Help Save Tommy's Dream

My Name Is Tommy & I'm Going To Tell You My Story!

Why My Love For Fitness:

As a shy but active youth, I developed a love for fitness very early on, I was a different person when playing sports than when face to face in regular life, then generally quiet and reserved. I used to admired how everyone seemed to comment on my father’s big arms. We lived on a farm so all he ever did to get them was constantly work hard. He taught me how to accept chores as exercise challenges, & good for me.. and if  did my arms would grow too! I now know better, and that he was just trying to trick me into getting things done without complaining. Needless to say  it worked, but getting bigger and older never seem to come fast enough for me, I didn’t want to wait until I grew up to get “big arms”! One day pops brought home one of those old garage sale plastic cement filed DP weight sets for me. It seemed like I was made for weightlifting as my body developed quickly, and I stuck with it over the years.”

”Towards the end of my junior year we got a new football coach who was a bodybuilder. Except for on TV I had never seen anyone built like that. The first time he saw me he said you have the body for bodybuilding. He brought me a huge box of supplements and the Arnolds Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding at the end of my junior year and told me to read and follow every word and take these supplements only as instructed for the duration of the summer. I only remember our final bench test at the end of the year, I benched 195lbs. When I came back I benched 315..for him pretty amazing for a high school kid., for me it was just the beginning of my lifelong career, instead of doing it for me.. (I'm not into bodybuilding at all.. just staying fit and healthy) I couldnt wait to teach others how to get "big" too.”

Breaking and Entering Just To Workout! 

”I started my first business in high school cleaning offices... banks, dentist, doctors, anybody
that would have me in the local towns surrounding us.. until I could get my drivers license my mom used to drive me to the accounts and help me. So since the school would be closed when I got finished early in am, I had to figure out how I was going to get into the weight room for access to real weights. So I used to leave a window cracked during PE in the wrestling room where the weights were, and me and my friends would sneak in late at night turn the music on loud and lift, the party grew and grew until the police were called on us one night. The next day I had a “privileged” meeting with the principal he asked me how long I’d been doing this. I told him a couple months. He said he could tell and gave me a key, and said it's  now your responsibility to make sure no one gets hurt. No one did. Even more then lifting myself, I found out quickly how much I loved to teach other people the things I was learning. Pretty soon the fathers of my friends were joining us.. even though I don’t think at first they believed we was justlifting weights and playing basketball at midnight each night and not out causing trouble. “
ME at 16

That is when I dedicated myself to a life of fitness. I didn’t want to be an unhealthy adult when I grew up like the people I saw all around me. I was sick of losing family members to unhealthy liefestyIes and fried food bad eating habits.. I started out with my father and his 3 brothers and 2 sisters growing up and now there is only one aunt and one uncle left. Everyone including my father has since passed as a result of living non-healthy lifestyles.
(My Late Father Is John Paul Below & Top Left 2nd)

 That was not going to be me, and if I could help it.. I wanted to save my friends too. So I guess I was a trainer long before I ever sold PT or worked in gyms. People would just come up to me and I would let them workout with me for free. I have always said that if I ever hit the lotto and became rich I would train whoever I could for free. That still hasn’t happened. But I still believe that everyone should have access to the correct information on how to change their lives into one of healthy of mind and body.”

How I Came To Seattle!

In the summer of 1999 I had made a decision to move out of the U.S. to Eastern Side of Mexico to start a quest to build fitness retreats. My father was the one who thought of this idea and we where going to do this together.. but after my youngest brothers suicide due to mental collapse from being sexually molested by a local chiropractor who preyed on young boys through an afterschool program at his office .. our family pretty much imploded and sent my father into a drunken downward spiral of decline.. once a hardworking, dedicated preacher of a husband & father.. he reduced himself to a depressed mess.. as his only friend left. it was my goal to return him to stability and dignity via pursuit of my dream.. we never made it. In 1999 I got a call from my aunts out here in Tacoma stating that my father had gotten in a bad car accident... bad enough to be paralyzed chest down, brain damage, and on life support. I struggled with what to do.. do I come pull the plug as I was being instructed to do.. and then continue my dream for us.. or what. I decided to come out and at least see my father for how every long it was going to take to handle whatever was going to come. Granted I wasnt even sure I was going to make it as I flew on the eve of Y2K New Years 2000 it was the only ticket I could get on short notice.. no one but myself, and staff was on the plane.. that's just a small example of what I'm willing to do for those I love. I made it and the real stress begain as miraculously when I arrived to Harbor View in Seattle my father was just coming out of his coma.. I came to bury him and here he was alive now what do I do? No money no place to live I slept at harbor on the chairs in the visiting room outside of his room at night.. I had no plan for this.. how was I too take care of a paralyzed father? I didn't care whatever it take.. I'm not too ashamed to say I again had to do whatever I could to try and get him home closer to the rest of my family and in the process I made some mistakes that took my freedom from me and I never ever got to see my father again. But I never stopped fighting to get him home closer to home.  That took 2.5 years and in 2004 my father finally passed due to complications from his accident.. respiratory failure.. I heard was talking as normal as the next person on his way of passing knowing he was too tired to go on but in my heart I will always feel he was releasing me from what he felt was be a burden to me upon my return to the free world and did not want to hold me back from fulfilling my dreams again. During one of the conversations during the last times I saw him during visitation was he made me promise him I would never let this happen to myself for anyone else again and to never give on my dream go build gyms.. save lives. Last time we talked or saw each other.. I intend to keep this promise.

How I Came Up With My Personal Training Concept!

”When I returned to society I went straight to gym first and only job in Seattle, previoulsy I had only worked for myself so it wasnt hard to get people to train with me but working for someone else was a new  thing to me and wow  had changed. I never liked the idea of charging people to train with me, never had a sales job, so I had to figure out how could I get over that mental sales hurdle myself and be able to talk people into spending money to train with me without seeming like a sales person. I hated it. That is how I developed the 321 dialogue no super technical medical or scientific terminology just plain old common sense and real analogies people can relate to. It worked so well it has taken care of me and my clients all my life.”

”I remember the Fitness Director of one gym chain I worked for asked me how and why I sold so much PT but seen so few people. At first not trusting of people I was selfish with my sales presentation back then.. and kept it to myself and only those I presented it to.. heard it. I kept it all in my head until a new owner who was inexperienced in the gym business told me he really needed my help and would pay for my knowledge and that was when several years ago I decided to share it with the other trainers at the gym, when that happened 321 took on a new meaning and life, one of sharing and supporting all entities within a fitness facility a new love developed for teaching trainers as well as gym owners and staff how to present training in a better way.  Everyone was happy the owners, trainers, members, and clients, we planned to do big things with his desire to build gyms that supported the Northwest Outdoors Lifestyle and my desire to just teach people how to workout correctly. Again we never made it. Although we became really good friends. Sam's lack of expereince in the harsh realities of the fitness industry and how sometimes it can get ugly caused a load of stress to take a toll and before we could fulfill our destiny sadly he passed away. Like my father he went peacefully in his sleep but alone in a hotel in Palm Springs. Needless to say I'm so tired of losing people.. and that's barely an understatement. 

“Although we lost another battle.. I remembered what my father said and I didnt give up and I decided to package FIT-321-GO as an opportunity for all in need of a PT sales system that works! I want to offer its benefits and blessings to whoever shares the same type of philosophy as I do. I believe 100% in the value of FIT-321-GO Being a trainer- teacher to other trainers has been one of the most rewarding and satisfying accomplishments in my life. Being a doctor before the doctors for the community not so focused on actual pounds lost or weight lifted. 321 one is focused on educating whoever is in need on how to put together programs and do exercises correctly.. how to shop and eat better. So that these things are applicable to any gym to any community you may live in. My goal when i met a potential client is to be the last gym and person they feel nervous and out of place in. So they can take it with them for the rest of their life. Let's face with things happen.. babies, marriage, sickeness, injuries, relocation, depression, vacations.. but what we can control is the level of education we have on how to take care of ourselves. I believe the feeling you get when sharing a passion with someone, cannot be explained as well as it can be shown.

Why My Dream Once Again Is Threatened.

For several years now I have had enough success to feed myself as a trainer but I found myself constantly chasing my tail and my dream getting a little farther and farther away from me to open and run my own gym, training school, and eventually fitness retreats all under the same brand and concept I have been struggling to keep alive FIT-321-GO “Education  + Dedication = Results!” Then about a 1.5 years ago I landed an opportunity to open my own small studio on Capitol Hill. It's been a hit! Then last year another opportunity came up in the same building for a bigger space to open a larger training facilty. I felt like finally things are coming my way. I jumped at it without too much hesitation. Not to versed in the commercial real estate area I soon found myself in my current situation. After building the facility out to what I assumed was satisfactory for both landlords and surrounding tenants I soon found out how real things can get in the world of commercial business. I'm just a trainer trying to share my fitness knowledge. Lately we have been battling tenant to tenant issues with noise seepage through the ceiling in my space in a very old building. The space is the same as it has been for previous tenants and I wasnt aware of the magnitude of the issues as I was new to the neighborhood and have been operating out of another section of the building as mentioned for a year without complaints. I'm going to make this part kinda of short due to legalities that I'm going through with summons to fix noise issues or vacate orders. I feel that I was forthcoming in my signing of the lease as to the business type I was moving into the space. I have done all I could afford to do to upgrades without have to do to much extensive changes to the space as we wanted to keep the integrity of the older open ceiling look and feel. But the efforts have been to no avail or satisfaction for landlord so now we are being asked to completely install a new state of the art soundproofed sealed ceiling that has a price tag out of my reach at this time on my own.. halting all operations and forcing me to empty out the facility and cease operations until it has been completed or vacate the property.. We could get into this is something that could've or should've been done but trust me all parties worked together every step of the way on what was clear plans to find solutions that were satisfactory but economical. Now it seems everyone has pulled out from aid and it is all on me to find solution and install.  I'm not one to ask for help but that was one of the things I promised my father I would do so as to never again find myself in legal binds. To ask and accept help and it will be granted in due time. You have to have faith to back the works. I have put the work in but sadly losing faith that this space is meant for me. But, I can't give up cause of course I have a longterm lease to honor. But.. more than that I have a dream to finish.

What Donation Funds Will B Used For!

It is a great location in the heart of Capitol Hill I've dedicated my life and time to it.. I have employees and others that have supported me that I'm responsible and it kills me even more to not be able to continue to teach and help my clients and members these are the ones this matters the most to me. I can recover from anything. I just don't want to see anyone else suffer so it it my quest to fix the ceiling quickly and reopen without any halt to any of the surrounding businesses. I already have friends in place to help with some of the labor I just need help with this out-of-no- where all costs are on me, and the financial blow to the business due to shut down so I can take care of those attached to the business that depend on me for their incomes and protect their investments in time and resources.

PREVIOUS DONATION GOAL: Although I am starting with 100k it could be more it could be a little less depending on time and what we come across during the construction phase.

UPDATED GOAL! We have reduced the need from 100k to 30-50k With the help of some great contractor friends who are donating lab of goods, took us a little time to put together the right team for this, commercial renovation costs can be costly but we have been able to drive down the cost to complete the ceiling work to under 30k. Any funds collected over that will go to continuous operating costs and losses while the gym is closed.. unfortunately rent must still be paid. Membership freezes, and training holds will continue to hurt the bottom line for us until construction is completed! But we are confident in our plans to complete by mid August! Lucky for us we've only been open a few months now with lower member numbers and it's summertime so everyone is ok with a break from the gym! It's simply important for us to get it done and back up and going before the fall rush returns!

It is important to know that we aren't just trying to save a gym here we are trying to keep my dream alive to have the most sincere and rewarding fitness concept module stabilized so that I can continue to grow this brand beyond just a gym in Capitol Hill. My plans are to open more smaller facilities for communities and to have a school in the space for those younger trainers to be that yearn to be taught the right way how to present their craft and for prospects lost and not knowing where to turn for advise to have an easy guideline on how to take care of themselves within a gym setting. But, right now my main priority is to save this concept proving location! Up to now our growth is doing well and we will be fine if we can get over this hurdle. I've heard it all walk away, screw them, but without the landlords taking a chance on me I would not be here.. without my clients taking a chance on my I would not be here.. without my friends and partners taking a chance on me.. I would not be here.. and finally I'm just not a quitter.  If you come across something so dear to you I would advise you not to quit as well! The bids are coming in around 50-75k to start 75-100k to completion. We will be saving jobs now, adding jobs as we grow, and insuring that we are an integral part of the fitness wellness community providing support for years to come. 

We are on a time crunch to get things rolling asap. So the sooner one can donate the better. To show my gratitude... anyone who is Seattle local and donates publicly will be offered compensation by way of future training reimbursement at our studio or gym once finished by us matching dollar for minute.. such as $60 donation = one hour of training. I dont believe in free lunches this is hard enough to ask for help so in return I will help whoever helps me. If you are not local and wish to gift your training compensation for a local friend to use feel to to send them my way. 

Although I still haven’t hit the lotto, I still wish I could train for free. So you already know what that means, to run a business people and to share a service someone has to get paid. I could tell you story after story of trainer and client related success to woo you. But..., I’d rather just join forces with others and help to create many happy success stories; these will remain a part of the world for years to come.”

“I believe everyone should be working on a legacy to leave behind while still living. The gift of sharing FIT-321-GO with the world is mine.” Please help me save it! I can't express enough how much your support will mean to me an those that benefit from it. No donation of $,  legal support or advice, or builiding construction services is too small to help save my dream.. 

Gym Empty After This Weekend's Urgent Extraction
Gym At Almost Completion.We Came Close To Done!

I'm a pretty transparent person so feel free to check out my sites and progress so far the gym is empty and we are training clients now out of the private studio only.

With Healthy Regards & Much Thank You!

–B. Tommy Jones
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