Help Us Save The Remaining Floyd Lamb Park Bunnies

9/26/2021 UPDATE -  

Yesterday we adopted out bunny #136 for the year.  Our group does amazing things because of the HUGE support we get from bunny and animal lovers.  The first picture is the dumpster bunnies who were dumped in the trash.  They were chipped to The Animal Foundation who did not respond to numerous attempts to contact them so we transferred them to our rescue and adopted them out.  The next rescue (Jackie is pictured with her), Jackie was leaving the park and stopped to use the restroom and rescued this poor girl.  Peanut our head-tilt bunny, is doing great.  He is now fixed and we  are starting to bond him with a girlfriend.  Lastly our group was honored by the City of Las Vegas for all our groups' hard work. Our team does a great job and bunnies are a lot of work.  THANK YOU for your support. We couldn't do what we do without you!  #bunniesmatter

2/19/2021 UPDATE:


An amazing start to 2021 as we have adopted out 31 bunnies in our first 6 weeks. This GoFundMe was closed so we had to open a new one at  Please share! The way we do rescues and adoptions is very expensive but it's the right way to do it. THANK YOU for your AMAZING and CONTINUED support! #TeamBunniesMatter #adoptdontshop

12/1/2020 UPDATE:

Hi, today is #GivingTuesday and below is the Facebook fundraiser link we are using today. Because of the pandemic, we have taken in a lot of bunnies that need our help. Thank you for your amazing support! It is truly appreciated and we couldn't do the amazing work we do without your support. You may have to cut and paste the link into your browser. #BunniesMatter

10/8/20 UPDATE:   

GoFundMe has a new platform so no one can donate to this campaign anymore.  To share or donate to the Vegas Dumpsite Bunnies, you have to go to our new campaign at GoFundMe at SAVE THE VEGAS DUMPSITE BUNNIES 

Thank you for your help, we couldn't help so many without the amazing support we get. Pictured is a mom and her babies we rescued this week.

9/17/20 UPDATE:

We are currently rescuing (& feeding) in a NW neighborhood, trying to save who we can. Most of the bunnies we are saving are young and have respiratory issues. If you can share our new campaign, that would be greatly appreciated.


UPDATE (8/10/2020)
Just FYI that we vaccinated all the bunnies at Floyd Lamb Park last Saturday and this Saturday (8/15) we will be doing over 30 more at our remote location (plus some fosters are coming). THANK YOU for your AMAZING support!!!!

UPDATE (6/27/2020)

Well, the disaster of the year of 2020 continues. We got devastating news yesterday as the RHDV2 rabbit vaccines that finally came in were temperature compromised somewhere between the plane landing and the refrigerated delivery truck. Probably security checking it at the airport and keeping it exposed to hot air too long, looking for illegal drugs if I had to guess. We also got other horrible news yesterday that the RHDV2 rabbit disease has made its way into the wild population in Nevada (I heard Boulder City area but trying to confirm, no call back of course). Everyone's bunnies are now at high risk and the dumpsite bunnies are at super high risk. There is no vaccine available for at least a month again and there is no guarantee it won't happen again because we did everything we could to avoid this. Now this puts adoptions on further hold and a bunch of other things on hold to try to save as many of these poor buns as we can. It's just heartbreaking that this many obstacles are thrown at these bunnies. We truly need a miracle to save them now.

UPDATE (6/12/2020)


All the Floyd Lamb Park bunnies in Las Vegas have been rescued & fixed and we have raised enough funds to vaccinate the remaining park bunnies due to the new horrible RHDV2 rabbit virus that made its way to town last month. (Most are adopted out except those with health issues or recent returns) PLEASE SHARE OUR NEW CAMPAIGN as we are going to try to save these bunnies in a Northwest Vegas neighborhood before the virus spreads throughout Las Vegas and kills them (This virus kills almost every rabbit that gets it, wild or domestic).

UPDATE (5/12/2020): 

Here is the link for more information and to reserve a vaccine for your bunny in Las Vegas. $35 deposit required.

Don't mess around with this virus.  It kills over 90% of any affected.

(The actual cost will depend on the # of people who reserve vaccines for their bunnies.).


UPDATE (5/7/2020):  Many of our Floyd Lamb Park adopters paid for their adoption via this feed, so I'm reaching out to you here. I've also texted a lot of our adopters as well. There is a horrible & deadly rabbit virus that just made it to the US recently and sadly this month it hit Las Vegas. Dr. Blakesley of Southern Hills Animal Hospital is working on getting the vaccine but it takes at least a month to get it (from out of the country) and it's not cheap to get plus you have to get special permission & special permits to bring it into the US. Please read this article & just a warning that there is a graphic picture of a dead bunny at the start of the article.


Please email Southern Hills Animal Hospital at [email redacted] if you want to get your bunny or bunnies on the list for the vaccine. You will need to put down a small deposit per vaccine to reserve. Until vaccinated, we highly recommend that no one wears shoes in houses with rabbits as the virus can be drug into your home that way.

We also have set up a separate GOFUNDME fund to try to raise funds to pay for vaccines for the remaining 34 bunnies in our care. If we are able to raise over the amount needed, we are going to try to save some more dumpsite bunnies.

New Virus GoFundMe Fundraiser for Vaccine Doses 

UPDATE (4/27/2020):  Thank you everyone for your great support during these very unsure times. With all the animals' shelters basically closed down, we receive 2 or 3 messages a day for help. So far, we have been able to help all of them but it's not only a lot of work but expensive too. To add to the pain, we just got 25% pay cuts at my work so my personal funds to help the bunnies will be a lot more limited in the future. Now for some updates! - We have 2 Floyd Lamb Park bunnies that are currently being treated for eye issues. Blitz (White bunny with black ears) and Sammie (of Sammie & Dean) who were returned last week and I noticed the eye issue immediately. Both have been examined and both are on meds. We now have 4 babies of various ages and various issues that we are taking care of. Baby "Cricket" is getting antibiotics and eye drops but also has another issue that Dr. Blakesley needs to look at soon. Gus is doing great and so is his sidekick Speedy. We just got a tiny baby a few days ago and so far he or she is doing ok. It looks like a little "India" if you remember him. "Sunset" who was recently rescued by Mary at Sunset Park, is doing great and she should be ready for her spay in about 2 weeks. We had over $300 in vet bills last week and over $300 in food and equipment bills last week but just as I start to lose hope, some amazing person will donate to us again. The good news is that we are down to ONLY 10 original Floyd Lamb Park bunnies out of 65!!!! Only 5 pairs left to adopt out!!! Unfortunately, 2 of the pairs are not up for adoption due to the eye issues but hopefully, those will be resolved in the next month or two. THANK YOU!!!

UPDATE (4/12/2020):   Happy Easter from all of us at Bunnies Matter!!!!  7 more Floyd Lamb Park bunnies have been adopted out since our last update to several wonderful forever homes (52 out of 65 now adopted out!).  Because of you, we have also been able to find forever homes for some other "forgotten" bunnies from a previous rescue that have never had a chance to be adopted.  This week sweet Harper got his chance this week and went to an amazing home where he is getting all the love and attention only a forever home can give!!!  Thank you, everyone, for supporting this mission, from all of our amazing volunteers to all our amazing supporters, to all of our amazing adopters, to all the parks people who help us and to Michele Fiore and her team who works with us to do something amazing to help save the dumped bunnies of Las Vegas.  #teambunnies  #adoptdontshop 

UPDATE (3/27/2020): Ugh. Floyd Lamb Park adoptions were going so amazing (45 of 65 adopted out so far - 15 adopted out the last 30 days) even though it was still February and early March. We were finally getting the word out and it was working. Due to the current virus crisis, we've had to shut down all public adoption events and are now only doing it by appointment only. Our team will obviously still be cleaning and feeding them every day and taking all precautions as we do so.

We are planning to stockpile some food & supplies this weekend from Jones Feed, so if anyone wants to chip in, that would be greatly appreciated as we have no adoption event donations or fees coming in at this time.

Also, please share our current bunnies available for adoption that can be seen on our "Bunnies Matter" Facebook page. 

UPDATE (3/10/2020): We had an amazing adoption weekend at Floyd Lamb Park thanks to our amazing volunteers & donors. We couldn't be doing any of this without such great people helping us! FIVE Vegas dumpsite bunnies found their forever homes this weekend (2 of the 5 were original FLP rescues). India & Quill went to a very nice family with a little girl who just adores bunnies, Kellie left with a very nice gentleman and his neutered bunny "Bo Jack" (their meet n greet went great!) and lastly, Brownie & Blue went to a very nice family with a little boy who was just crazy about these two. They left to think about it and just a bit later they were back and ready to adopt. Brownie & Blue have a special story because they are the last 2 of 6 neighborhood bunnies that were rescued by an amazing bunny loving couple who donated to our group so that we would rescue and find homes for them. These were the last 2 of that group to be adopted out! We are so thankful for people with big hearts who help us help them. #adoptdontshop #bunniesmatter

UPDATE (3/2/2020):   So 45 FLP rescued bunnies out of 65 have been adopted out so far.   ONLY 20 MORE TO GO!!!!  We are definitely on a roll.   We can always use more volunteers or donations!  We have actually adopted out more than 45 total because we've helped some other bunnies along the way as well (several surrenders, a few from another rescue and a few from a nearby neighborhood).     #bunniesmatter #adoptdontshop  #dumpsitebunnies

UPDATE (2/16/2020):   So 42 FLP rescued bunnies out of 65 have been adopted out so far.   ONLY 23 MORE TO GO!!!!  We are definitely on a roll.   We can always use more volunteers!     #bunniesmatter #adoptdontshop

UPDATE (1/31/2020):   So 37 out of 65 have been adopted out so far.   ONLY 28 MORE TO GO!!!!  Excited for this weekend.  We are on a roll! #bunniesmatter

UPDATE (12/24/2019):  Elsa from our 12/1/2019 update was adopted this weekend!!!  So 32 out of 65 have been adopted out.  THE NEXT ADOPTION(S), WE ARE OVER THE HALFWAY POINT!!!!  HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!!!   #bunniesmatter

UPDATE (12/1/2019):  One of our volunteers noticed a family trying to release this bunny in the park right near our bunny building, so the family picked it back up. One of our volunteers talked to them and informed them that they could take it to the “no kill” shelter.  They had it jammed in a tiny cage and in the bed of a cold Pickup truck so I told Jackie to go get it when she called me about it. The poor baby girl was starving and ate everything we gave her. She then fell asleep when Jordan was petting her.  She is a love bug.  #bunniesmatter

UPDATE (10/13/2019):  Long-haired bunnies Lady and Brownie were left for dead one day this past summer in over 100 degree heat at Floyd Lamb Park. Our volunteers were alerted about them by one of our regular park patrons. Our volunteers sprang into action and Lady was caught pretty quickly. But they searched and searched for the other bunny (Brownie) but he was nowhere to be found. The park was almost completely dark when one of our volunteers spotted Brownie and rescued him from certain death. AWESOME NEWS TODAY AS BOTH WERE ADOPTED TO A GREAT LOVING FAMILY YESTERDAY AT OUR ADOPTION EVENT!!!!!

UPDATE (9/23/2019):  Everyone is doing great after our spay and neuter clinic this weekend. 9 total Floyd Lamb Park bunnies were done this weekend (includes Parker) which only leaves 4 FLP bunnies left to do!!! Rocky, who sliced her lip apparently in a fight through the bars with her next-door neighbor, is doing better and is with Dr. Smee being cared for. Oh yeah, Rocky is actually Roxette we found out (Oops!) and will be fixed at the next spay and neuter clinic. Doris was adopted this weekend from the park but it sounds like we will need to find another bunny to bond with the adopters bunny as they were fighting this weekend. It happens. We will find a good match for our adopters.  We have lots to choose from.

UPDATE (8/18/2019) - Current Floyd Lamb Park Update - 60 bunnies total rescued (Includes 8 new dumped rabbits after original clearing of the park - 6 white ones, a brown one and a black one), 47 left to rehome (FLP bunny "Squirt" was adopted out yesterday), 17 left to spay and neuter (4 of 17 not old enough yet - starting to schedule the other 13 with Dr. B now (girls first) - our discounted price is $100 for males, $125 for females). $290 currently left in funds after expenses but we were in the red for a while so that is great to see (See excel spreadsheet). We spend at least $200 a month to feed and care for them right now while we find them homes (Hay, food pellets, fresh greens, litter pellets). Thank you to everyone for getting us this far, the hardest part of rescue is finding them forever homes but we are slowly but surely doing it. Anytime someone is interested in adopting, I can meet you after hours at the park, any day of the week. We also are always looking for more volunteers to help feed & clean, transport bunnies for spay and neuters and/or for helping on adoption days!!! 

UPDATE (6/21/2019) -  We originally rescued 52 bunnies total at the park.  While we have found homes for about 10, we still have 49 as there have been 8 new dumps in the park (6 white bunnies and a black and a brown bunny) and  1 adult we finally caught (actually a homeowner caught).  Our adoption plan is working well but since it's now turned summer, we had to invest some money to keep the bunnies cool in our building, so our account was hit pretty hard this week.  Thank you, everyone, for your continued support!  We won't stop until we find everyone a home.

UPDATE (5/4/19) - The City is allowing us to use the staging building to house the bunnies for now so no rush to build a temporary shelter that would cost $1500 every 3 months and would be outside. We are incurring food and supply costs every week so those costs slowly eat into the donated funds (Probably about $200 a month).  We are currently trying to adopt out as many as we can.  We adopted out 1 adult bunny yesterday and a couple of weeks ago, Best Friends in Utah took 4 baby bunnies to rehome for us. There are still 2 bunnies onsite that we are trying to capture. I will put out some traps tonight and hopefully, we will catch 1 or 2 by tomorrow morning. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!  Please consider donating $5 A MONTH & help support All Creatures Sanctuary, who helps support the rescue and care of Vegas Dumpsite Bunnies!!!

UPDATE (3/25/19) - This morning we caught the last remaining bunny that was using the water tower as a home (they dug under the foundation of the water tower building). We had to move most of our rescue efforts to this spot a few days ago as concrete was scheduled to be poured today. I feel confident that we got them all because we did feed outside the traps to see who was left.  The construction crews also used cameras to search under the structure and they didn't see any. We just got 9 fixed bunnies back from the Animal Foundation yesterday and all seem to be doing well. We took 4 bunnies into Dr. Blakesley of Southern Hills Animal Hospital this morning to be fixed as well. Thank you Bunnies Matter In Vegas Too and Dr. B for sponsoring these 4 bunnies to get fixed!!!

UPDATE (3/23/19) - Sadly "Poppy" passed away a few days after surgery. Thank you, everyone, for your prayers for her.  It's very difficult to not be able to "save them all".  Poppy deserved a great life as a pet and unfortunately, humans failed her.  

UPDATE (3/18/19) -   After a couple of days of being spoiled, "Poppy", the bunny girl with the badly injured foot went to Centennial Hills Animal Hospital today to see Dr. Amgar. He is recommending amputation of the foot to give her the best quality of life. Melissa Summer Pena has generously volunteered to take this sweet girl in for rehab and then she will go to HRS Chicago for adoption. Thank you so much to both Melissa and Jan at HRS Chicago for their support of Poppy! ❤️ Thank you, everyone, for the prayers & donations for Poppy and all the Floyd Lamb Park buns.  

UPDATE (3/13/19) - The first night of the Floyd Lamb Park rescue went well.  We captured 10 adults and 2 young ones.  1 adult has a badly injured foot and 1 adult has some kind of eye irritation issue.  The cost of a radiograph for the injured bunny is around $125 and if amputation is required (likely), that is another $800 with meds.  I was told by Nancy that there is at least one other bunny onsite with a bad leg injury.  Currently, there is not a safe place to return these bunnies at the park, so these funds may also need to be used to help fund some kind of protective fencing. Anyone or any rescue interested in saving any of these buns, please message us.

Original Post:

Amazing bunny volunteers have been feeding the dumped Floyd Lamb Park bunnies for years.  The City of Las Vegas parks division started helping to help capture these bunnies and had the Animal Foundation spay and neuter and relocate them in another section of the park in late 2018 but that effort was stopped and we are now working with the City to help save the rest.   Any donations will be used to fund the rescue of the rest of the Floyd Lamb Park buns (equipment & medical costs), which we have counted about 50 currently.  Currently, the Animal Foundation is set to help with 50 of the spay and neuters that will be required.  Unless other rescued or people step up to help these bunnies, this will be a TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) effort as we still have about 200 of 700 from the original Vegas mental health facility dumpsite rescue from last year.  You can see pictures & read our news stories from our efforts there to save over 700 rabbits at the original Vegas Bunny Dumpsite

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