung a leak. This is extremely hazardous to both us and our cats, who have their food, water, and litter box all in the basement. We literally do not have the money to pay for this repair, and it can't wait. It is going to cost, at the very least, approximately $2,500.00 to fix for Phase 1, and WAY more for Phase 2, which (among other things) involves tearing open the wall to get to additional piping. I'm asking for the help of every person who sees this. Do you know that if every single person on my current Facebook friends list donated just $1.00 right now, that we'd be able to cover a good amount of this cost in Phase 1 in just one day?

You have several options to help us out.  We prefer to give you something awesome in return for your money, but we understand that some people like to just give.  So, if you'd like to help out, even if you have no money to spare, you can do so in the following ways:

1. SHARE! Just share our campaign all over social media. Tell people why you love us and would like them to help. That goes a long way, whether you realize it or not.

2. Donate an amount of your choice. We would be ever so grateful for any amount you could spare.

3. Support my work with Legging Army. Go to and, upon checkout, mention "Jessica Crowe" as the affiliate who referred you.  OR join my affiliate army by messaging me for instructions on how.

4. My Patreon work…

5. My new vlog…

6. My Professional Mermaid Entertainment…

7. My work as a Mystic…

8. My Bellydance Fusion Art…

9. I am also an actress and am available for modeling, television, film, live theatre, and voiceover work. I am incredibly versatile and love collaborating with other artists, so message me if you've got a project that I can lend my talents to.

10. Got something you've written that needs proofread? As someone who has always excelled in things like grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and the art of writing itself, I would be happy to help you turn out your best work to your clients and fans. Please message me for my current rates.

11. I am also available to host in your area for a wide range of events.  I was recently hosted in Texas for a full weekend where I taught a combination of Bellydance and Mermaiding to a wonderful group of dancers.  I am currently available for both domestic and international travel.  Please contact me for my rates and areas of expertise.

There are a TON of ways you can help us. As I said, I work pretty much 24/7. I am at a point where I need more fans, more followers, and more people who can pay me for my work. Exposure isn't cutting it, and my family's health and safety in our home is in danger. Please help us in any one of the 11 ways listed above. This is our last hope. Thank you.

Lots Of Love,
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